Impact Write-Up (April 26th, 2012): Does Brooke Tessmacher Have Gail’s Attention Now?

Salutations everybody, and welcome to another one of these silly little things called an Impact Write-Up. If you’re like me and still on a high from last week’s wonderful eight Knockout tag, you were pretty interested to see where things were going to go from there. Would Velvet Sky continue to feud with Gail? Or was Brooke Tessmacher stepping into that top slot? Well, this week it seems we have found our answer as it was the debut of TNA’s “Open Fight Night” scenario in which anyone can call out a champion and they must compete in a non-title match. This time, it was our dear Brooke who took the challenge to Gail, but who would come out on top? And better yet, would Gail take Brooke seriously after last week? Let’s scroll on down and find out!

We join the delight that is known as a Tess-macha in the ring, as she raises a microphone up and brings up how everyone in the wrestling world is talking about her monumental victory over the dominant Gail Kim last week on Impact. The crowd, much like myself, applauds our Tessmacher, but she continues on that there are still a lot of people who believe her win last week was nothing more than a fluke. Brooke states that tonight, she’s here to prove that neither the victory nor herself are a fluke. She wants to prove to Gail that she’s a legitimate threat to the Knockouts Championship!

From there, we see Gail laughing Brooke off in the back until she is then challenged by the Tessmacher for a non-title match right now! Brooke orders Gail to get her high maintenance self out to the ring, as the STILL addicting theme music of our KO Champ hits. Out comes Gail, who continues to laugh Brooke off during her entrance. The champion steps into the ring and continuously taunts Tessmacher, leading to Earl Hebner being “forced” to restrain her over and over.

Gail shines her belt with a cloth and then throws it to the wayside before attacking Tessmacher and laying her out with a knee. She then slams her face first into the corner and proceeds to kick and toss her around the ring. Gail scores with a huge clothesline and goes for a pin, but she quickly lifts Brooke up and taunts her. Tessmacher is tossed into the corner, as Gail runs forward with a huge elbow to the face. She sends Brooke into the opposing corner, but Brooke dodges another elbow attempt and fights back with a few punches!

Tessmacher sends Gail into the corner and charges forward, but Gail runs forth with a monster clothesline. After some taunting, Kim kicks Brooke in the back and hits an awesome front slam. Brooke looks to be in a lot of pain, but nonetheless, she continues to fight out with some punches to the head. Tessmacher scores with a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick as the crowd gets behind her! She runs towards Kim, but Gail slams her into the second rope and then continues to dominate with a choke.

Gail screams that Brooke isn’t in her league and calls her a piece of (bleep)! Gail then hits her elastic running corner move that I will probably never have a name for, as she ascends to the top rope and goes for the missile dropkick that Brooke ducks! From there, Tessmacher hoists Gail into the air and drills her with a sick front face slam for the win! Brooke’s tremendous theme song hits as I hum along and she taunts Gail from the ramp.

Thoughts: Praise (insert your own personal spiritual leader here)! I wasn’t sure which way we were heading last week as it seemed like the focus was on both Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher to challenge Gail, but if I was forced to choose one, I’m so glad they are giving Brooke a chance. Both Sky and Tessmacher are two of my favorite Knockouts, but I love seeing someone who has never been in the title hunt getting this opportunity because of how fresh it is. Like, this is legitimately the most into the Knockouts I’ve been in a long time and a large chunk of that has to do with a fresh face being pushed to the forefront.

The match was fine for what it was. I don’t really like matches that are very lengthy and one sided, but I understand why they went with that way since Gail is such a veteran compared to Brooke. That was why I didn’t like it much when it was Gail against Velvet because both women have been wrestling for such a long time that I didn’t buy their face off having such a dominating side. I loved when Gail would scream at Brooke that she was a joke etc, and this is giving me a lot of vibes towards Candice Michelle and Melina’s feud back in 2007 (which is actually one of my favorite feuds ever… sue me, I was a monster Candice fan).

I believe the next pay per view is Sacrifice, and by the looks of tonight, I’m sure we will see Brooke face off with Gail for the championship. Again, I wonder what Gail is going to do if she leaves this event still champion. Provided she beats Brooke, she will have (I think) defeated every face in a singles match during her reign, and other than Madison due to the story they had together, I don’t see them having another heel feud with her. The only thing I can think of is another Taylor Wilde scenario like I said last week where some unknown female wins the title from her on one of these Open Fight Nights, but I don’t really want to see that. I do hope Brooke wins the Knockouts Championship because I enjoy watching her a lot and love seeing what new moves she will bust out on a week to week basis. She’s making me excited for the program again and I want that feeling to continue for the long run. Just my opinion though, so drop a comment with yours!

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  • misschrissi7

    As much as i love Brooke (and she is one of my fav knockouts) i dont think shes ready for the title just yet. Shes still learning, but i do see her getting the title one day.

    • Poison_Ivory

      I have the same feeling too. Even though Brooke has improved tremendously, she just doesn’t feel like a KO champ yet. But if they plan to put the title on Brooke seriously, then maybe like the 2nd or 3rd PPV match between Gail and her would be great. I mean, she hasn’t had any one on one PPV match yet, and I don’t believe she should win the title on her first one.

    • Bhentoooot

      agree. but i think being a contender is enough to showcase her skills and gather enough attention. just dont let her win it though.

  • adifferentsame

    A nice little match, expertly worked by Gail Kim. Brooke got a lovely rub here, that finisher was brilliant. I’d like Tara to coach her to main event level, only for Brooke to become arrogant and cocky. She seems like she would be excellent as a top tier Knockout heel one day.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Beautiful Finisher By Brooke ! She has been impressive latley and a solid worker. Kudos To You Brooke. Win or Lost she would still have looked strong against Gail.

  • Rhawk

    I dont feel that Brooke should win the title so soon, after all she’s still a begineer and she needs to be built-up as a contender for the title, and I the word ‘built’ meaning she needs time to get into that role. Maybe she can challenge it for now, but more needs to be done to take her or anyone else new seriously, maybe put the women in, oh I don’t know, ‘storylines?’
    Also its a bit basic, but I’m liking Brooke mini-finisher/signature move, its different considering its from someone of Brooke’s build.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Why TNA write-ups doesn’t get Knockouts (Sarita and Rosita mostly) when they’re staning at ring side but divas like Rosa do get a shoutout and a tag? -.-

    • Bobby

      Sorry about that. By the time something WWE related comes out on Youtube like NXT or SmackDown (if I do it) for example, they’re usually split into the female segments so I know what to add. With Impact (as I don’t watch the full show when it airs since it conflicts with some other stuff I have going on thus I don’t know who else is ever on other than the match), I basically find the full episodes on Dailymotion (which is insane with the ads/commercials) and nothing’s split up by segment so it’s a mess including stuff other than the match. I used to do it as there was a user on Dailymotion who would split everything Knockout wise up into their own videos but he randomly stopped for some reason. I’ll try to fix it with upcoming recaps.

      • JillianHallTNA

        iMPACT will be moving on May 31 on 8pm to 10 pm! Show will start one hour earlier :D
        It’s okay, iMPACT does get on YouTube but little later than usually. I will try to tell Dixie, Hulk and TNA to bring The Blossom Twins on OFN next month! :D

  • Misaki Ohata Fan

    Is it just me or were the Irish Whips in this match a lot stronger than Irish Whips that the Divas and usual Knockouts matches?

    I also loved the finisher by Brooke.

  • wl75

    I said in the 2012 predictions that I wouldn’t be shocked to see Brooke get the KO title, if even for only a short time- and I wonder if they’re starting to work their way towards it….

  • JJ

    Bobby, I now love you for being a Candice fan. This is also giving me Candice/Melina vibes. Gail not taking Brooke seriously as a threat, which could (and has now) backfired. I could actually see Brooke getting the belt…and I think she could hold it high in the air with pride.

    I never expected to see this Brooke. Anonymous Brooke from Extreme Expose?!? I thought her little WWECW run was all her wrestling career would amout to. How wrong I was. She looks like a legitimate wrestler out there. She has a natural athletism that some women just don’t, which makes her look so slick, so believable in the ring. She really does get better every time she gets in the ring.

  • darkangels

    can anybody tell me what is the name of brooke finisher is

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      It’s an atomic drop lift into a wheel barrow facebuster that as of right now doesn’t have an official name. I love that she got a “clean” win (not just another cheap roll up) to me it really added to the story (if there is one) and made her seem more like a serious contender especially since she’s been In tag matches most of the time which made people wonder if she was actually good or if it was just that Tara did most of the wrestling.

  • melina prez

    Nice match! Brooke has really improved! But I don’t want her to win the title just yet.

    I think at next months OFN that Melina should debut and take Kim down!!

    • MNM4ever

      i think i would actually cry if that happened lol

    • Poison_Ivory

      We need and deserve a Gail and Melina feud v2!

  • BillyGP

    Good job Brooke. But makes Mickie look even weaker now against Gail.

    • jeremycanrana

      well in most of all her matches vs Mickie ..They made Gail a cheater with her getting help from madison …this time Gail was all alone so I guess it’s ok

      • BillyGP

        While true Mickie not once pin or beat Gail in TNA.

        Also one move basically beat Gail in this match a good move but still made Gail look weak too in my opinion even though Gail had the match won.

        • EveLover

          But by the looks of things, mickie wont be feuding with gail again. So, why does it really matter ?

          Alot of girls put over mickie & looked weak, when she came to tna.

        • Choko

          The fact that a ring veteran like Gail Kim loses to one simple move is stupid.

          Also, EVELOVER, none of these girls looked weak when they put over Mickie, because they did have an offence against her.

        • BillyGP

          Yeah none no one looked weak against Mickie in fact Mickie LOST a few times when she came back to TNA.

          Dunno Mickie vs Gail may happen again in June.

  • EveLover

    Brooke, you’re killing me here. So much improvements in such little time! I love it. She is easily becoming my favorite KO, along with mickie. But omg, she’s just been working beautifully. And that finisher :o <333 I love it.

    It was also nice seeing gail playing the crowd too. She seemed very cocky, which I love. I agree with bobby's point about the melina/candice vibes. I honestly get candice vibes from brooke. The passion & the fire is just like candice's. I hope it this turns out into brooke winning the title, tbh. It will be fresh & new. And if TNA wants, they could even go for a brooke heel turn, making her a bitchy heel, as ADIFFERENTSAME stated above. It could be good.

    But congrats to both ladies. Very nice match :)

    • Jhonmarco

      Get on Twitter! Check your DMs!

  • MNM4ever

    great match.. brooke has improved so much!!! your right this feud really does give me a melina vs candice vibe and i LOVED that feud!

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Good match.Brooke has come a long way but I don’t think she is quite ready to be champ yet but you never know

  • mykel1990

    Brooke has definitely got my attention! She’s coming along fabulously, and personally, I’d love to see her with the belt, I feel she’ll work even harder and will up her game when she has to become the face of the knockouts division. You never know if she’s ready until she’s champion, and there are plenty of heels she can work with a la Trish in 2001-early 2003 that could help her along the way.

    • Kaledrina

      agree with you on somebody will never be ready for a title until they actually have it. would love to see brooke as kos champion, i just get a feeling that the velvet/gail stuff isn’t over yet and sky will be the one to dethrone kim.

      definitely need a switch up, though. for me, a face needs the belt again as i’m sort of annoyed that we rarely see winter or love these days and barely see sarita or rosita. i’d like to wait another month, though, so that gail at least gets to have had the longest KOs title reign ever :)

  • Chryst Voegele

    I see ‘Shade of Eve’ in Brooke… Candy eye but very fast improving & really can hold the match! U R MY FAV BROOKE!

  • Kaledrina

    it’s been great seeing brooke’s visible progress in the ring.. lacey trained her well :’). it’s also been great seeing gail go from plucky underdog to dominant heel in tna. good match.

    it was announced that velvet/brooke will vs rayne/gail next week. which is cool that they seem to be keeping velvet attached.. wouldn’t mind a 3way at the ppv instead.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    This was only a Tess. If Gail was really being graded by having the title on the line, Gail would have BrookeN Ms. Tessmacher.

  • Choko

    Brooke is so Candice Michelle-esque.

  • BobAnthony

    I have three words for Wonder Woman…pardon, Brooke Tessmacher…SHE’S NOT READY!

    (Not ready yet to qualify things)


    I hope Gail doesn’t drop the belt to Brooke. I would like to see Brooke as the Champion in the future, but not just yet. She has come along nicely, and she has a hell of a lot of potential, but in my opinion she’s one of the lesser KO’s behind the more experienced bunch.
    I’d like to see some good storylines in feuds that Gail is in for the title, I feel like the last bunch have been pretty lackluster, I want more backstage segments and brawls as well as some stipulation matches, i.e. Submission.
    I’d like to see Gail hold the belt for a whole year, there’s a lot TNA could do and they could add a whole lot of prestige if they allowed Gail to hold that title and defend it like her life depends on it. However, Gail is getting married soon, and she’ll go on honeymoon, so maybe she will be dropping the title after-all!

  • Ryan

    Brooke Tessmacher ALWAYS has me at attention ;)

    Mind you I was a HUGE Candice Michelle fan!! Brook and Candice are hot sexy fun and get down in the ring hard!!

    IDK Maybe my humble opinion but Candice was a great Women’s Champion! She was tough had courage and a fire like nobody else! She faced Beth Phoenix at her purest and stiffest! After that Beth took it easy on all the divas

    Great job Brooke you were kicking ass in the ring! Love Gail Kim but love Brooke more! She is not only improving but she is a hardhitter too! Her matches dont look as worked as most Knockouts matches do
    It was a very smooth match and Brooke looking hot as hell!!