Beth Phoenix Updates Fans on Injury

Former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix offered an update on her ankle injury via Twitter this morning.

Beth was injured during a title defense on Raw last night. Phoenix lost the Divas Title to Nikki Bella.

Beth tweeted:

Thank you to everyone that helped me thru the airport this morning. Will keep every posted on MRI and xray results. Believe me… nothing hurts worse than my heart right now after the loss and even worse thought of missing competition. But i have been bere before, and if there is one thing Beth Phoenix knows how to do, it’s rise from the ashes. The title will be mine again. #unbreakable

Once again, our best wishes go out to Beth on a speedy recovery.

Get the scoop on Beth’s injury on Raw:

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  • javiousmckenzie

    I feel so bad for Beth i really do hopes she is not out long and this is something that is not to serious hope she is able to compete by SummerSlam maybe such bad timing

  • Lanoom

    I can’t take this division without Beth Phoenix. Hopefully she’s not out for months.

  • Bethinho

    GO Beth!recover soon!

  • Choko

    I feel so sorry for her, she was clearly crying after the match. Lets hope for a quick recovery.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    this is so sad Beth deserved to BEAT Maryses record. Plus now that one of the Bellas is champ what nakes everyone think her regin is going to be better??

    • Kaledrina

      probably too soon to judge but i get a feeling the bellas will be transitional champs and only hold it til layla or kharma return. on the plus side, at least the bellas seem to wrestle regularly.. it was disgusting how rarely we saw beth towards the end of her title run, made it feel like 200weeks she was champ (and in a bad way!) not days!

  • corndogagenda

    My observation from high up in the arena: Two members of personnel (EMS? Trainers?) gingerly eased Beth out of the ring after the match. A few of the fans near her path clapped for her.

    Rest up, heal up, and get back in the ring so you can beat up some Divas, Beth!

  • Kaledrina

    so we’re certain it’s a legit injury, then? this probably sounds bad, but it just seemed too fake to me =/

    silver lining is beth being off tv for a few months/however long so a hopefully very soon returning kharma can destroy the divas until beth returns?

    the bad side is wwe might consider beth past her prime? injury prone? and release her in the spring cleaning :(

    • corndogagenda

      “the bad side is wwe might consider beth past her prime? injury prone? and release her in the spring cleaning”

      Ugh, perish the thought. :(

    • redsandman99

      Oh god I hope not. Though I don’t think she’s been injured THAT much. She hasn’t been injured for like, two years and a sprained ankle (I’m saying that’s what it is until something is heard on the MRI’s) isn’t nearly as threatening as her torn ACL was.

      • Kaledrina

        yeah, i guess so. i just tend to expect the worst with stuff like this :)

  • divafan

    I feel sad that Beth needs to drop the title but i know that this is part of the plan for her..I also think that her injury was scripted and she will return to wwe as a face with a big feud with Kharma! This was part of article “The idea was to get the Divas Title off of Beth Phoenix so Kharma can get the belt without facing Phoenix first. The plan as of a few days ago was for Nikki to win the title, likely at Extreme Rules, and then get destroyed by Kharma the next night on RAW. Obviously plans were moved up and the title change happened on RAW last night. Kharma destroying Nikki Bella for the Divas Title would have brought her back into the storylines as a dominant force and would have ended the Kharma-Bella storyline that began last year.”

    • Bethinho

      one thing was to make Beth lose the title in a normal way,other can be due to an injury..

  • JJ

    I am still not convinced this is a legit injury. It just all seems a little to planned out.

    • mariah.

      The ref didn’t even throw up the emergency x symbol…

  • Raekon

    I think it was a work so they have a reason for her to lose to someone like the bellas easily since he destroyed both before. ^_^

    Also happy that it was the case cause I don’t want any of them injured at all.

  • Quisee

    I’m not sure if this injury is legit or kayfabe; but if Beth’s ankle injury is legit then I hope she is okay and isn’t seriously injured. I wish her a speedy recovery and I hope she isn’t out too long.