Impact Write-Up (April 19th, 2012): Brooke Tessmacher Returns in a Big Way as Eight Knockouts Prove Multi-Woman Matches Can Be Fun!

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. What is this referencing other than being a lyric to Seasons of Love by Rent? It feels like the eternity of time I’ve had to sacrifice without seeing Miss Karen on TV. I just felt that needed a shout out, okay?!

Now, if you’ve been following Impact Wrestling as of late, Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky (albeit using the tights) to retain her championship at LockDown Sunday, and as we’ve seen before, challengers can be dropped at any minute from feuds, so will Velvet maintain her top contender status? We will have to see as it’s an eight woman tag team match featuring Gail, Madison Rayne, Sarita (with soccer mom dance), and Rosita against Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Tara, and the returning Brooke Tessmacher!

Out to the ring we go, and unfortunately for Taz, no pan up shot of Christy Hemme greets him. Let’s just all assume it was placed somewhere else in the show and think happy thoughts! “She’s a KILLLLERRRRRRRRR QUEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN” graces my eardrums, as we see Gail Kim already in the ring. Making their entrance is the trio of Sarita, Rosita, and Madison Rayne (who amazingly walks right through the Bean Burrito Sisters’ entrance dance to promote herself). Rosita removes the hoop earrings as all four women now stand in the ring and Sarita graces us with a BRIEF soccer mom dance.

Up next comes what was personally my non-Miss Karen highlight of the year for Impact Wrestling in 2011, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher aka TNT! The two ladies walk down the ramp and complete their coveted entrance in which TESSSSSS-MACHA removes her top and the two share a kiss. They are immediately cut off by the angelic sound of “HARRRRRRRRDCCCOORREEEE COUNNNTREEHHHHHH”, as Mickie skips her way down the ramp and I sing along to her theme song. (Yes, even “heels and stones”… Don’t judge.) Finally, out comes Velvet Sky, as Taz begins to inform us how angry he’s been at the lack of pigeons. Without his Christy Hemme pan up shots either, I don’t know how he’s still here today! Thankfully, Velvet gives him some form of treat as she DOES let the pigeons Loose.

We head to a commercial break, but thankfully in Internet recap world, that does not last but a mere few seconds as we return and the match gets underway with Sarita and Velvet. Sarita goes for a back suplex immediately, but Velvet counters it and lands right on top of her. From there, Sky charges off the ropes with the whirlybird headscissors and then targets Gail Kim stat. Sarita knees her in the back and tags in Rosita, as the two go for a double team move that sees Sarita hip toss Velvet and Rosita go for a standing senton… however, Velvet rolls out of the way before the latter and the smaller Bean Burrito Sister injures her buttocks.

Sky with a set of jawbreakers, before charging off with a bulldog. Sky once again goes after Gail Kim, as Rosita now tags the Knockouts Champion in. Kim controls Velvet with a sick clothesline for a near fall. Gail with a knee, as she proceeds to taunt the crowd. This proves to be an unfortunate distraction, as Velvet scores with some chops and kicks to the champion. She sets her up for the “In Yo Face”, but Gail slides out and immediately slap tags Madison in, sparking an “Ow” from our Killer Queen. Rayne runs right into a drop toe hold from Velvet and tags in Mickie James.

Velvet snapmares Rayne as James runs off with a dropkick and takes the rest of Team Rayne out. Mickie scores with her flapjack into a kip up, as she then ascends to the second rope. With Rosita distracting the referee, Sarita runs up and tosses Mickie off the corner and throat first onto the ropes. Ouch! Rayne goes for a quick pin, but Mickie kicks out. This sparks Rosita to tag back in, who teases Mickie and then kicks her in the stomach. Rosita proceeds to run off with a beautiful hurricanrana, but Mickie kicks out. Clothesline attempt by mini Bean Burrito Sister, but Mickie scores with the arm trap neckbreaker!

Sarita and Tara then get the tag in as Tara levels her with a few punches! Tara continues the momentum with a shoulder breaker and then a back body drop. She follows it up with a body slam, before imitating Sarita’s soccer mom dancing and then moves into the Shimmysault! She goes for a cover, but Rosita runs in and tries to break it up… unfortunately for her, Tara moves out of the way and poor Rosita drops the elbow on Sarita. With that, Tara tags in Brooke Tessmacher, and the two look to double team Sarita with a double team hip toss. Sarita flips off the ropes and…Y ES! Sarita breaks out the FULL ON soccer mom dance!

TNT drop her with a double elbow and provide us with a soccer mom dance of their own, before Tara exits the ring. Brooke then runs runs forward with an awesome flipping armdrag to Sarita. From there she leaps onto the second rope and looks to go for a monkey flip, but changes it up and hits a nice facebuster to poor Sarita. Madison quickly breaks it up, as Gail blind tags herself in and feels the wrath of the Tess-macha! Brooke scores with a few quick clotheslines and drops Gail with a nasty back suplex front slam (clearly this is my own technical wording of the move).

Suddenly, in come all eight women to fight with one another. Velvet and Madison, Tara and Sairta, and Mickie and Rosita all exit the ring in a big brawl. Meanwhile, back inside the ring, Tessmacher goes for a monkey flip on Gail. Kim simply slams her down to the mat and goes for a pin which involves a certain pair of feet placed slyly on the ropes. Thankfully for Brooke, Velvet Sky was standing ringside and swipes Kim’s boots off the ropes. This distracts the Knockouts Champion long enough for Tessmacher to score with a roll up! One… Two… THREE! The Tessmacha has upset Gail Kim! Team Rayne seems to be in shock, as Brooke’s kick ass theme song hits and I again become distracted trying to keep up with what happens due to this music. I do notice Velvet taunt Gail for losing though, as Kim looks on in shock with what has transpired here tonight!

Thoughts: Starting with the match, it was pretty fantastic. TNA does multi-woman matches right, and allows them all the chance to shine. Once again, I commend the company for taking the commercial break in between the entrances and the match because it greatly helps me to enjoy things when I don’t miss half of it due to a commercial. In particular, Sarita, Rosita, and Brooke were the highlights for me. Rosita’s hurricanrana was awesome, as was Sarita’s flip off the ropes into the soccer mom dance. Brooke was on fire the whole time she was in there and she showed off how much better she has gotten to be. I am firmly behind the Tessmacher for champion campaign and I would love to see it happen. Speaking of which…

Hallllllllelujah! I am over the moon with TNA more than I have been since my beloved Miss Karen departed. Finally, someone fresh and new seems to be getting spotlighted as the top challenger for the Knockouts Title. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Velvet Sky and I do think it’s another big WTF that she’s seemingly out of the hunt again (although judging by the ending, I can’t even tell if she is or not), but I am also a monster supporter of the Tessmacher, so to see her finally be given a storyline/shot/appearance at all is wonderful. Do I hope she wins the title off Gail? Heck, yes. I’m not sure if I see it happening, but now we are really getting down to the wire on who is left to challenge her. Unless they start going for heel vs. heel matches, I don’t think there are any faces left Gail hasn’t beaten in singles matches during her reign except Brooke. They could do the Taylor Wilde story again and bring in an independent woman for this Open Fight Night to “shock the world” and end Gail’s reign, but title wins on your debut never go over well with crowds in the long run so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Oh, and as per this Open Fight Night schtick, I demand everyone to tweet whoever is in charge of TNA and make the Blossom Twins win the Knockouts Tag Team Titles! That is all.

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  • Ed

    Sorry, but the Knockout division is so much better without Karen Jarrett (who I absolutely can’t stand). When Karen was there, the division became all about her instead of, you know, the Knockouts. Karen needs to stay off TV and let the women who actually wrestle get the spotlight.

    Yay to a Brooke title push! She’s improved so much in the last year and she’s much better than Velvet at this point. Since she’s the last fresh babyface challenger Gail has, I hope she wins the title.

    As for tweeting TNA about the Blossom Twins, I’m way ahead of you. Been doing it since this Open Fight Night thing was announced. One way or another we’ve going to make this happen. Team Blossom FTW! :)

    • Superstar77

      How is Brooke better than Velvet? So it’s OK for Brooke to come back after being gone for so long pin Gail and get a title shot. If Velvet would have done that you would bitch about it and you want Brooke to win the title. Seriously you really are biased agaisnt Velvet. Velvet should have won the title back at Lockdown. Gail should not have retained at all.

      • KaitlynLover<3

        I think that Brooke is better then Velvet aswell! And i don´t think that Velvet should´ve won the title at Lockdown, I like her but i don´t want to see her as champion!

      • Ed

        I am not biased against Velvet. I’m just realistic. All you have to do is watch their matches. Brooke is clearly the superior worker at this point whereas Velvet really hasn’t improved much at all since she debuted back in 2007.

        People think I have something against Velvet. I don’t. What I have a problem with is the fact that she gets pushed so much when she’s really just not that good. Sure, she’s popular, but why should she get the title based on that alone? Shouldn’t quality of performance count for something too?

        Brooke is popular as well. Plus, Brooke has NEVER been the champion. She’s a new face in the title picture, which is why I like this. The division has revolved around the same 5 women for months and months. A shake-up was needed because I was starting to lose interest. This is breath of fresh air for me.

        And I don’t see why Velvet should have won at Lockdown unless the intention was to make the Knockouts title meaningless when Gail has finally given it some credibility back. And even if she HAD won, what then? Who could she face that wouldn’t be a retread of a past feud? She has no fresh opponents. She’s already feuded with every woman on the roster except Brooke. Aside from that or possibly having Mickie turn heel on Velvet, what could they really do with her as the champion that she hasn’t done already?

        • Superstar77

          Velvet could have given the Knockout title credibility if they would have just let her keep it. But they just had to let Gail win it from her. Velvet only had the title for 4 weeks and 2 of those weeks she wasn’t even on TV and she lost the title in her first defense. That wasn’t fair at all. It took her 5 months to get this rematch and they made her lose again. What was the point of that?!

          I do watch their matches and I don’t see how Brooke is better than Velvet in the ring. Velvet has improved as well people just don’t want to knowledge it.

        • igotthatpma123

          That was put very well. Velvet is very likeable but that doesn’t warrant a title reign because her in ring work is very sub par when it should be atleast watchable. Brooke is young she’s coming along very nice in her in ring work, Brooke is also very likeable and this opens up new and exciting things for the division as a whole.

        • EveLover

          At the rate velvet & brooke are improving, in a year or two, brooke will be a veteran & velvet probably wont. You can see how fast brooke is improving. Brooke has already reached velvet’s level & she’s about to pass it too. In just what? One-Two years? While velvets had about 6-7 years.

          Sorry for the comparison, but this is pretty much like Eve & Kelly over in the wwe.

          There’s also something you guys should get; just because ED doesn’t want velvet as champion, doesn’t mean he has something agaisnt her. He just doesn’t like her skills & doesn’t think they’re champion worthy. Nothing more, nothing less.

        • Superstar77

          I meant to say don’t want to acknowledge it.

          I’m tired of this Velvet Sky / Kelly Kelly comparison. They are nothing alike. I don’t hate Kelly like a lot of people do but I’m sick of that comparison. Also Velvet never had a fair chance as Knockout champion. Kelly got a better run as Divas champion then Velvet did as KO champ.

        • EveLover

          Acknowledging what though ? Dont get me wrong, Velvet has improved, but she’s not as good as she should be. With 6+ years of experience, she should be a veteran or at least close to one. Thats where my Kelly/Velvet comparison came from. Not really their characters but their work rate. Kelly has had about 6 years too & she’s still not at the level she should be. Where as Eve/Brooke, for example, have had alot less time & their at Kelly/Velvet level or already surpassed it.

        • redsandman99

          ^ This

        • Superstar77

          @Evelover Velvet has been wrestling for 11 years how is she not a veteran?! I don’t care what any of you say Velvet does have talent and she has improved. As I siad before you people just don’t want to give Velvet any credit for anything she does. Also Ed is biased against Velvet just read any of his articles or watch his videos as Foolkiller99. He craps on her on a weekly basis. I’m done with this.

        • EveLover

          Even more than I thought. And she isn’t a veteran because to, and alot of other people, she doesn’t perform like one. Compare a veteran like like hamada to velvet & you’ll probably see what I mean. Like I said, she has improved alot, yess. But with 11 years of experience, she doesn’t perform like a veteran.

          And if ED craps on velvet then, I guess let him. In this thread, I actually agree with his comments.

        • redsandman99

          She may be a vetran in the experience sense but as far as in ring skill, I personally don’t think it reflects. It’s nothing personal against her. She’s made improvments but she’s never overly impressed me.

        • CW

          Hey guys :) Im pretty new to this site so hope you wont mind me giving my two pennies worth :P I’d just like to say I definately agree with evelover and ed. Velvet is a decent draw when it comes to the knockouts division and yes, she is ridiculously over with the crowd. But for someone who came up through the indies and has been running the ropes for 11 years she is nowhere near the standard she should be. I love her character, her mic skills and the way the crowd are so in love with her, its really refreshing to see fans that invested in a female wrestler since there isnt much of it in WWE. But as much as I respect the time and effort it took for her to build a fanbase, I find myself constantly underwhelmed by her ringwork. She’s one of the knockouts with the most experience and yet, imho, she is one of the most disappointing in ring workers. I honestly dont think shes going to improve anymore because if she was, she would have by now. Lets face it 11 years is long enough. Like ED, I have no interest in seeing her as champion any time soon, but I still like her and I think if TNA would pair her with Mickie they could do alot in the long run, not only for the kos tag division, but also for Velvets career.

  • LadyGoDiva

    WWE rreally sucked the fun out of multi-Diva tag team matches so this knockouts tag team match was a nice feeling espically it was great to see Brooke again since we haven’t seen her much.

  • Poison Ivory

    AMAZING match. If this leads to Brooke winning the title, I wouldn’t actually mind it. As a die-hard Gail fan I want her to reign for the next 200 days lol, but Brooke has showed she’s got what it takes to be a champion. Though she could improve a bit more character-wise. She comes across a little dull sometimes, at least compared to other Knockouts.

    But if, this is only a non-title push for Tessmacher, then PLEEEASE push Sarita. I’m just dying to see that that woman has never been a KO champion yet.

  • ricky_says_hi

    i doubt Tessmacher is actually getting a push for the title. the focus was heavily on Velvet at the end of the match and it was her that helped Tessmacher get the win. it’s likely Tessmacher will just get a title shot at the Open Fight Night just for Gail to get another strong win and then continue the Velvet feud. i don’t want Tessmacher to be pushed for the singles title since that would kill the tag division even more

  • Rhawk

    Rosita pulling off a Hurricanrana Driver?! If there were to be anymore reasons to love this woman, that would be one of them. =-P

  • EveLover

    *Clap Clap Clap Clap* FINALLY a match that I was fully into & enjoyed from tna. This match had everything. The crowd seemed to be into it, ALL of the girls being able to wrestle, it was just amazing.

    Now as for brooke, love that she’s back (same with tara). She was the part I enjoyed the most. When she got in the ring, I got amped. I really want her to get her push. TNA should just drop the velvet vs gail, if they dont plan on giving the title to velvet. I honestly dont want to see another one of their match. Im sorry if I sound biased, I just dont get where tna is going with this. Now brooke on the other hand, is the girl that should get her shine. She deserves it. I also noticed she’s still improving at a very good rate.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      One more time, you´re reading my mind!

      • EveLover

        I must be some sort of psychic ;P haha !

  • Jhonmarco

    Great match. Tessmacher is getting scary good for her limited experience, I’m pretty sure she won’t be knocking off Gail though. Sarita & Rosita’s offense just screams face to me though. And speaking of Sarita what does this girl need to do to get a title shot? Hopefully when Velvet or whatever face wins it Sarita gets a shot. Anyway this was a nice change of pace, good job TNA.

  • neonlights21x

    Tessmacher is improving very nicely, better than Kelly to be quite honest.

  • Looking Glass

    Gail struggled with the ropes, I’m wondering if those people who complained about Eve doing it on Superstars will say anything? I liked the match, I miss seeing Angelina and Winter, but in this instance I can let it escape. I liked how Gail was kinda guarded throughout the match until the end and I feel like the ending will just mean Velvet will feud again once Gail’s done with Tessmacher. I loved the Sarita flip, I wish she managed to clothesline TnT down though, she’s still being underutilized and taking half the beatdowns throughout the match. Rosita was awesome, I feel she’s used in the same way as Sarita (enhancement talent) but she really looked strong against Mickie James there, which took me by surprise just for the fact they regard Mickie so highly.

    I know I’m probably in the minority, but I’m so bored of Madison. I loved her reign, though it did feel long and repititve once she started firing people who lost to her, then she lost the title and became a comedy character and the whole Gail/Madison feud never really took off to me. Now she’s just loitering to put Gail back at the top and I just find her irritating (which she’s supposed to be) yet just milked out.

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    I remember never having any faith in Miss T but she has improved and she is starting to grow if she was in wwe we would probaby never get to see her advance this match. The match weas nice to one of my favorite Knockout Tag Matches now I can say.

    What’s in store for Miss T ? I’d say give her a title shot have Gail retain just to give Miss T a little kick for a future knockouts regin.

    • MelinaMickieF3v3r

      Ugh! Typos….eh who cares lol

  • Choko

    Oh god. I’d love to see Layla vs Brooke or maybe Layla vs Brooke vs Kelly now! all these girls have improved so much and could honestly put together a good match.

  • Ryan

    Brooke DAT AZZ Tessmacher was kicking ass!! Seriously Sarita Rosa Tara Gail Kim Madison and Velvet were looking hot as hell!! o.0
    And the action was all TNA (None Stop)
    The Low Hurrcarana was impressive by Rosa! haha DAYUM! Never seen anything like it

    BTW did any of you guys catch the XPLOSION match? Tara vs Winter! Was a good match but also Winter is playing a creepy lesbian feeling up on Tara hahaha it was hot!!! But Tara whooped her ass and basically told her LOOK BUT CANT TOUCH U DYKE!…Winter HAS to wrestle Miss T Mickie n Velvet as of now!! >_<

    BTW Brooke her moves her motion its very smooth and hard hitting IDK all of a sudden Velvet Sky went from kicking ass to u know..a bit weaker style, dont get me wrong I love Velvet Im top Dawg when it comes to being a fan of hers!! Jst her style in wrestling has gone down these few weeks..the cage match was weak bro =(

  • Raekon

    Awesome match and great outcome (that’s how you sell a roll up WWE -.- )!

    Everything worked very well, the chemistry among everyone was there (one could clearly see that they all had tons of fun!) and the match included most of all quite a few golden spots.

    Rosita, Brook and Sarita were the most awesome to me out of all these 8.
    The others did their usual stuff but everything meshed well together greatly.

    That’s what I call womens wrestling!
    can’t wait to see more!

  • Bhentoooot

    Velvet is the K2 of the TNA. have those charisma to her fans but lacking in the ring. They both act like they are soooooo strong and enough to be title holder but i dont buy it. Brooke on the other hand is very promising. and its her time to prove herself. she reminds me of candice btw. :]

    • Ryan

      Im a Velvet Sky fan big time bro..not a kelly fan
      But I do give cred where its do..both have similarities..personally Velvet is waaaaaay hotter than Kelly. Velvet packs more fire and is tougher than Kelly. But Kelly does her best even if its not enough. Plus Kelly can hit some somersaults many pple cant even do.
      Even so both have right to be champion.

      For some reason Velvet is taking it VERY easy and its affecting her work in the ring. She looks a bit slow

      Brooke however can cream both of them..Shes younger stronger hotter tougher and faster. In fact Velvet and Brooke had a mini match months ago during the Gauntlet Match. Brooke was kicking her ass until out of nowhere velvet pulled off the win
      Brooke n Velvet rock my dude!!

      • norisclouds

        Yea I see a lot of similarities in their in-ring weaknesses, but Velvet plays her character better than Kelly does. I think she’s far more charismatic due to not only her looks but her character-acting.

    • EveLover

      I see alot of candice in brooke too & not just because of the entrance :)

      • CW

        Well when it comes to Candice/Brooke, what we have to remember guys is that Candice was at the very peak of her career and in the middle of her championship run when Brooke was a WWE rookie. It wouldnt surprise me if Brooke was inspired by Candice or even scouted her before suddenly being released. Tara, also, was a huge help to Candice during their Pink Ladies run in much the same way she has been to Brooke in TNT, so I’ll bet a few similarities stem from that root too. I like the similarities between Brooke and Candice though because I see it more as Brooke incorporating some elements of her into her OWN character as opposed to unoriginality.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Did anyone notice after Rosita Hit That Killer Hurricanrana She Got The Pin On Mickie But The Match kept Going?

  • litaluva06

    The WWE lost out big time on some future hard-hitters: Velvet & Brooke, and wasted Tara & Gail’s final years. Its funny how Gail went from poverty-lower class in WWE, to the boss of the company overnight. Even though she wasn’t pushed in WWE to be a champion, I liked both of Gail’s runs with the company and the matches she put on.
    Don’t even get me started on Mickie, I think they just did that to show every girl that she is not set in stone in WWE and can be given the boot no matter your status with the fans, or as an established athlete/competitor in the company.

  • Isobel

    This was so awesome! Brooke as champion would be cool. I’m just glad she is getting a push. This was a wonderful match and I hope the KO’s can keep bringing it. :)

  • mikeparis18

    Hope something goes on for the knockouts tag belts, maybe a 4 way tag Angelina/Winter vs Tara-Mocher vs OD-Beard vs RasaRita

  • norisclouds

    I still think Velvet Sky/Beautiful People’s theme is the best. I would have loved to see that stable in WWE in a one off match against Laycool.

    Dream of dream matches would be Laycool vs Beautiful People vs XtremeStratusfaction…but that will never happen :(

  • norisclouds

    This is why the Knockouts are the highest rated segments on Impact. Sexy women who can actually wrestle (for the most part) with definable characters and at least semi-consistent writing, far better than what WWE has at the moment.

  • OJ Von Erich

    And to think… Storylinewise it was Lacey Von Erich who trained Miss Brooke Tessmacher! :)


  • TheTruth

    honestly if anyone of you guys think that velvet is better then brooke you are nuts and know nothing about wrestling..

    sure velvet has improved a little since her debut in 2007, she learnt more moves ect.. but she is just basic. basically to me she is just the tna version of kelly kelly.
    where as brooke can pull of a really good match, i think her and gail would be able to pull of a great match, in general. i do still think that it is a little bit to early for brooke to be brought in to the title scene. i dunno.

    but yeah (:

  • Essex Boy

    I just love Tess, I remember when she first started out as a wrestler on TNA, I don’t know what it was, but I could tell she was gonna grow as a performer. I’m so proud of her! :))

    Kudos to all the girls though. Sarita is such a good seller, I want her to have a run at the title. It’s longggggggg over due.