Lilian Garcia Addresses Accident at SmackDown Taping

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia commented on her mishap during her entrance last night at a SmackDown taping in London where she tripped over lighting equipment.

Speaking to, Lilian laughed off the incident, saying: “You know, we’re in London and they say, ‘London Bridge is falling down’, actually it was me who was falling down.”

She continued: “I walked in and I was looking up at the crowd and I didn’t see that they had the pyro tubes right down on the bottom, and I just went right over it, tripped and fell.”

Addressing her past incident (Lilian’s shoe broke as she made her entrance last month) as well as this one, she adds: “I think I need to top it. Like, every time it gets better and better. That definitely topped the shoe breaking incident.”

Thoughts: Lilian was good humored about the situation — as well she should be. People trip all the time and it’s best to laugh it off. However, as I said yesterday, I find WWE’s treatment of Lilian’s recent mishaps to be tacky — it comes across as a laugh at her expense. We don’t see WWE releasing videos of other talents’ mishaps with Michael Cole guffawing, yet twice in a row, we’ve seen this with Lilian?

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  • Lanoom

    They don’t need to release vids of Cole/Booker/King/the wrestlers mishaps because they happen all the time on the regular televised broadcast and everybody laughs then.

    Lilian had messed up waaaaay more times than this and so has almost everyone else. It’s not a big deal to laugh it off with each other.

    • Lanoom

      Oh and let’s not forget that WWE now has an officially sanctioned Botchmania show with “Are You Serious?” where they make fun of any and everything messed up in the archives. When Lilian appears on there, then you may have a cause for concern.

    • JJ

      I am so happy to see some intelligent comments about this!

  • LDGisHere

    I love Lillian, she’s so classy. She handle’s an embarrassment in front of millions with poise and grace, better than most.

  • No Holds Barred

    We already know how annoying Cole is anyway, no need for video proof.

  • adifferentsame

    Everyone giggles when someone takes a tumble. IT’S NATURAL.

    The only thing shocking about this news story is how incredibly over the top Michael Cole’s laugh is.

    • Jhonmarco


      Cole’s laughing was unbearable. Honestly all 3 sounded like kids with their snickering.

  • Jake

    They make fun of the majority of the talent. Even Vince McMahon doesn’t mind looking like a fool on television (kayfabe pissing himself in the ring).

  • art

    Love lillian but its abit strange for them to keep posting videos as soon as it happens….
    I wish they would use this to start a gimmick for her or something….

    • Kessuki

      hopefully not one that makes her look weak. i cant trust wwe with gimmicks anymore after what they did to my poor nattie. lol

  • Goodvibes

    I mean in a way, its giving Lilian a rub of sorts, what other announcer has had as much spotlight in the WWE?. She seems to be laughing it off herself, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    The real disrespect is what’s happening with the Diva’s division, namely the absentee champ and her title. AJ and Eve are getting ahead I understand, however give one of them the title, at least theres another vehicle to further their storylines with the men,