In Video: Kaitlyn Addresses AJ Slapping Her

Kaitlyn addressed her BFF and fellow Chickbuster, AJ, slapping her on SmackDown in the latest Backstage Fallout.

Watch below:

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  • Choko

    She slapped her BFF, instead of slapping the camera man or Matt Striker…

    Makes sense…

  • BobAnthony

    This storyline with Daniel Bryan and AJ AFAIAC…WAY OUTTA CONTROL!

  • melon2617

    I’m just glad that TPTB remembered that Kaitlyn exists! IMO there should have been a Kaitlyn/D-Bryan promo where she told him off. Kaitlyn should have crashed Piper’s Pit. I know if my BFF were in this sitch, I would have called that guy a doucher about 500 times by now. There’s no way Kaitlyn should have just been standing around doing nothing, she staged an intervention for Bateman but nothing for AJ? This was some crap storyline progression.

    • Poison_Ivory

      Well WWE thinks nobody watches NXT anyways, so why would they have to make sense.. Kaitlyn’s just one of the characters that are randomly pushed into storylines and segments for no reason.

    • Raekon

      They had another segment between AJ and Kaitlyn at the time she was still with Daniel together, in which Kaitlyn told her that Daniel ist just using her and that she should be careful.

      AJ screamed at her and run off at the time by leaving back a surprised Kaitlyn.

      The segment however was cut once again from TV. -.-

  • Jhonmarco

    The only flaw I see in this storyline is Kaitlyn’s lack of segments, but regardless this came off brilliantly.

    • melon2617

      I’m not a fan of these storylines, they make me uncomfortable. Edge pinning his wife down & screaming in her face was another one.

      I find that while DB & AJ are doing their parts well, a lot of it is falling flat with me. Where is Sheamus? DB is supposed to be feuding with Sheamus, not a pint sized Diva. Sheamus should have defended AJ by now to bring DB back to Sheamus, Kaitlyn should have stepped in, Hell, ANYONE should have stepped in. The idea that no one thinks to help AJ almost validates DB in the eyes of the fans. There’s been no progression except AJ got upset. It’s still just DB degrading AJ & her taking it.

      • Choko

        “I’m not a fan of these storylines, they make me uncomfortable. Edge pinning his wife down & screaming in her face was another one. ”

        wtf did that happen.

        • redsandman99

          On one of the Smackdowns before Summerslam. And he actually trapped her in the corner of the ring and screamed in her face after dumping her out of her wheelchair.

        • redsandman99

          Back in 2008 lol. Realize I didn’t really clarify completley.

        • NurseBetty

          Im still confused was this his real wife or Vickie

        • redsandman99


        • NurseBetty

          @redsandman99 I hate that I missed a lot of tge WWE in 08.

      • Jhonmarco

        Melon2617, honestly can we call Sheamus/DB a feud? More like you have title, I want title. You took my title, I want my title back. AJ & DB are the main storyline on SD & I love it. They’re not feuding exactly, but it’s clear AJ is beginning to break down & her turn against Daniel will be very soon. I think you’re reading into the “someone should stand up for AJ” way too much. Going nuts on Nattie, slapping Kaitlyn, this is all leading to AJ’s moment. IMO this is going flawlessly.

        • melon2617

          But that’s my point; the former WHC is feuding with a Diva, not his opponent which is bad for Bryan. WWE needs to put the focus back on DB/Sheamus & the easiest way to do that would have been to have Sheamus call out Bryan for taking his anger out on AJ over admitting that he couldn’t beat Sheamus. This storyline is just sad @ this point & kind of hammers home the idea that nobody cares if a woman is being emotionally abused. Having Kaitlyn or even Sheamus defend AJ would do more for the development of her character. She refuses to see Bryan as evil & nobody is really trying to help her until now.

          As for AJ’s moment, I just don’t see it. I see her maybe turning on D Bryan & then skipping back to the ring like nothing happened.

        • Jhonmarco

          Agree to disagree. AJ getting segments with Piper & being on PPV poster are evidence that WWE has BIG plans for AJ.

        • CW

          I completely agree with johmarco. It seems like certain fans will never stop complaining. Stop criticizing it and just be glad that theres a diva involved in one of the biggest storylines of the year. If sheamus did run out and come to AJ’s rescue you guys would say it was sexist because she couldnt stand up for herself. IMO its huge for the division that one of the companies most focused storylines is based around a Diva and she is doing absolutely brilliantly with it. Its all leading up to her big moment, and that alone is reason enough not to cry, bitch and moan about silly things.

      • RR45

        @Melon2617 I feel your pain. I wish WWE would pay attention to things that are just common sense and would be easy to do, but this is WWE and with that knowledge I think this storyline is panning out awesomely. Although (i’m probably reading into it too much) maybe this is what they were going for, to add to AJ being torn apart.

        • gl83

          @RR45 If WWE decides to pair up Bryan and AJ back together after Extreme Rules, maybe that’s the whole point of this direction.

          After Extreme Rules after Bryan loses his rematch, perhaps they can have him take advantage of AJ’s fragile state of mind and frazzled psyche. It would be a source of cheap heat for him seeing him take advantage of her when she is at her most vulnerable with Bryan playing up the fact that she is all alone without any friends and that he(Bryan) is the only one there for her.

        • melon2617

          @Jhonmarco I think I stand corrected.

          I know WWE uses Twitter to continue storylines & AJ tweeted:

          “@WWEAJLee: I take the blame for WM, but if Daniel wants that to be a loss on my record, then technically I was World Champ & main evented Wrestlemania.”

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I hope she slaps Daniel Bryan like that at some point

    • Raekon

      I hope they make a segment in which he screams around on AJ again and Kaitlyn comes in and punches him on the gut like she did with Dirty Curty. :p

      The AJ slaps him silly going all crazy again but stopping when Kaitlyn gets a hold of her and they both leaving him downed, with a huge surprising look on his face because he underestimated both. ^_^

  • light_it_upAJ

    Here’s a scenario for ya: predictable but hey, I’m not a pro writer – ER, Sheamus/DB tied at 1 fall each, AJ comes down to the ring. D-Bry turns his attention to his volatile ex, and starts to verbally attack her. AJ nails him with the Stephanie McMahon Slap (yes I called it that) and he turns right into a brogue kick, Sheamus retains, DB/AJ progresses. Of course the fans in Chi-town and other smark cities will be cursing poor AJ with every fiber of their being, but I’d be very happy.

  • TheGamergirl22

    Here’s my opinion, AJ helps D-Bri win the title Chi Town loves her. Daniel finally says I’ love you the AJ say she want a title shot.

    She can feud with Kharma (if she comes back, like a filer feud before Beth comes back) Also D-Bri tries to help AJ using the same methods he used on Big Show and Mark Henry.

    LOL can imagine AJ stealing the belt yelling YES! around Kharma

    Then I think AJ will turn the tables on D-Bri and become a psycho possessive girlfriend

    • Jhonmarco

      LMAO @ AJ yelling “YES! YES! YES! YES!” I could imagine her gloating in Kharma’s face.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    AJ’s doing pretty good as being wonder if this would lead to a match between her and Kaitlyn.Probably not….

  • adifferentsame

    The only thing that has hurt this storyline is that AJ has to contend with the masses of fans who cheer Bryan out of sympathy from the shambolic WM moment. What should have been a defining twist in the love saga galvanised Bryan’s heel power. Regardless, I think AJ has played her role beautifully.