Diva Dirt TV: Public and Expert Opinion on Beth Phoenix Injury – Did Fans Think It Was Real?

Diva Dirt TV asked you, the readers, for your opinion on the Beth Phoenix injury saga — was it legitimate or was it just an angle?

WWE.com has played up the injury as real, including quoting a doctor. However, it’s also being reported that the injury was simply an angle. We asked you what you thought and in the latest Diva Dirt TV on YouTube, we have the results of the public poll.

Plus, Diva Dirt consults 10-year veteran wrestling promoter, Dann Read of Pro-Wrestling: EVE, to give his expert take on how the situation was handled on TV.

Watch below:

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    I think its pretty obvious that this injury is fake!

  • Nostalgia

    To the people in the IWC, there’s a lot of people who are on the fence about it. I believe it’s an angle, but I think if I was the average fan who didn’t go on sites like this and bleacher report. And only watched WWE for the info, like many people do. I’d believe it. But being that I’m a member of the Internet Wrestling Community, I’m a bit too informed to believe this is a legit injury. Its good for the storyline they’re developing and I think the casual fan believes it

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I don’t wish injury on anyone but this doesn’t effect me as a fan either way.

  • Harmella

    Real or fake, I’m just glad the title is off Beth. She’s so stale.