Lilian Garcia Takes Another Tumble at SmackDown Taping

Poor Lilian Garcia can’t seem to catch a break.

The Decade Diva, who suffered an embarrassing incident at a SmackDown taping a few weeks ago when her shoe broke during her entrance, suffered a similar ordeal at tonight’s taping in London, England.

This time, Lilian tripped over lighting equipment at the top of the ramp, falling to her knees — while Michael Cole and company guffawed on commentary. WWE has quickly released footage of the mishap on their website. You can watch it below:

The Diva also recently had a ring announcing faux pas, introducing Zack Ryder as ‘Jack Swagger’, an incident for which she was later mocked by John Cena.

Thoughts: Though it all seems to be in jest and Lilian is a good sport, I can’t help but find all of the recent finger pointing and laughing at Lilian to be cruel. Being a STAR sure is hard work.

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  • candieaddiction

    I refuse to watch any of the videos they’ve posted over time making fun of her for falling, tripping, breaking her shoe, etc.

    Be a star? Nah they’d rather be bullies.

    • Choko

      I have a feeling they are telling her to do it by purpose to make her look stupid. It has to be scripted.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Get mad all you want but why didnt she just stay in retirement i mean she screws up weekly i mean if she is not falling breaking shoes forgetting names getting knocked off ring aprons its always something with Lillian and with her age being outted and her being older than Undertaker she may just need to let it go

    • FashionQueen86

      Sometimes I feel like certain WWE employees have rusted outside their time frame. Like Trish, she kept coming back and it really did not spark that much of an interest to me. I was mainly interested in the current divas being improved and when Trish was there she didn’t quite fit like she did in the golden age. I feel the same with Lillian……just blah

      • Choko

        YES! Lillian nor Trish belong in this new generation of divas. It just feels like they are somewhere they shouldn’t be everytime they return.

        The new generation is horrible and consists of horrible female wrestlers compared to the past.

        • Twoww529

          ,,,,,and yet they (Lilian & Trish) still outshine the current divas of today, nothing against today’s divas, but let’s be honest the few moments of falling down or botched Stratuspheres (in long heels) have STILL overshadowed today’s current divas….

        • Jake

          I love Trish and Lilian but they are extremely overrated.

  • Lanoom

    Overblown reaction.

    Cole, Booker, and King make fun of each other’s mistakes on announcing all the time.

    There’s almost certainly ribbing backstage on in-ring and promo mistakes among the employees.

    This is not cruel or bullying.

  • Kessuki

    maybe wear flats next time lilian.

  • jen07201

    Wow Lilian has had bad luck on TV on Smackdown.

  • AdrianRay

    Why must everyone jump on the Be A Star thing once something like this happens? Seriously? They promote against bullying, doesn’t mean everything they do must be criticized. Might as well shut down the whole company then, that’s the only way “bullying” on their product would stop. Unless you want Face vs. Face everything?

  • shameronstar

    Lillian’s new gimmick should be the “clumsy diva”!

    • GlamSlamFan


  • Goodvibes

    Lilian does not look 45 at all!, she’s aged so well.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I do find it childish of WWE to poke fun at her. The worst thing I’ve heard someone say is when HHH said she had a horse face. I’m not sure he would like it if someone publicly disrespected his wife so why do that to others. Personally I just expect this grown men to be above sandbox antics but they aren’t.

    • redsandman99

      Not in professional wrestling anyway. Sandbox antics seem to be the common behavior in the business.


    maybe she should just walk to the ring instead of doing her kicking leg up its was causing her falls

  • Taylor

    Those black pumps are sexy. I want.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Sadly it’s not just wrestling where men think they can behave like bullies. I myself work in radio and some of the higher up bosses have no use for females as on air hosts. I’ve had a boss tell me no one wants to hear what a woman thinks. I don’t see it ending but I think women are going to become stronger and not put up with it.

    • Raekon

      I thought you had lots of on air female hosts in the usa? O_o
      We have several in Germany for sure. :)

  • MickieFan226

    It’s not really “bullying” on WWE’s part for uploading videos of Lilian falling to their YouTube page. It’s mean & childish, however.

    WWE is known for doing stuff like this all the time with their talent, so I’m not surprised.

    All we need is for WWE is give her a “tripping/clumsy” gimmick! -__-

  • MRvinaro

    Well Guys calm down
    I really dont see any problem with this well at lest she got notice !!

  • DarknessRuler

    I’m glad she tripped and they posted a video of it.

    We wouldn’t have seen how sexy she looked that night

  • velvelove

    she fell and i saw no panties im proud of her she knows how to fall lol

    • DjayDay

      This is exactly what my sister said to..lmao. You no your a lady when youu fall and look good on the ground and no panties were shown.

  • Thaila

    I’m actually glad I watched this. You see how resilient and carefree Lilian is. She just gets up, shrugs it off, laughs at it a bit and keeps going. What an admirable woman!

    P.S. I certainly hope the ones saying not to laugh at Lilian falling over aren’t the ones who had a good laugh at Lacey falling over. Some DD fans tend to be hypocrites.

    • Jake

      If there was a like button, I would like this post. lol

      WWE pokes fun at everybody. Like always, DD commenters overreact and over analyze the simplest things.

    • Raekon

      I actually smiled when I saw her reaction and didn’t even really payed attention what the goofs in the commentary said. ^_^
      She is a adorable person.

  • DjayDay

    I honestly think we should take this with a grain of salt. I watched both videos and they didn’t say anything degrading just playing around. Plus, I watched the John Cena video, and although it’s embarrassing, he makes fun of both ring announcers and Lillian laughs the entire time.

    P.S I love that little pose Lillian does when she comes to the ring, she’s adorable.

  • Shan

    Truthfully, if she’s good with it I’m good with it. What I did have a problem with was Cena saying that she was pretty but didn’t know what she was doing and then calling out Chimel to do it. Heck, I’d be offended. Friends or not.

  • Dave Muscarella

    What I don’t get is why they keep showing clips of her. I mean, where is the clips of Booker saying something dumb. I see stuff like that on Botchamania or whatever, but WWE seems to focus on Lillian for some reason.

    Its like how they always find a way to embarrass JR when he was around. I feel like Vince just HAS TO find someone to make fun of. Maybe I am blowing this out of proportion but I dunno. Its just weird that they would upload something from Smackdown the same day as the taping instead of waiting til Friday or whatever. Its like they just HAD to upload the video ASAP. Just seems weird.

  • art

    Im glad she takes it so well & has a laugh…so many times i trip over & start laughing at myself & NO ONE else laughs with me…
    glad she laughed & fell pretty good so no one saw anything…

  • StratusXtreme

    Lillian…. Have you been drinking?.. Oh just a litre of vodka is it?.. Thought so love!
    Lol. I love Lillian ‘I just make up where wrestlers come from’ Garcia! Seems like such a fun person.

  • Digi.Em

    I was there and those heels she had on were extremely high! Really thin to surprised they didn’t break.

    As for the mocking it was a harmless chant ‘She fell over’ which Lilian laughed and join in

  • mpezza

    Everyone’s overreacting so much.. She laughed at it herself, she’s fine with it. Yeah, she’s embarrassed but if she can laugh at it, then so can we. I for one fall over all the damn time, I laugh and I find it helps if other people laugh too. At least I went down to put a smile on people’s face. ;)

  • Raekon

    I really don’t understand what the big deal is.
    Anyone NEVER tripped in their life with a fall or not?
    I know I did.
    These goofs on commentary should go walk down the ramp in high heels and talk after. :p

    There is a reason why all the divas having partially difficult time to walk down the ramp when they are on high heels, it is slippery and goes “downhill”.

    I actually found it cute how she immediately went to the fans giving her hand and fixing her shoe in front of them. ^_^
    It can happen to anyone and she is at least a good sport and a sweet person. :)