LayCool Voted One of WWE’s Greatest Tag Teams in History

LayCool — the team of former WWE Women’s Champions Layla and Michelle McCool — have earned their place in history as the first and only “co-Women’s Champions”, and now thanks to their antics during their run from late 2009 to early 2011, they’ve earned a spot on WWE’s list of greatest tag teams, also.

Layla and Michelle have ranked #36 on the list which counts down the top 50 teams in company history.

On the “flawless” duo, writes:

Gleefully evil, unflinchingly vicious and better looking than everyone on this list besides Rick Martel, Team Lay-Cool tormented their opponents to the point that Mickie James broke down in tears when they infamously dubbed her “Piggie James” in front of a disgusted crowd. They were a nightmare, a pair of Roddy Pipers in press-on nails who toted around a bifurcated Divas Championship as if it was their very own tag title. Lay-Cool weren’t just attitude, though. When an unfortunate victim finally worked up the courage to fight back, Mich would kick them in the face while Lay cackled in the corner. They were wicked, but being bad never looked so good.

The pair broke up exactly one year ago this week. The friendship came to an dramatic end in a “Loser Leaves WWE” match at Extreme Rules 2011, which served as Michelle’s last night in WWE. Layla, on the other hand, has been away for much of the past year recovering from injuries sustained in that bout.

Watch LayCool’s infamous “Piggie James” moment below:

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  • Bhentoooot

    Congrats LayCool. if only Divas of Doom was given a chance and good feud. they will be EPIC.

    • Poison Ivory

      There is no DoD anymore..

      • Lanoom

        Somebody should tell Natalya that.

        • Marlon Eric

          Hahaha, right..?

  • KevinSW

    Are you kidding me? Above the Jumping Bomb angels and the Glamour Girls?? Another BS list…by WWE…..LayCool couldn’t hold a candle to either the Jumping Bomb angels or the Glamour Girls

    • RcJ2

      Since the list is not completely posted (only the first 50-21 as of this posting) have been posted.

      That being said… YES they (Lay-Cool) should be above The Jumping Bomb Angels & The Glamour Girls. Nothing against those teams but what they did in the 80s were against nobodies. They had an ok feud against one another but that was it. They did not dominate and real talent in the 80s (as a team).

      I’m assuming this list was based purely on tag-team work and not individual accomplishments, otherwise I would have surely put Leilani Kai & Judy Martin above Lay-Cool.

    • norisclouds

      LOL I know right???

      Those were ACTUAL tag teams. Anyone who says Laycool should be voted over them needs to go back and watch their damned matches. The only reason why Laycool are voted so highly is because they are recent and they were booked prominently. The Jumping Bomb Angels and Glamour Girls were superior teams and were not.

      What’s next, are you going to tell me that London and Kendrick were a better tag team than Demolition?

      People don’t learn or read anything about wrestling history. I would never ever ever place them in a top 20 list of tag teams. If you’re going to include women, at least include women who held the now defunct women’s tag team titles. That is an absolute joke, I like women’s wrestling but what a joke. There are so many superior teams that competed over the past 30 years that should be in the top 20. They wouldn’t even make top 50.

  • JTversion1

    I wonder if ‘Vinces Devil’s’ were nominated

    • javiousmckenzie

      I doubt it they were not together that long and did not make that much of an impact

      • JTversion1

        LMFAO they had all 3 key components to make a awesome faction, so sad.

    • Ryan

      Naa them broads were useless…really hot fun moments tho =P

  • redsandman99

    Congrats to them.

  • Nostalgia

    Ive noticed that some of you think of anything from the WWF years as greater than anything of today. Especially when it comes to divas. Michelle and Layla were the greatest tag team as far as divas. Who else competed in WWE world heavyweight championship matches? They deserved the spot THEY EARNED

    • norisclouds

      Probably because it actually IS greater? This just points to an incredible lack of knowledge of the history of wrestling among those who voted.

      • Nostalgia

        notice I said everything? Everything is the 80s was not better

        • norisclouds

          Sure. But in this case, the Jumping Bomb Angels and Glamour Girls were better. It’s pretty sad that a lot of people haven’t heard of them.

  • Litaker61

    Nice to see the Divas get a spot on the list. Miss LayCool, their fued with Mickie was my favourite Diva feud in the past few years, unfortunately I can’t see that much effort being placed into the Divas for a long time.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I dont agree

  • 04bia

    congrats to laycool, i really miss them, i really enjoyed their work, you can see what they meant to the divas division, when they were around you got great storylines, promos and matches, now that they’re gone we dont have that anymore. but their feud with mickie james was my favorite, even tho it wasnt the nicest, all the divas put great effort into making it big and memorable.

    please come back laycool!!!!!!!!!

  • Marlon Eric

    Can’t imagine if they had a strong list in the first place. WWE haven’t pushed or focused on the tag team division much for several years, so of course the list is watered down.

  • richies88

    ok i know they were annoying but my good god they had an amazing chemistry wwe did themselves proud of such a great tag team. FLAWLESS

  • MrTragos

    Valerie and Princess Victoria would be my favourites followed by the Glamour Girls

  • TibarnEl

    I think LayCool absolutely deserves it. Childish, annoying, but damn entertaining. When paired up, Layla’s wrestling and Michelle’s mic skills improved really well. Not to mention after a lacklustre 2010-11 they were among the only exciting acts in WWE, diva or otherwise.

  • Ryan

    LayCool rocks man!! =D
    LayCool and The Beautiful People have got to be the best Tag Teams at least for Women’s Wrestling! Vinces Devils were useless Bella Twins are considered as one and Divas of Doom are BEAT!! Nobody cared for DOD hell not even Beth!! lol

    Love all the phases of McCool from Rookie Diva to building the Smackdown Division to Divas Champion to McCruel Era and finally LayCool!!

    Seriously they were great while everything around them was crap
    I loved the goofy funny moments backed up by great matches! =)

    • melon2617

      Everyone around them was crap because that’s how Michelle wanted them. By her own admission, everyone hated her save for Vickie & Layla, she came up with all of her storylines & that she decided to retire after LayCool lost because she felt “The Division wasn’t the same.” The only reason LayCool did what they did is that no one else got a mic or a chance. Mickie got what, one sentence in during that “feud”. Melina was dominated with no chance & her career never recovered. Only Nattie & Beth got a chance & that’s when Michelle decided to hang em up.

      If Divas had to be on the list, why not the Bellas, DoD or even Trish & Lita, who alternated between teaming & loathing each other?

      • Swaggy

        Finally! Someone who understands that LayCool hurt the division more than they helped.

      • Marlon Eric

        I love Michelle McCool and I don’t even agree with you but that Melina feud was sorta one-sided. McCool ATE UP THAT MOMENTUM..LOL So, I’ll co-sign on that.

      • Jake

        You really think Michelle had that much control backstage? …

      • Ryan

        I do agree with you on the Melina one sidedness…But hey Melina one sided Mickie James when she first won the women’s championship. They left Mickie James and Tara out of the title picture..It happens.
        And Michelle brought out the best from rookie Eve Torres Kelly Tiffany Layla Maryse Melina and many others you cant deny that dude.

        You had girls like Maryse who dominated RAW and SHE Hurt the division badly she hurt every match she was was a good 3-7 minutes of crap bro! It all revolved around a hairflip and ZERO wrestling and somehow that seemed to satisfy many of you…

        I suppose I just have different expectations of what women’s wrestling should be
        McCool rocked big time

        • MomoMufFinSsFTW

          i personally think Laycool Made The Division Watchable,even if it was hurting it i was entertained.And Moolah And Mae Young Better Make This List!!!

        • AdrianRay

          Maryse hurt Raw? Really? Her matches never went over like 5 minutes. She never really botched either, if ever. She also lost to Mickie on her first night. After she lost the title she didn’t even wrestle…idiot…

      • Jhonmarco

        Melon, agreed! Like Mr. Asstastic said LayCool hurt the division more than it helped. After their group was done with, what did we have? A group of women who had undefined characters or gimmicks (except Maryse). Another big issue with LayCool is the fact that they had ZERO charisma. Layla bless her heart tried to bring in some charima, but McCool is a heat vaccume basically.

      • TibarnEl

        I wouldn’t go that far. Until McCool retired, Kharma went on leave and Layla got injured, Smackdown always gave its girls time, segments and more often than not, good length matches. I thought they were a major asset to Smackdown, but their feud with Natalya was what ruined the Raw divas.

        • melon2617

          But how were they an asset? Did Blondtourage get promo time? Nope. Did Melina? Nope. Did Mickie? Nope. How about the Bellas? Nope. The fact is that Smackdown was the Laycool show, starring Laycool to benefit Laycool. Only Laycool got mic time. Only Laycool got ring time and the other girls were only in the ring for Laycool to kick the crap out of them.

          Laycool is the reason the division is in shambles. The only two that got a chance to develop characters were Michelle and Layla. Everyone else were just generic women who took a number and got their asses handed to them by Laycool. Even if someone got the odd win, the PPV match would be Laycool destroying them. Only Natalya got a good showing and that (according to Michelle) is when Michelle decided that the division was losing something and she didn’t have passion anymore and decided to retire.

          Even when Trish was top Diva, the other girls had personalities, got matches and a chance to develop characters. With Laycool it was all about them all of the time. If they weren’t dominating the other Divas, they were on commentary cutting promos on the other Divas, or in the ring cutting promos on the other Divas, while the other Divas never got a chance to fight back. Every Laycool feud was the same; sophmoric jokes told by monotone Michelle while Layla said “hahahaha good one Michie! BFF for life! Flawless!” while the other Diva stood there with no mic and mouthed a couple of words. Repeat until PPV where Michelle would dominate them, or their opponent would mount a huge offense and Michelle would pin them after a big boot and then Layla would hug Michelle and kiss her ass. Had the other Divas been given half of what Laycool did, we would have a division. By her own admission, Michelle would go to Vince and pitch all of the storylines for the Divas. She supposedly invented the Divas title. According to her, she pretty much controlled the division and all of the other women hated her, because of her “talent.”

        • art

          @melon2617 i agree with everything you’re saying…

        • MomoMufFinSsFTW

          But I Don’t think thats Laycool’s Fault. Michelle May have been in favor instead of the other divas because she is married to the undertaker,but she never asked for it. Shes denies it i know blah blah but she knows i bet. As For The Divas Just being their punching bag that isn’t their fault ethier it is the writers. If They Don’t Script It Then it won’t happen.Did it leave the Division hopeless After Michelle Left No,WWE was going to push Layla But Unfortunately She Got Injured Which Messed Up Their Plans Completely,So They Brought In Kharma But She Got Pregnant So One Again The Divas Got Lost It Isn’t Their Fault The Writers Were Focused On Making Them A Team That Dominates the Division,The Writers Were Just So Focused On Them Because They Wanted to Use Their Plans For Laycool First. It’s Not Laycool’s Fault It’s The Writer’s Fault And Probably Michelle’s Last Name.The Writers Plans Just Kept On Failing Until They Gave Up.

        • art

          @MomoMufFinSsFTW just because someone denies something doesn’t mean it never happened….the division revolved around michelle,only two people backstage liked her in the division,that tells you something…

        • MomoMufFinSsFTW

          I Said That Michelle Was Favored Lol..And The Division Did But Like i said i was entertained. And that tells me she wasn’t liked..but what does that have to do with this? o_o

  • Lily

    I miss them so much. They are one of the best in WWE history. It takes me a while to remember a memorable Divas tag team other than LayCool. The only other ones that come to mind are Vince Devils and all i remember from them was sex appeal. All the other Diva tag teams are irrelevant.

    Jumping Bomb Angels and Glamour Girls? What? They aren’t memorable at all. All i remember from them was their wrestling skills but that doesn’t make a good tag team. You need the full package of an entertainer like LayCool had.

  • kessa

    i loved laycool mostly because i was a fan of michelle (a stacy keibler that could wrestle) to start with, but paired up with layla on the mic they were entertaining as a duo since the heel days of trish and their popularity skyrocketed – they helped keep the divas division fresh and interesting with all the promos they cut and that has been sorely missed since ER 2011.

  • litafan2000

    I find this to be a joke!

  • Nostalgia

    I’m really starting to hate that Melon guy

    • Ryan


      • art

        “hate” is a strong word to use over the net LOL…

        • Nostalgia

          it is, well I don’t hate him. His opinions irritate the shit out of me

    • Swaggy

      Irrelevant to the topic.

    • no rain

      Melon is a guy?
      no offence if he is, i always tought he was a girl

      • melon2617

        She is a girl.

        I’m sorry you don’t like my opinions. That’s the point of a message board, is it not? For people of differing opinions to have a healthy debate about something we all enjoy? I would think you would like a differing viewpoint so that you can counter point and we can all enjoy a good conversation. I find some of the most entertaining posters don’t agree with a darned word that I say because they are very intelligent and have a lot of solid things to back up their claims.

        The joy of the internet is that if we don’t agree with someone, we can simply move on to the next topic. If you don’t like my opinions, why not post your own, or simply say nothing in reply?

      • Nostalgia


        • melon2617

          No worries, it happens. The last wrestling board I posted on was convinced I was a guy half the time too, even when I professed my undying love for Edge and told them I was a girl lol. That’s why I use my own picture in my Gravatar.

        • Nostalgia

          Sorry about that. Lol.

        • Choko

          I think it is your short hair. lol no offense in any kind of way.

          but many people have prejudices against girls with short hair, (not you nostalgia lol) here in japan a few years ago people used to call short haired girls for men in one town.

        • melon2617

          It’s actually not that short, it’s just pinned up in the picture lol. It’s a little past my shoulders but yeah I could see that.

  • art

    i only ever liked michelle when she first came to smackdown…but i adored layla in laycool..i think we all know who carried that team…

    • Choko

      Nobody carried the team more than the other one.

      There could never be a LayCool without either Lay or Cool.

      They both made it complete together.

      • art

        Layla worked everything…the heat they got was because of layla..layla carried laycool,layla was the only one working houseshows because michelle got the undertaker treatment….watch houseshow videos of layla she got massive heat but on raw with michelle they got nothing…

        so Michelle never carried anything…michelle couldn’t get heat or cheers..

  • KaitlynLover<3

    Layla looks drunk on that picture xD

  • SigmaX

    The flawless ones never expected them to make such a list but it is a wwe list so whatever.

    But still amazing that WWE will recognize them as amongst the top 50 greatest tag teams in the companys history..that is pretty damn historial like them or not.

    They kept a floundering division afloat with there antics , and hated loved them they always had atleast that small minority that always had an opinion and watched them regardless of how they felt about them.

    They complimented each other way better than anyone could have expected IMO , but the biggest thing that duo did that I am grateful for is that it FINALLY gave Layla that oppurtunity to make something or herself and she stepped up so much in every aspect that by the mid way to end point of their run she was the one that was standing out and really making Laycool.

  • Jhonmarco

    I won’t deny I miss LayCool’s antics & I do like them, but they really weren’t very good at working mics. Something like that is essential to be a memorable tag team. While McCool had wrestling down, her lack of charisma was horrible, I have mroe charisma in my pinky. Layla who back in 2009 when LayCool began lacked some in-ring skills, always had that fun charisma & personality, she carried LayCool in the promo department, but even then it was still bad.

    I’m not sure how anyone can compare BP to LayCool. BP was formed in 2008 & ended in 2011 & they NEVER got stale. They were entertaining in the ring & in their promos & brought something great to the division rather than center it around themselves.

    Overall I did end up liking LayCool, but honestly in a few years if I was asked for my favorite women’s wrestling tag team. Yeah they wouldn’t come close.

    • no rain

      i always thought LayCool was more like PMS than The beautiful people

    • SigmaX

      Beautiful People had no longevity with that gimmick they were stale within the first month IMO , that whole schtick consisted of we are better looking and then they would call every other knocking some variation of bitch , skank etc while needlessly yelling into the mic which velvet continues to do..will someone inform her of volume balance please lol.

      They brought nothing new to the table…they were vapid hoes pretty much the 4883983 kind in the wrestling business, Laycool were nothing original either. mind you but they atleast guaranteed that they would say/do something that had you laughing.

      • SigmaX


        fml with the spelling today.

      • Jhonmarco

        Disagree. While this was not original, they played their roles brilliantly. They had the classic mean girl act down & not to mention the different varaitions of group making it fresh. LayCool hardly made me laugh & when they did it was unintentionally like telling the crowd to quiet down when they were quiet. Should we really be ragging on Velvet? Who IMO is the top mic worker in TNA.

        To break it down, LayCool always felt shoved down my throat & made everyone look like fools. BP was gracefully put at the top in 2009 & buried no one & even made some stars on the way. Not to mention the whole group could act. That’s definetly a plus.

        • SigmaX

          We will agree to disagree you prefer TBP and I prefer Laycool.

          I simply found much more enjoyment watching laycool do what they did than anything the TBP ever did.

          And the fact that TBP had to be changed up not once but twice just shows me how quickly that stable got boring and that it needed changing to keep it fresh , because if Angelina and Velvet were that good on their own there would have been no need for madison and then Lacey , not to say they did not do well with what they were given they were just boring with a short fused gimmick.

          But in the end I will still take Rick Martel as the master of all vapid gimmicks over anyone else lol…now where is my bottle of Arrogance…some people need sprayin lol.

      • MaxPower

        I agree w/JhonMarco about TBP being better. 1st off, I don’t know how you could find them stale by April 2008(which was a month after they started using The Beautiful People moniker), since they didn’t really get into their gimmick till May or June when they became more ruthless. Secondly, they didn’t always needlessly yell into the mic calling every KO bitch, skank, etc., if anything they did the exact opposite, since in a lot of their promos they casually brought up the other ko’s faults while talking quietly, almost condescendingly. Plus, as Jhon said, they were good actors & very charismatic & played their roles perfectly. As for Madison, the reason she joined wasn’t because they became stale, it was to give them a numbers advantage, plus she also played her role well as the new girl who desperately wanted to be apart of the popular clique, eventually becoming as ruthless as Love & Sky and the only reason Lacey was added was to replace Love, who had to leave due to her visa issues(which TNA definitely should’ve taken care of).

        • MomoMufFinSsFTW

          I Like TBP. But i prefer the Vince Devils a little more i also loved Angelina Love When She Was Feuding With Velvet,Lacey,And Madision She Was Bad Asz!

        • Choko

          Err… you need to get your facts right Jhonmarco.

          BP started in late 2007 as faces but were quickly turned heels and then broke up in the autumn of 2009.

        • Jhonmarco

          Actually you do. Madison & Velvet were still the BP in 2009 during Angelina’s short departure & then LVE came in. Then eventually Velvet & Angelina reunited, but broke up last year in April. This is what I was talking about in that there were various variations of the group: Angelina/Velvet, Angelina/Velvet/Madison, Velvet/Madison, Velvet/Madison/LVE, Velvet/Angelina/LVE, Velvet/Angelina (again).

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Take the “ayCo” out and you have LOL… so wrong! LayCool may have gotten a lot of screen time but they WaySuck!

  • Ryan

    LayCool or for the most part Michelle McCool is one controversial figure thats for sure. Mind you Maryse WRESTLED on Smackdown before she left to Raw then she got lazy and comfortable, crappy 2 min matches and she doesnt botch my dude? She falls the wrong way with clotheslines. You guys say what a HUGE pop Maryse got? Yeah she did, but only walking down the ring then it dies down because she looses the crowd when she tries to wrestle…Maryse easily creamed Melina and Mickie meanwhile McCool put on hell of matches with them! So you guys saying how mcCool one sided Melina and Mickie, the same thing was happening on RAW except Maryse was just flipping her hair and Michelle was making WRESTLING happen.

    LayCool made Natalya a big timer, Beth became an awesome face, hell we even got a TABLE MATCH from WOMEN! Fact is Michelle put the divas to WRESTLE!
    I like the Beautiful People too! BPs were more natural at it and hotter! They had better opponents and better matches and actually I believe BPs lasted a good 2 and a half years. No denying both were pretty great in their own right very similar and very different at the same time. =)

    • Jhonmarco

      Actually Maryse in singles matches lost to Mickie twice, how did she cream her?

      Maryse & Melina never got to have a proper feud, what are you talking about?

      In your eyes all she did was a hairflip, but in a lot of others eyes’ she was extremely charsimatic & easily one of my favorites from the post golden era. She knew her role, she knew what she had to do, & she played her character so well it felt like it was really her. Botch? Botch what exatcly? Can you name something specifically?

      LOL speaking of Michelle you do realize even when she wrestled the crowd was still silent? Vaccume.

    • Bhentoooot

      I love Maryse and Michelle. they are both to be remembered in WWE.
      Maryse is not the best wrestler but she made it watchable but Michelle has the moves but she’s impossible in getting crowd reaction.

      • Ryan

        Na Marco Maryse had the charisma she lost the crowd when she started to wrestle I maybe do come off harsh on Maryse but chick is almost as bad as Rosa is
        and BHENTTOOT…Couldnt of said it better myself my dude!! =D

        And reason Maryse never had a proper fued with anyone was due to her being on RAW which only gave em 2 min matches and expected for us to KNOW what was going on..only 11 min match she had was against Mickie at Night of Champions but that was a really long and boring match..only pops came from Mickie kicking her butt

        • redsandman99

          I don’t think we were down to two minute matches when she first came to Raw. She didn’t have great feuds with anyone though really. Her vs Mickie: they went with the her ducking Mickie any way she could. Melina got injured before they could have a full fledged feud. They could have pulled the trigger with a feud with her and Gail but they decided not to and her and Eve was just kind of okay…best moment was when she whacked Eve with the title and took over her photoshoot. In any of those feuds though, she got microphone time and her agenda really always was A) Get or keep her title (depending on what feud we’re talking) and B) Promote herself, since her character was that egotistical.

        • Jhonmarco

          Bad as Rosa? She had a well definied character & could work a mic beautifully. She never needed to actually have a moveset IMO it fit her character well. When did I say she never had a proper feud with anyone? I said with Melina. Please get your facts straight. She had proper feuds with Mickie, Michelle, & Eve. That match at NOC only had a pop for the finish, nice try, trying to make Maryse look bad though. I figure someone as sexist as you would’ve loved Maryse.

        • Choko

          Beautiful People’s first era from 2007 to 2012 only lasted 2 years. almost 2 years.

        • Jhonmarco

          Their first era from 2007 to 2012 only lasted 2 years?

          No comment.

        • Choko

          Err…. are you serious? grow some balls.

          You know it was a typo. I meant 2009. You’re just starting to get away as usual because you are being proved wrong. (AS USUAL)

        • Jhonmarco

          How so? The BP was together from late 2007 to early 2011. They were together for 3 and a half years. I’m getting annoying? But you’re the one who ALWAYS replies to me first? BYE.

        • Ryan

          WOw JohnMarco I see your being a vagina as usual my dude lol…
          Meanwhile your labeling me again calling me a Sexist haha

          Rule number one..she may get our attention at first with her looks…but we will immediately turn to the next hotter girl if the first one is all looks and no action
          Sorry sweetheart ur just useless now maryse
          Maxine is just got my eyes now bro…it happens ;)

        • Jhonmarco

          It’s clear you look at wrestling as just action, when it involves much more like getting the crowd invested & a character. Maryse brought that completely.

          You’re not a sexist? You basically leave every comment saying “OMG look at Velvet’s ass damn that’s fine! She’s barely wearing anything on but she’s classy bro!”

  • Choko

    no creds to me for telling that to you divadirt? hehe jk

  • natalyagailfan2011

    Even though I got tired of LayCool always being in the spotlight, they were an asset to the divas division. I do miss them as we always had matches and promos with them being involved. Can’t wait for Layla’s return.