Nikki Bella Wins Divas Championship

Nikki Bella has been crowned the new WWE Divas Champion after defeating Beth Phoenix on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

Nikki and Beth were set to do battle when new Executive Administrator, Eve Torres, came out and proclaimed the title match would be contested with Lumberjills at ringside. With nearly every Diva standing tall near by, Nikki managed to roll Beth up following a scary ankle injury and end her near historic reign as Divas Champion.

This marks the first Divas Championship run for Nikki. Congrats to her!

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  • Queen Bee

    Beth and Nattie need to go to TNA.

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      No they dont, they neeed to stay far far far away from TNA

      • redsandman99

        TNA has enough girls they don’t use on a frequent basis. They need to quit bringing in girls for awhile.

        • Poison_Ivory

          Exactly. TNA has serious problems figuring out how to book their own women. They don’t need more. 12 KO’s is fairly enough, though I would see TNA dropping some older one’s for even the sake of Nattie or Beth. But, thinking how they held on to Gail for years, there’s no way they’re letting Nattie or better yet Beth go.

      • Brandz785

        Yeah what a great idea, it’s better to have them in WWE where all Nattie does is job and Beth isn’t even treated as a champ. I bet she lost the title just because they didn’t want her to beat Maryse’s reign. In TNA they would give awesome matches due to more ring time and more respect for women.

      • perceval

        It’s either TNA or Japan at this point, unless they’re just sticking around to collect a paycheck.

    • Milo

      YES! I think that be great to see to Natalya and Beth like Knockouts in TNA, as tag team, or individual wrestlers.
      Tara vs. Beth ! Natalya vs. Mickie! Natalya vs Tara! Winter vs. Beth! ODB vs Beth! Feuds very interesting! and Beth & Natalya vs. Gail Kim Madison, vs TNT, vs Mexican America, or versus a new meeting of the Beautiful People!

    • Kessuki

      i want nattie to go to tna – there is so much she can do that doesnt involve putting over lesser experienced women wrestlers.

      i would FUCKIN LOVE her to feud with mickie james, have a brawl with odb, a great matchup vs sarita or gail or tara. the possibilities are endless. and i would be so happy if nattie won the KO belt in a cage match.

    • FashionQueen86

      I agree that Beth and Nattie deserve better and I would not mind them going to TNA. I would love to see them go against ODB.

      I think TNA bookings are decent. I’m not sure what other people are saying about it, but they just had an 8 knockouts tag match where every single one of them actually contributed to something in the match. If you want to talk about poor booking, look at WWE.

    • thediva21

      Beth phoenix will get her rematch and she will get her divas championship at extreme rules this Sunday and bring back the wwe womens championship

    • richies88

      u joking they will be pushed aside for velvet sky and madison rayne

  • AdrianRay

    YES! Maryse reigns supreme!!! YES!!! I’m going to troll all you bitches from now on!!! YES!!!!

    • TibarnEl

      Maryse IS the Divas Championship ^_^

    • Bhentoooot

      YES! I miss Maryse even more. :( she still the divas champion.

  • MattyM

    YAY at least they gave it to the prettier/more athletic Twin

  • SweeneyTodd

    Beth loses the title in a random RAW match after 205 days. stupid, just stupid.

    • redsandman99

      I do agree with that. Though WWE has been stupid throughout her whole title reign so why should that change now?

    • FashionQueen86

      I sort of agree but at least it was a decent length match and not 1 minute. I think they set this one up a little better. It actually shocked me.

  • redsandman99

    If they at least do something with her and this reign this could be alright. I’m personally hoping this will lead to Kharma’s return, though I would accept a feud with Layla, AJ or Natalya (though I doubt THAT one will happen because WWE sucks like that). However, I’m praying that they do not go for Kelly to be the first contender.

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      Well if there’s no Injury Beth get’s the first shot Although I’d LIKE to see them continue to acknowledge the fact that Nikki was firmly behind “team Teddy” at wrestlemania . . . although Johnny DID look a tad bit pissed off @ Eve during the little segment after the match took place

      • redsandman99

        Yeah…I’m hoping Beth’s not injured though I haven’t heard anything about whether it was legit or not.

        • Storm

          “Phoneix was appeared to have suffered a sprained left ankle.” – Wikipedia.

        • Poison_Ivory

          @Storm Well at least we know they didn’t plan to actually put the title on Nikki.. Right? ‘Cause God I hope so.

  • Gameman305

    I Knew Nikki Was gonna win! Congrats! Nikki!

  • Nostalgia

    Okay I guess the other post got too hectic and doesn’t really work lol. But did anybody notice WWE’s burial of TNA

    • elsimate

      What was it?

      • Nostalgia

        in a Brock Lesnar promo, they showed a few of his wins. And every person he destroyed in the clip was a current TNA star. TNA trended last night for like 2 minutes. Vince is evil. Lmao

  • shannymac

    So, is Beth legit injured or…?

    WWE never ceases to amaze me with their fuckery and ridiculousness.

  • numero47

    Saw this coming
    On one said it gives us something NEW to talk about but now raises the question as to whether the rumors of them leaving are true or not.
    If they’re are, perhaps it was the reason behind Nikki’s win, set up for a new feud for the championship; perhaps a returning Kharma?
    If the rumors aren’t true then it seems that WWE has decided to start giving Nikki a push.

    • shannymac

      I’m guessing Nikki will be more if a stepping stone to something else. Either Kharma/Layla’s return or maybe putting the belt on Eve. Who knows for sure, though

      • numero47

        @Shannymac: Completely forgot about Layla!
        Another possible contender. Hell they may even decide to have a Nikki and Brie feud

        @GailKimFan09e: Just going to have to wait until the end of the month to find out.
        Plus the drafts should be happening soon. Don’t know if it will really matter since the title is shown at both shows but WWE may decide to jstop that and leave it one show like they did with the Women’s Title

        • TibarnEl

          Here’s hoping the title gets drafted to Smackdown!

    • GailKimFan09e

      Its also makes you think with spring cleaning coming around the corner, and the Bellas twin aren’t leaving wwe then who is??

      • Sitau

        Do all the girls on nxt have a higher chance of getting cut more then the girls on raw/ smackdown?

        • numero47

          I actually think NXT is the most entertaing show out of the three brands. Just a damn shame not many watch it but I think NXT will be unaffected by the draft given it is not given much exposure as Smackdown/Raw

  • shannymac

    Also, if WWE really wanted to take the belt off of Beth, why not just give it to Eve? She’s obviously their top priority, and having her be the type of heel that even the other heels can’t stand/trust would be good for her.

  • mojodoom

    Well you just know Kharma’s return is just around the corner. I was hoping they’ll keep the title on Beth’s waist. But I guess this is the WWE’s way of continuing the story line that was started last year between Kharma and the Bellas. Plus Kharma demolishing every diva on her path and Beth chasing after the title from someone much more dominating than her would be a lot better than the other way around.

    • redsandman99

      I agree.

    • mariah.

      Totally agree.

      • jeremycanrana

        hallelujiah! <3

  • Lanoom

    I really hope Beth’s ankle is a work.

    I really really hope it is.

    And I hope Nikki is transitional. And transitions at Extreme Rules.

    On the plus side, the match was alright up until Beth’s ankle. And it actually got TIME.

    • jeremycanrana

      lol at “And I hope Nikki is transitional. And transitions at Extreme Rules” don’t ask me why but I found the use of words funny !

  • WWFoverWWE

    At least Maryse can sleep tonight.

  • Nostalgia

    They emphasized Beth’s injury a bit much. I think Nikki’s going to defend against Kharma Sunday and her and Nikki will be destroyed and written out of the WWE. I think Kharma will reign over the Divas for a few months. And Layla, Natalya, Kelly and possibly Tamina will each have a shot against Kharma for the title. And all failing, and then Beth returns in some way bringing Kharma some competition

    • mariah.


  • chrisP

    Let me jcorrect Michael Cole’s numbers.

    Beth was champion for 204 days, not 205. They added a day by counting the day she won the title as day 1 when that should be considered day 0.

    The longest Divas title reign, Maryse’s first reign, was 212 days, not 213. Again, you count the day of the title win as day 0. Also, WWE subtracts 4 days from Maryse’s reign because her title win happened on December 22 but didn’t air on Smackdown until December 26, so Maryse was actually champion for 216 days.

    The lesson here? WWE can’t add.

    • numero47

      Ha ha ha!
      I can’t tell you how many times I caught myself correcting Cole on commentator.
      I recall one time when Cole said “Kelly looking to regain her second Diva’s title reign” when she was actually going after her first reign.

      • hado

        And Cole would always say Gail Kim was a former two time WWE Women’s Champion too.

  • TibarnEl

    There are lots of divas I’d prefer to win the title from Beth but I’m so glad her reign is finally over. Nobody cares about a champion who has no feuds, no storylines and comes on TV once a month or so… if she’s lucky.

  • TheGamergirl22

    I think her reign will only last a week cuz Kharma probably going to destroy them at Extreme Rules or the Monday after that.

    The only good thing is at least Beth didn’t look weak, cuz that injury seemed legit damn she missed over a year of her WWE career due to injury hope she doesn’t end up like Candice and get released

    •!/roberto.kenu Kenu91

      totally agree, Extreme Rules = Kharma VS Nikki

  • Morris Muffin

    Sheesh. Y’all hatin-ass hoez need to calm down.

    • FashionQueen86


  • Sitau

    This is where I wouls debut naomi and cameron fresh feud to give us new matchups brodus naomi cameron vs Alberto del rio n bellas(:

    • WWFoverWWE

      That’s too awesome for wwe to think of.

  • Pat

    Patiently waiting for Alicia Fox to get another stab at the title.

    Congrats to Nikki though!

  • Melinafan4ever

    This is what i want to happen,
    On Smackdown have nikki bella in a segment or something then have layla return and challenge her for the divas title and at extreme rules nikki wins and then kharma appears and does the implant buster on nikke bella then let them have a match at the next ppv and kharma kharma takes the title from nikki and make kharma a dominant opponent then have beth return andchallenge kharma ^__^

    • Sitau

      That would kill layla’s chances of being top face for her to go down so quick and fail, id just have a battle royal at extreme rules with it coming down to kaitlyn ,max, and aj having kaitlyn winning to be the bellas first.victim then clocking nattie then kelly to have kharma return then to end nikkid run then cue layla’s return to.setup a triple threat feud with eve layla and kharma

      • hado

        Well sorry but to be honest, I don’t see Layla being in any if much feuds. I think the reports about Layla set to be the top diva is all wrong to be honest. I just don’t see it happening.

  • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

    Report from on Beth Phoenix… “DETROIT – In her WWE Divas Championship loss to Nikki Bella on Raw SuperShow Monday, Beth Phoenix suffered what WWE medical personnel have confirmed is a severe sprain to her left ankle.

    Phoenix was limping visibly after she leapt from the ring apron to the floor during the championship encounter, which was contested in a Lumberjill Match. After the bout, WWE trainers assisted Phoenix to the locker room area.

    According to Dr. Michael Sampson, the former Divas champion will undergo an MRI.

    “It looks like she affected her anterior talofibular ligament, which is the most common injured ankle ligament on an inversion injury,” Sampson told “She has some swelling, [and] she’s having a hard time walking or ambulating on it. We’re going to need an MRI just to make sure there’s nothing else going on and see how we can treat it – if we need surgery or if we can do it conservatively.”

    Check back later for updates on the status of Phoenix’s injury.”

    • Bobby-james

      Interesting to note that it’s her LEFT ankle. Not saying it’s not a legit injury, but it should raise some eyebrows that it’s her left ankle – this could be a work.

      Pro wrestlers always work from the left side and most general kayfabe injuries are on the left… this I think is the plant WWE is going with. It’s a way to move the title off Beth, bring back Kharma – to put the belt on her, and re-intro Beth and move them into a feud together that builds toward WrestleMania. Now all we need is for this to become a Triple Threat feud involving Nattie. *fingers crossed*

    • Bobby-james

      Also, how convenient was it that the match was turned into a Lumberjill match? And just after the Divas tossed Beth in, Nikki went for the ever so dangerous roll-up to win. Seems kind of convenient to have added all those women to “toss” her in at the right moment….. hmmmm….

      • GlamSlamFan

        Apparently the injury was a “fix” and Beth knew about it a while before it happened. They thought it was a good way for Beth to lose the belt, but still give her some credit as a dominant champion. I guess giving her the “right” to say she only lost because she was injured, and if she wan’t, she would still be champion.

        It’s probably just a rumor, I know I’m not taking it as 100%

      • Poison_Ivory

        @Bobby-James That match was so rehearsed. I honestly just don’t buy this whole injury thing, you can smell the script from miles away.

        • Bethinho

          if it´s a work,Beth is a great candudate to win an Oscar.

  • GlamSlamFan

    While I’m glad that this might be the sign of Kharma’s return, I don’t want her to win the title right away.

    They should have her in a feud with some other divas, maybe Natalya, Tamina, and even Beth, if her injury isn’t legit. THEN have her chase the title.

    It worked pretty well for Mark Henry, when he feuded with Big Show, Kane, and Sheamus before he won against Orton.

    I think having her destroy real competition, before she goes for the gold, is a great way to build her up as the monster we know her to be!

    Just my opinion though!

  • AJ Glee

    I can’t even tell which one’s Nicki and which one’s Brie…

    • Londonboy

      Nikki bella is one with the bigger Body

  • Kessuki

    ive come to that point where there really is no need to moan about it. alicia has won it, kelly has won it, brie has won it and so why leave nikki’s name unticked as champion.

    nikki wont keep it long – my guess is she will unsuccessfully defend it in squash match to kharma. i want them to build nattie up in the few matches they can before kharma arrives.