In Pictures: Divas Do SmackDown Taping in London (Contains Spoilers)

The WWE Divas were in action at last night’s SmackDown taping in London, England, for a show which will air this Friday on Syfy.

We have a few pictures below courtesy of Chris Morris.

Due to potential spoilers, check them out on page two by clicking the link below.

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    I was expecting to see BLOOD -.-

  • DivasHQ

    How Can I See The Pictures ?

    • Lita-Sault-666

      Have you went to page 2?

  • Poison_Ivory

    Natalya looks just GORGEOUS in the second pic..

  • Nostalgia

    Someone has a great camera

  • Flawless

    Natalya looks beautiful! I cannot wait for smackdown (that is if they decide to keep the segment in)

    PS: Off topic, but how do I get my gravatar to show up on divadirt?


      you have have to wait 5 minutes for your gravatar to set in

  • RR45

    Ahh! I was just waiting for the blood! Dang it! lol


    aww no blood but just can’t wait for friday

  • Bethinho

    i for sure can wait to see fridays´s non-divas match/segment.
    AJ getting crazy and Natalya….just being herself lately.