In Video: Bella Twins Interview in France

The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, did an interview for French media during the recent European tour.

Watch below:

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  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    They’re definitely the best Divas to give a serious interview to, i love how much they know about their wrestling history. They represent the company so well. If you want a serious/fun interview they’re the best ones. If you want a funny off subject interview Kelly Kelly is the best IMO

    • AdrianRay

      Lol poor Kelly

    • ricky_says_hi

      best one is where she says she’s in love with stone cold…then quickly admits he could be her father but she doesn’t care

  • shameronstar

    I liked how they mentioned that they like beating Kharma in the wwe 12 games! I wonder if they were alluding to something? Although, a video game is the only place where they ever will beat her! I’m also surprised that they mentioned Jumping Bomb Angels, which I heard today hear on Diva Dirt, were a very successful tag team from the 80s. Also, I want to see these moves that the Bella’s haven’t shown off before.

  • ricky_says_hi

    nikki likes video games? god really gave her all the good stuff when he was making the two of them

    • no rain


  • melon2617

    Once again the Bellas say in this interview that the rumours about them leaving are simply that…rumours. This is their second confirmation where they have said that they are not leaving the company and when the interviewer asked if they will still be here next year, Brie said they would. Does that mean that the speculation about them leaving can be put to bed?

  • Roqqsz

    I dunno why people are shocked The Bellas know their wrestling. They mentioned Sara Del Ray in a tweet last year so they know their stuff. I just wish people would leave them a lone. No matter if they were models first those two have busted their butts to get better every time they get a chance, and Im proud of both of them for making history as the first ever Twins to win a WWE title,

  • art

    Well maybe they signed a new deal that included the divas title…we’ll have to wait & see really….
    the bella on the right seems like the better one lol…

    • Morris Muffin

      Haha yeah it’s Nikki on the right. After seeing this (though unprobable) I would’nt mind Brie leaving and Nikki staying.

      • jeremycanrana

        heyy everybody !! LEAVE BRIE ALONE lol!!!!

        • melon2617

          how is it improbable? The twins have said they’re staying in this interview! This is the second time they’ve said “Hey, we’re staying” & posters are still ignoring them in favour of dirtsheets.

          Frankly, I’m starting to think that this site is biased against the “model” Divas. About seven article have been headlined “report! Bella twins LEAVING!” but in this course of this vid, they say they’re staying, it gets nary a mention. Why not headline this article “In Video: Bella Twins Refute Departure Rumours” & point out the time where Brie says this. You’re very quick to talk about their leaving but quick to ignore their own words where they say they aren’t. I’m surprised because normally you’re so quick to take a Diva/KO at their word & say “we’ll wait to see what (insert Diva/KO) has to say” until now.

        • French.One

          @Melon, wrestler lie and facts leave a doubt about what the bellas said. When pwinsider say they have a source, there is likely a chance they indeed have.
          At this point no one can say what will really happen, but hopefully we’ll know soon enough.

        • redsandman99

          Exactly. About 98% of the time, wrestlers are lying about their status when they’re leaving or staying somewhere. It’s why nobody believed Lord Tensai or Jericho when they said they weren’t returning to WWE. I’ll believe the Bellas are staying or going when it happens.

        • no rain

          Melon, i thin he/she said that its improbable that one would stay without the other

  • jeremycanrana

    really … girls digg the french accent while speaking english ? WHAT IS THIS WORLD I AM IN ?????? O_O

    well what else could have they said really…

    • jeremycanrana


    • French.One

      French class !

  • moogle

    “mortal comeback” just lol

  • Kessuki

    okay i think this interview makes me want them to stay now. what a u-turn on my part. basically they seem incredible lovely and fun to hang with. people saying they aren’t great wrestlers i am aware of but nikki had some decent singles matches on nxt last year so they’re not that bad. if maryse was in this interview it could have become my fave diva interview.