In Video: AJ Overcome with Emotion Following SmackDown

Following last night’s episode of SmackDown, tried to corner AJ to address her outburst in which she launched a scathing attack on Natalya, moments after being told by ex-boyfriend Daniel Bryan that he wished she’d never been born. However, AJ appeared to still be overcome with emotion after a tough night.

Watch the clip below:

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  • EveLover

    And Im still not bored of this storyline. Keep it going, wwe. This is going amazing.

    AJ is playing her role to perfection <3.

  • DIVAsupporter

    still waiting for Natalya to be a full face… wwe needs to put her in something to show that she’s really a face now

    Aj did amazing

    • EveLover

      I think last night was it lol. She was trying to be nice to aj & all that but then aj snapped.

    • LadyGoDiva

      I still call Nattie a tweener.

      • Choko

        I think the best way for that would be Beth and Nattie backstage.

        Beth Phoenix: What is up with you teaming up with these barbie dolls lately, and why the hell did you feel sorry for that perky little AJ?

        Natalya: Beth, I am just trying to do the right thing, and by the way you are teaming up with Eve now all of a sudden, a few months ago, you were calling her a barbie doll aswell and now she is your bestfriend and all that.

        Beth Phoenix: No, Natalya, let me explain, she is different n…

        Natalya: Explain what? You have become such a huge fan of her, why? because she used Zack Ryder to further her carreer? because she has been using people along the way. Are you proud of her for that? let me ask you something, did you use me when we were a team?

        Beth Phoenix: ….

        Natalya then beats Eve in a match next, after the match Beth comes out and glam slams Natalya and stands over here with Eve.


        • Kessuki

          now if only you can convince wwe about this simple character development and make them listen

        • Mariah_thediva

          If the UN-creative would do that…. lol!

  • Lanoom

    I just hope this translates into her ringwork being more viscous and not just….girl-frenzy slaps.

    I mean yea, they busted up Natalya legit something good, but still.

  • majestylove

    It’s me or when she watch the interviewer, she looks like Tamina ?

  • Blonde Bombshell

    AJ looked ridiculous.

  • melon2617

    This storyline is good & bad.

    It’s good because AJ & Daniel are playing their parts so well & fans are invested.

    It’s bad for two reasons. 1. There’s no real development. It’s just D-Bryan screaming @ AJ, who is getting more & more emotional. Sheamus isn’t involved, which is odd. D-Bryan is feuding with a Diva, which means his chances of winning the belt back are slim. Sheamus coming to the defense of AJ, saying Bryan is picking on AJ because he knows he can’t pick on someone his own size would help. Kaitlyn backstage trying to help her bestow would help as well.
    2. This makes wrestling fans look bad. Fans cheering & demanding more abuse to AJ makes us all look like idiots. This storyline is about an emotionally abusive man torturing a woman. I get that fans like to be cool & bandwagon jump but cheering him on will only make WWE develop this story in a darker & darker direction, which is bad for AJ. If they take this to AJ @ the brink, she goes crazy & is written off while D-Bryan moves into a new storyline. Both will be blamed for being unconvincing in their roles, despite the fact that they are doing amazing.

    • Jhonmarco

      Disagree. AJ is now taking her anger out on others, this is common symptoms of women who suffere domestic abuse. He’s not feuding with her, but rather a storyline to propel AJ as a top face & get a huge rub screwing over one of WWE’s top heels. The fans are more cheering DB due to get screwed at WM. Blame booking there. AJ is still getting her big moment sooner rather than later & I love it. A storyline that’s been going on since October/November & still feels fresh. Thumbs up WWE.

      • gl83

        @JHONMARCO Also take into account where the WWE has been the last few weeks. The past few weeks, the WWE has been in smark-friendly places. These places have alot of hardcore wrestling fans who will cheer people like Bryan and Punk regardless if they are Face or Heel. Look at where they’ve been: Miami and Orlando, which had the holdovers from WrestleMania weekend and then London, England, which is another wrestling-rich region. And then there’s Chicago, IL for Extreme Rules, another wrestling hotbed. It just so happens that WWE is going to all these places in the course of a month.

        However, in other regions, where there is not a high percentage of smarks, Daniel bryan is still heavily booed as a Heel. Look at last week’s Live Smackdown for instance, where Bryan got booed, AJ was cheered and even had her name chanted by the crowd.

      • melon2617

        @Jhonmarco, I never said AJ wasn’t doing well. AJ is doing wonderfully but DB’s storyline is with AJ, not Sheamus, as it should be. AJ being left on her own with no friends or allies is leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. Week after week of DB torturing this girl & no one gives a crap? Not best friend Kaitlyn? Not Sheamus? Not tag partner Kelly?

        Also, where does AJ go from here? At least if she had actions with other superstars, she could move on from DB into another storyline. Unless she’s aligned with Sheamus, there’s nothing for her to do but dump him & become the geek goddess again.

        AJ & DB are doing their jobs well, but these storylines make me very uncomfortable, as domestic violence is very real (I felt the same way when Edge pinned down a crying Vickie & screamed in her face & Catatonic Linda) but also the smarky fans cheering DB while he brutally tortures a young woman. It just makes me cringe.

  • Rhawk

    I dont see any real point in this. Though a part of me wanted AJ to EMBRACE THE HATE and slap the hell out of that interviewer, I CANNOT stand his throat and anything that comes out of it.

    • Choko

      It would be awesome if AJ pulled A Mickie James and slapped the shit outta him.