Today in History: Stephanie and The Undertaker’s “Unholy Wedding”

On this day in history:

April 26th, 1999 | After being kidnapped once again by The Undertaker the night before, Stephanie McMahon was brought out on Raw bound to a giant replica of his symbol for an “Unholy Wedding”. The ceremony proceeded despite her screams of protest and interferences by Ken Shamrock and Big Show until, at the very last second, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and cleaned house, freeing Stephanie from her bonds and saving her from one hell of an unhappy marriage.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • melon2617

    Oh innocent Steph…how nuts she drove me. I just wanted her to go away.

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was the girl you loved to hate!

  • RedHotVixen

    Good lord, I couldn’t stand Steph back then! Part of me wanted ‘Taker to drag her into the abyss never to be seen or heard from again. My eardrums would have been eternally grateful. Looking back at the Attitude Era I cant help but laugh at the incredibly over the top storylines. As fun as it was I’m glad we’ve moved on from that.

  • Choko

    Oh god I remember this. I was 10 years old, and this scared me so much of The Undertaker that I thought he was the creepy man who hides in closets and under beds and stuff like that.

    I was praying for Steph haahha. Miss those days!!

    • Marlon Eric

      LOL! Me too! I remember this. I was so scared for her. Wrestling was still pretty new to me. Sable made me a fan of WWF and completely brought me to the product and I thought everything was real. I mean, I knew in some sense that wrestling was “fake” but I was trying to figure out what parts of it were fake, cause the shit looked real to me.

  • Michael K.

    This is why The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time.

  • TehKardashianKing

    This happened when I was 3!?!?!?

    This is the 2nd creepiest wedding ever…. I’d have to say the wedding of Randal Tugman and Danni from Dead Rising 2 had to be the creepiest IMO. O.O

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Stephaine’s voice can get annoying especially when she raises her voice. That said I thought for someone not an actress and new to being on tv she did a decent job. I’ll be honest watching wrestling from an early age the Undertaker always scared me and that music still creeps me out.

  • perceval

    Ah, the Attitude Era, so over the top, but so entertaining. :)

    Taker was one of the all time great heels during this run. The music, the persona, it all worked.

    Steph… The funny thing about Steph for years was her face/heel status was established by whatever her hair style was. Straight hair meant Face, curly hair meant heel. When she became SD GM, you knew she’d be a babyface to counter Bischoff as Raw GM because her hair was straight. :)

    • melon2617

      I know, right?!

      I remember one night she came out with Triple H vs Kurt Angle with straight hair & I decided that meant that Triple H was the face for the night.

  • Ryan

    hahaha this was so awesome!!! Stone Cold is tha effin man!!

    Young innocent Stephanie! She was like 18?
    Taker is still my favorite of all time tho

    Im watching this at this day and age and its by far Waaaaaaaay more entertaining than whats on now..

    Also that Clothesline off the ramp was wicked!! Lol gave me a total HELL YEAH!!!

    Wrestling rocked big time!!