Today in History: Chyna & Eddie Guerrero vs. Lita & Essa Rios

On this day in history:

May 4th, 2000 | An Intergender Tag Team match pit the team of Chyna and Eddie Guerrero against Lita and Essa Rios. Lita had to be dragged to the ring by Rios, clearly hesitant to face Chyna. Come on Lita, there’s nothing to feat but fear itself! When Lita eventually did get in the ring with her, it was to receive a Powerbomb and a Gorilla Press, and Chyna pinned her with a boot to her chest. Hm.. I guess there was something to fear.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • redsandman99

    The Chyna/Eddie pairing seemed so strange to me at first but then it was pretty cute.

  • kristalmelinafan

    I know people say that Chyna was a crappy wrestler and all of that stuff. But people lack to realize that in the last year when she was in the wwe in 2001, she was getting better. Her match when she fought lita at judgement day she prove that she was getting better.

    • art

      People who hate chyna wont give her credit anyway…she was decent compared to many divas that have come since her time….

      • Valese

        They would give her credit and refer to her wrestling career but it’s overshadowed by her current profession… Which people talk about more prominently.

    • Litaker61

      Totally forgot about that Judgement Day match. Really loved it especially the fact they made a face/face feud work. Too bad Chyna left before we could get a second match, always thought Lita was going to win that one.

      • melon2617

        I used to LOVE Chyna, but now that I look back @ her in ring work, I find that she was more exciting because she was this bad ass woman kicking men’s asses more than she was this revolutionary in-ring performer. Did she suck? Nope, she was perfectly competent. But was she the most bad ass and talented woman in the history of everything? Nope.

        Loved how Lita looked so scurred here but a little over a year later, she was ready to kick some ass and take names.

        • norisclouds

          This is an oft forgotten feud which is pretty interesting considering it was about the ladies and not the men. Lita had gotten so over that they’d decided to let her do a little program against Chyna. It became Essa’s only singles match at a PPV, excluding his filler match for the CT at WM.

          I think Lita is an underrated character actor. She’s a quiet, reserved person in real life, yet manages to bring out a lot in her performances–so much so that people just assumed she was playing herself, no matter what character she portrayed.

      • norisclouds

        It was pretty obvious that they were looking to have Chyna put over Lita at the time. She did say she refused and drove off in her car with the title. Pretty crummy for Lita, but as a person Amy Dumas seems like she respects Joanie anyway and at WM Axxess said she would be her dream opponent from the past.

        Anyway, petty things like that don’t matter in the end. I just want Joanie to be happy and healthy and respected.

        • art

          Chyna wanted to drop the title to lita her contract was up & she didn’t resign….she just happened to be champion at the time also…

        • norisclouds

          @ART that is what she said originally but on Twitter this year she said that she didn’t drop it and locked it in her car and drove off.

        • _Bryan_

          @ norisclouds – can you show me that tweet? not that i dont believe you i just wana learn more about how she left, its really iffy. Its funny as well considering chyna said she wanted to put it on lita but lita refused….weird. but yeh lets see that tweet or other relevant ones (assuming this was on one of her rants)

        • norisclouds

          @_BRYAN_ Sorry no, I would but you really have to comb through some of the rants she had from months ago. She tweeted a LOT during that time period. Otherwise I would try to find it, and I can’t post links here anyway. =/ She talked about it quite extensively actually, and even tweeted Amy Dumas at one point during, who didn’t respond back.

          You have to remember also that Lita said she wanted that title, and was just happy that JR put her over so much during the match. I think that both things are true, that a longer program was wanted, but it’s no doubt that Lita did want the title and something happened where Chyna refused to drop it. She tweeted that they told her she was going to drop it and she refused and left.

        • _Bryan_

          @norisclouds, that is really unfortunate. She makes it hard to be a fan sometimes (now really more than ever).
          however i will be a douche and play devils advocate here. I find it odd if that is the truth, that lita would not have said that. besides other people said she left the title in a truck or something. Plus, lita thought chyna was “pretty awesome” and respected her. If chyna did that, i dont know if lita would have still respected her…. who knows she might have just been trying to draw attention to herself. after all those tweets were crazy. She hasnt really used it since.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        I loved that Judgement day match.
        I thought it was really good and I wished Lita won that match.

    • Raekon

      People that say she was a crappy wrestler are either chris jericho fans repeating what he said only because he didn’t wanted females to fight males and most of all not in the male division, OR are too blind to see how talented she actually was.

      Her pairing with Eddie was one of my favorites back then, her teaming with Lita aswell.

      She had several great matches as also fun matches like the one at wrestlemania when she and too cool took on the radicalz.

      I loved her feuds back then because WWF had good writers that wrote great and most of all entertaining stuff filled with action.

      Her match for the light heavyweight championship against dean malenko was great and fun too. Most of all she the involvement of perry saturn started the whole feud with against the radicalz which eddie joined at the end aswell. :)

      Good times!
      No matter what she does nowadays, it doesn’t take anything away from what she accomplished back then and most of all the fact that she is one of the most impactful female wrestlers of all time.

      Did I mentioned that Chyna loved Lita and wanted to work with her a lot?
      They even did photoshootings in beachware together back then. ^_^
      If you shouldn’t have watched that one yet, check also the womens championship match molly holly vs chyna.

      In my opinion it was a great match for the little time they got (2-3 minutes) with some back and forth action.

      • art

        Chyna vs molly & chyna vs ivory rare smackdown single matches show that chyna sold to the women & had good matches…she wasnt the best but FAR from the worst…

        i agree @Raekon chyna should be recognized for her in-ring work over what she does now…i hope when she retires from porn wwe hall of fames her..

        • Choko

          Jericho has always been a bastard so it is sad that people are being his sheeps.

        • jonboi

          @bryan i just googled about the chyna tweets as far as i can see chyna only said things about beth n nattie being copys of her and eve n kelly are shit nothing about lita though if i find anything i will let you know. But i remember lita saying in her book that the title was meant to go to her after the feud was over but alas it never happened

        • jonboi

          @art the molly & ivory matches were just 2_3 min squash matches chyna was put in the womans division because wwe knew they were getting rid of her and she has stated that she thought she was to good for the womans division. read her book

  • art

    Loved chyna..i know people say she never sold anything but she did & she may not have been the best wrestler but i was impressed just for the fact she could wrestle men who didn’t have to soft on her..

  • LadyGoDiva

    Luv looking at Lita in her prime.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Same here!
      Actually loved watching Lita throughout her whole career

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Another point, Chyna may not have been the best wrestler but least she was able to run the ropes properly… ;)

  • litafan2000

    Hard to believe this was 12 years ago. Use to love me some Chyna back in the day but looking at her wrestling skills they weren’t great but they weren’t bad.

  • Kessuki

    chyna really did come into her own when she left the triple h/mcmahon stable and joined eddie – i thought they had great chemistry.

    i would love if she was added to the wwe13 so we could make a dream matches between her vs, Nattie, Beth and Awesome Kharma.

    • Raekon

      If you have WWE12 and you are on a PS3 console, search for Dumeka in the community creations(It’s my psn).

      I created a pretty good chyna that many liked you can download. ^_^

      She comes with 4 attires: debut with triple H, vs val venis, vs ivory at wrestlemania and vs the godfather. :)

  • shannymac

    The Chyna/Eddie pairing was one of my favorite things ever in pro wrestling.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Kudos to Lita for the bumps she took.

  • _Bryan_

    this is one my fav matches. i would have loved to see lita hit a hurricanrana from the top! or chyna catching her and powerbombing her haha. for what its worth chyna actually got quite good towards the end of her career ( since she only really started wrestling in 1998) check her matches with billy gunn and right to censor. also her matches in japan were pretty cool to watch.

  • mykel1990

    I always felt bad for Lita every time I see her take one of Chyna’s powerbombs, they just look extremely painful, like Chyna just threw some stank juice on those powerbombs!

    • Ryan

      Eddie Guerrero bombed the shit out of Lita on the mats outside the ring after she tried to Litacarrana him from the outside…
      He said “Sorry sweetheart NOT TODAY ;)”

      and BAM!!

      Lita is tough

      • lucky1now

        Lita and trish both took some serious hits which made the company love them

      • mykel1990

        I remember that! She like splay off the floor. I heard he injured her when that happened.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Oh yeah when Eddie powerbombed Lita onto the mat she dislocated her shoulder.

  • sieghrt

    Back then: Chyna manhandles Lita
    Now: Beth Phoenix manhandles Kelly Kelly

    See the difference?

  • lucky1now

    look at the difference between their fued here and their fued for the title
    i really wish they had the chance to finish the fued and have chyna drop the title to lita

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Loved the rivalry here. Lita and Chyna, the two top divas of their time. I really wish their Judgment Day match would have gone longer and included more of their signature moves. Looking back, I see places where they could have thrown in such moves as the handspring elbow, the Moonsault and Litacanrana. It was such a treat to see them go at it in 2001, if only it had gone on longer. It would have been remembered as a match between something like say, Triple H vs StoneCold – for the divas anyway.

    This tag match was very exciting too. Lita was technically the heel, but the fans loved her anyway.

  • Choko

    This match is what made me a fan of WWE. After watching this I started tuning in weekly.