WSU World Title Flip-Flops at Saturday’s Show, Casket Match on iPPV Announced

The WSU World Championship has changed hands once again as former champion Mercedes Martinez recaptured the title from Jessicka Havok after just under two months.

The switch came at tonight’s J-Cup show where the pair fought it out in a rematch from their WSU 5th Anniversary Show on iPPV last month.

Martinez got the victory over Havok by pinfall, however, the win is marred by controversy as Havok’s foot was on the rope unbeknownst to the referee.

UPDATE: In the main event of the night’s second taping, Havok regained the title by interjecting herself in a match between Mercedes and J-Cup tournament winner, Brittney Savage, for the title. The match was made a triple threat after Havok invoked her rematch clause.

Martinez and Havok are due to meet again in a rubber match at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble Internet pay per view in June in a casket match.

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  • DarknessRuler

    Where’s the rolling eyes smiley when I need it

    Get that title back Jessica. We need you, something NEW!!!!

    • lbthewrestlingnerd

      Will this do? tinyurl . com/c4oxctl (no spaces)

      Lol :P

      • DarknessRuler

        Haha definitely

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    *cries* Damn you, WSU!

    Well, I hope Jessicka gets it back, either later tonight or the next tapings. She deserves more than a one month run and the title belongs to her. The only way it would be acceptable of her not getting it back is if she went to Japan long term to train and wrestle. Hey, at least this way, we get more than two Jessicka vs Mercedes matches, and that’s good because a LOT of the women on the WSU roster aren’t that talented (sorry!!).

  • wl75

    and Jessicka is going off on her twitter…

  • shannymac

    What? I’m guessing they’re setting up a tie-breaker match to cap the feud, but there was no reason to take the belt off of Havok so soon.

  • capricornscott

    J-Hav better get the belt back tonight. Mercedes is good, but she needs to step aside and let someone else have a good run with the belt.

  • wl75

    Well, hell…J-Hav won the belt back, and now wants to put MM in a casket, and vice versa…Uncensored Rumble is going to be good….

  • Piggie James

    OMG! They keep ‘hot potatoing’ the WSU title! Now it will have no prestige or legitimacy! It should now be called the ‘hot potato’ belt! I wish they would give the women longer title reigns to build up the credibility of the title! How can anyone take it seriously otherwise or invest at all in the storylines if the belt keeps changing hands so quickly! No one will remember Havok’s title reign and it will just be forgotten about now! She should have held the belt for at least 6 months before losing it! WSU needs to improve their booking if they want people to take their main title seriously! All this hot potatoing needs to stop and there needs to be more clean finishes instead of overbooked finishes!

    • wl75

      Well it does make sense because they needed the 2nd match to become a 3 way to set up the Savage/Stephie and Havok/Martinez…

    • Jhonmarco

      LOL obiviously you’re a bit misinformed of WSU. Their world title was kept on the same person for 3 years, I’m fine with these 2 title changes. It’s clear they did this to get to Havok/Mercedes III in June. Actually their low/mid card needs WORK. Get Mia Yim, Vedda Scott, & Mena Libre in there.

      • capricornscott

        I completely agree about the undercard in WSU. It is weak. I would boot Rick Cataldo, Jennifer Cruz,and a few others. Keep Athena and add Mia Yim and Mena Libra.

      • Piggie James

        Yet Madison Rayne and Mickie James both had long TNA Knockouts title reigns, but when Mickie James and Winter exchange the title a few times, most people here suddenly considered the belt worthless since it was ‘hot potatoed’. Though it’s apparently ok for the same thing to occur in an indy promotion (since everyone wants Havok to win the title back as soon as possible).

        Then when Gail Kim wins the title and holds onto it for a long time (if she doesn’t lose it soon, then she’ll have beaten Madison’s record) people complain about her reign for being too long and being stale since she never loses the title (even though that was ‘apparently’ the way to give the title credibility before her reign).

        I’m just pointing out the indy vs mainstream double standards if that wasn’t obvious. In truth I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing in the WSU main event, since I had no problem with when this was being done with Mickie and Winter. To add to that, I think that the Knockouts division is stale at the moment, but that has nothing to do with Gail Kim holding the title, just the lack of any proper storylines at the moment.

        I agree also about WSU’s undercard. It could definitely use some slimming down and more emphasis on a few matches rather than little on many. But that’s perhaps just the nature of the independents, making it harder to book long term due to talent availability.

        • Jhonmarco

          Really? Complete differences in that WSU has shows every 1 to 2 months or so, while TNA is on TV obiviously long title reigns get staler on TV than on the indies. Like someone else said, the title changing hands 3 times in 3 or 4 years is not hot potaoting it. The Knockouts title changed 6 times last year, that is hot potaoting.

        • Piggie James

          Like I said, you could also constrict that period to less than 2 months (instead of simply adding Martinez’s 3 year reign.

          You just prove my point that certain fans have different standards for different promotions. You say the Knockouts title changed 6 times last year, but I could say that it has changed 6 times since October the 11th 2010 (ie. a long time ago). 3 times in a 2 month period (20 days average) or 6 times in an 18 month period (3 month average)? It’s not hard for people to manipulate statistics to suit their purposes.

          Also I suppose you have to consider the WWE Diva’s title as being ‘hot potatoed’ in 2010 (6 changes), the WWE Women’s title in 1999 (5 changes), 2000 (5 changes), 2002 (5 changes), 2006 (5 changes) and 2007 (5 changes), or the WWE Championship in 1999 (11 changes), 2002 (7 changes), 2009 (9 changes), 2010 (6 changes) and 2011 (8 changes). Not an exhaustive list by any means.

          So if you consider all of those cases as ‘hot potatoing’, then sure, the Knockouts title was hot potatoed in 2011.

          Essentially, what you’ve said is that it’s ok for independent promotions to have long title reigns, but not ok for TNA to. Also it’s not allowed for TNA to have short title reigns, but it’s ok for the indies to? So I suppose you’re only satisfied with the Knockouts title if all the champion have medium length reigns (which even if they lasted 70 days average, could still result in 6 title changes in one year).

          You call Gail’s reign (~170 days) stale because it’s too long, but Maryse and Beth both held the Diva’s title for over 200 days each so they too must have been stale? Similarly the WWE Women’s title was held by Sable, Chyna, Trish (twice), Beth, and Michelle for longer periods as well. One of those reigns being Trish’s 448 day reign (the last 200 days being part of one of the greatest wrestling storylines ever). Those too were stale in your opinion?

          It’s the boring/non-existent storylines that have made Gail’s title reign (in my opinion) state as of late, and not the fact that she has held the title as long as she has. Of course you would rather have seen someone like Velvet hold the title for the same duration that Gail has because she ‘deserved it more’, which is yet another double standard.

          My personal opinion (since I’ve just been referring to other people’s inconsistent viewpoints so far) is that the length of title reigns mean very little, and it’s the stories being told that are far more important, and are what people remember (whether it be through promo/backstage segments or matches). The reason that people should be up in arms about the Gail title reign at the moment, is not that she has the title, but that she’s been given very little material to actually work with at the moment, which is essentially what happened to the Divas division a few years ago.

          WSU is onto something really good with their main event picture at the moment, since they have a very hot storyline going on at the moment. They didn’t have to switch the titles around, but it’s a nice touch that adds to the feud and generates interest. It doesn’t really matter who holds the title at the moment, but obviously a face chasing is usually better. If they keep involving the other talent, then a lot of people can get elevated out of this feud. Looking forward anyway for the rematch (but it probably won’t be the last).

        • Jhonmarco

          You clearly missed my point. A 3 year title reign on the indies is lengthy, but that on TV would be boring. You see the champion every week on TV, but on the indies moreorless every 1 to 2 months or so. There are no different standards, it’s just the way things go. I’d agree that many titles get hot potaoted. The WWE Title is currently doing good, as is the Intercontinental, & as was the Divas.

          I never even called Gail stale? I think her reign is good, as was Maryse’s. Beth’s was horrific IMO due to booking. You can quote, I said longer title reigns on TV get staler in a quicker manner than the indies. Trish’s long title reign was great, granted by the time 2006 was around myself & other fans were sick of her. We were on overload with her.

          IMO a long title reign is fine, as long as it’s interesting.

          Did I ever say I wanted Velvet to hold the belt for 5/6 months? I’d like to see her have a decent run, as she busted her ass for TNA & stuck with them since 2007. She was with them throught thick & thin, yet girls like her always get overlooked for WWE names. It’s pathetic. Kudos to her for dealing with that BS.

          I’m certain this feud in WSU is ending in June. A Casket match will write Mercedes out of WSU for a while. With this Havok can move to Lexxus, Alicia, Savage, Athena, & others.

        • Piggie James

          Your point is valid, but that wasn’t the part of your comment I was addressing. In fact I agree with a lot of your last comment.

          However I still don’t think the Knockout’s title can be considered as a hot potato last year, and the WSU title not the same in the last 2 months. People were complaining about the Knockouts title switching back and forth between Mickie & Winter last year, and that’s exactly what has happened between Mercedes and Jessika this year. They’re similar situations but not held to the same level of criticism. That’s all that I’m saying. Personally I don’t consider ‘hot potatoing’ as bad at all if it adds to the storyline.

        • Jhonmarco

          You obiviously aren’t paying attention to fans’ repsponses all over Twitter, WSU is getting blasted & critized. Personally I find nothing wrong with this. I don’t see why TNA even needed to get brought into this. Then again, you do love defending them so there you go.

        • Piggie James

          True, I don’t read fan responses on Twitter (usually because the majority of fan tweets I’ve seen in the past are illiterate, illogical, and senseless), I was just basing my opinion on the comments I was seeing here. If the opinions given here are not reflective of the general opinion on the internet, then I made a wrong assumption. Still if there are angry fans, then it just shows why it was a good move to do (since I doubt any of them will stop following the product just because of the title swapping).

          I said just before that I feel that the Knockouts division is stale at the moment, and it has everything to do with the lack of any proper storylines at the moment (rather than who is champion). There’s about one storyline at a time currently (I don’t consider EY/ODB as a proper Knockouts storyline), which is only built up over a month. There is no long-term storylines or booking at all, and a lot of the previous storylines they’ve had since last year, seem to have been completely dismissed (Angelina/Winter/Velvet, Gail/Mickie). There’s no real tension or intrigue between any of the Knockouts at the moment. They just elevate one talent each month and have a PPV match, then do the same with a different talent against the champion the next month. It’s quite honestly pretty terrible in my opinion, especially compared to last year which tended to have 3 good and diverse Knockouts storylines going on at one time (and the majority of Knockouts doing something).

          So defending TNA I am not, just pointing out inconsistencies in some fans criticisms. But it’s possible that the people complaining here before about hot potatoing titles are all on Twitter now (as you say), so I suppose they still are consistent and what I said bears little meaning then. However, the writers of Diva Dirt were particularly critical about the Knockout title swapping last year, so I would expect them to be critical about WSU’s title swapping this year if they’re being fair and objective.

        • Jhonmarco

          Just to put this to end, I feel comparing something in mainstream to indies is pretty laughable. Indies don’t get to show their champions, workers, etc. every week. Title reigns in the indies tend to get stale slower due to the fact that the defenses are spread out & we only see the champion every month or 2. A 3 year title reign on TV would be horrible, but on the indies it works. It just does.

  • Raekon

    Good Job girl! :)
    Congrats to you!
    I’m curious though if they will switch the title to Havok in the next PPV again?
    It’s good for their feud but if they overdo it, no one will care at the end anymore so they better put some more work in their low and mid card so the upper card can get some more competition over the belt.

  • Mikas

    No mention of Rain? If she looses on June 15 she will retire.

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    WSU needs to fix their roster up. Too many weak members of the roster. I’d like to see Buggy Nova, Davina Rose, Leva Bates, Melanie Cruise, Mia Yim, Nicole Matthews, Portia Perez, Saturyne, Taya Valkyrie, and Veda Scott. I’m glad the NCW women are coming in- Angie Skye, Kalamity, Kira & Loue, LuFisto, and She Nay Nay I’d like to see the most.

    • lbthewrestlingnerd

      I’m glad that Jessicka is the champion once again, the belt is hers! She’s definitely going to retain vs Mercedes, this Casket Match should be interesting and I hope it’s up on Click Wrestle very soon after it happens.

      • xxQOXxx

        You mean you want the SHIMMER Roster in WSU! :eyeroll

        I prefer that they use different girls, there roster is fine the way it is but Jessicka needs to lose the Spirit title, there’s no point having it on her.

        I’m gonna reserve judgment on the WSU title change until i’ve seen it but the rest of the card looked good.

        Oh, and [Piggie James ]‘hot potatoing’ the WSU title??

        It’s changed hand 3 times in the last 4 years. How is that ‘hot potatoing’ a title exactly????

        • Jhonmarco

          While I don’t want Shimmer girls in WSU. Jana, Jennifer Cruz, Rick Cataldo, & Ezavuel Suena need to go. Deadweight of WSU completely.

        • Piggie James

          You could say 4 years, but you could also say 2 months. I’m just applying the same standards that were used by people when the Knockouts title did exactly the same thing between Mickie James and Winter. It’s either both cases are ‘hot potato’ or neither are. But apparently independent promotions aren’t held to the same level of criticism as the mainstream, so it’s perfectly fine for them to do something that everyone raged about with the Knockouts.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    ok let me start off with the leg under the rope there is no rule that is a break of the count it when the leg is on the top of the rope!

    ok that is done let me first start off saying way to go Mercedes Martinez but you should never lost it in the first place that was your first mistake! now you have to train that much hard to keep that belt because I know for a Fact that Jessicka is not going any were it going to come down to a loser leave WSU and Wrestling For Good in this Fued!!!

    The War has just started it not over by a long shot!!! you can hate all you want by Jessicka does have a good skill set in the ring! I’ll give her that! the 5th ann show us all that!

    • xxQOXxx

      Actually, there is a rule saying that if a wrestlers leg or arm is under the bottom rope then the count should be broken. That’s why some ref’s dont count until the opponent has been moved from under the ropes.

  • shannymac

    Alrighty then…