WWE Extreme Rules Predictions: Beth Phoenix vs Nikki Bella

Newly crowned Divas Champion Nikki Bella puts her title on the line against Beth Phoenix tonight at Extreme Rules. Who’ll win? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Bobby: This is certainly going to be an interesting match. A lot of people believe Kharma will make her return, but I’m not quite sure. I feel like when we think something is going to happen i.e. Kharma vs. Beth at ‘Mania, WWE will do anything in their power to make it not happen just so we don’t completely see things coming. I’m not sure what is going on with the Bellas, but I love Nikki as champion and would love to see her retain. Plus, I would be really annoyed if they ended Beth’s reign just to start a new one all over and screw her out of making history so I’m just going to say Nikki Bella retains with Twin Magic.

Cryssi: This match kind of came out of left field, much like the title match on Raw. To be honest, I didn’t even know this match existed until today. I know the Bellas are rumored to be leaving, but even I would find it unexplainable to have Nikki lose tonight to Beth. Why give her the title in the first place? Was she given the championship just so she could have that distinction? Was she given the title so Beth wouldn’t hold the record of longest reigning champion? So many questions, so few answers. Layla and Kharma are rumored to be returning soon, or at least in the minds of all the fans who are begging for them to return. I don’t know what’s going on with the Divas right now, but I do sincerely hope that we don’t see another lumberjill match tonight. I’m going to say Nikki Bella retains in some fashion tonight and someone makes their return tonight to send a message. It’s going to be interesting.

Katelyn: I’m picking Nikki Bella to win, just because nobody thinks she can or will do it. I also think her reign is interesting and a breath of fresh air. With all the rumors flying around online about The Bellas’ apparent departure, it will be interesting to see if Kharma gets involved in this match… or perhaps another tomorrow night?

Melanie: I’m not sure how to predict this one since there’s so many variables. With the Bellas still rumored to be leaving, could Nikki drop the title tonight? I’m not sure if they’re staying or going. Perhaps the “safe” prediction would be to go with Nikki Bella retaining. However, my “wildcard” prediction is that neither Nikki, nor Beth, will be Divas Champion by night’s end.

Steven: Normally I would put my money on Nikki Bella, as I don’t see WWE flip-flopping the title back to Beth so quickly, but with The Bella Twins’ status still up in the air, I could see Nikki dropping the title tonight at Extreme Rules. My guess is that Nikki Bella will retain tonight with a win over Beth, but will be confronted and/or attacked by another Diva and drop the title Monday night on Raw.

Who do you think will win tonight at Extreme Rules?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Diva_Fan_4_Life DivaFan4Life

    I truly hope that tonight isn’t The Bella Twins final night with the wwe. They are my favorite divas and i want to see where nikki’s reign goes :D I hope nikki wins tonight and then eventually Kharma returns and gets her revenge!

  • shameronstar

    Tonight is probably the BIG night, so I’m really excited because if things go well the divas, specifically the Bellas, might get a taste of some extreme karma!

  • http://www.sexywomenofwrestling.weebly.com WweRules32

    I Cant Wait For This Match And I Am HOPING For A LAYLA Return Tonight

  • WWEStarInTraining

    Im just happy wwe is actually giving the girls time and effort and its telling a story, I think Beth will win (Bummed ankle and all) Bellas attack her, Kharma comes out and helps Beth, Kharma destroys Bellas, Then Attacks Beth and “injures” her more, The divas title gets vaccant.

  • GailKim95

    For some reason I really want to see this match. Mostly because its a good chance that Kharma will return!!! But yeah i think Nikki will retain because even WWE isn’t that stupid to have a title reign that short, right? Well except they screwed Jillian with her “title reign” but it would also suck to give it back to Beth and just to have taken it off her so she didn’t make history

  • jayjayholler

    I reckon Nikki will retain, Beth will attack Nikki, Layla will go for the save, Kharma then comes down and destroys Layla, Beth and Bellas.

  • DaudWWE

    Hoping for a Kharma return, or a Layla return! (or any return)

  • FrankNFurter

    Nikki Bellz has this one in the bag. Now here’s to hoping for an extreme rules ladder match, ending with an implant buster to Beth Phoenix, on one of those bad boys.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Tonights the night anything could happen. Layla could return, Kharma could return, beth could win again, we could get some sort of stipulation. Im not even going to predict because I just dont have a clear prediction.

    But if I had to make a prediction, it would be this; tonight wont disappoint.

    • CRosario2010

      I completely agree with you. lol

  • redsandman99

    No matter who wins, I’m hoping we see Kharma return to not. Hell, I’ll be happy to see Layla too if they go with her instead. Either one works for me.

  • No Holds Barred

    Wait is there even a hardcore rule this year??

    • GailKim95

      No unless they announce it before the match tonight

    • FrankNFurter

      No stipulation has been announced, but hopefully a certain 2x Divas Champion with the title “Executive Administrator” makes an Executive decision and gives us a treat.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

        Haha ! This ^ !

  • silverink-25

    I think that Kharma’s gonna re-debut soon because that’s the only reasonable explanation for Nikki winning the title so abruptly. Kharma said her dream was to destroy them , but if they’re not relevant, then she can’t come back and attack them at random, it would put her in the mid-card range. BUT if you give Nikki the title, then the Bellas are relevant again, and Kharma gets a more relevant return. Unless the Bellas re-new their contract, the only good explanation is Kharma.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Well I am really hoping for KHARMA or Layla to return and bye bye bellas so hopefully that happens.. And did anyone see Beths picture of her “injured ” foot?? It’s all black and blue but I am pretty sure it is makeup. WWE is just really pushing the injury which is great.

  • SigmaX

    There are ALOT of questions surrounding the divas which is definetly a good thing.

    Does beth even wrestle? and if so does she win back the title?
    Are the bellas really leaving?
    Kharma? Layla? Both?
    Does Eve get herself involved?

    Alot of intrigue and I will be shocked if nothing actually does happen , WWE may have had plans for Kharma but when those leaked maybe those were changed.

    But it definetly looks like something is happening that will give some momentum back to a floundering division.

  • Poison_Ivory

    Good GOD that’s an awful face-pic of Nikki. She looks like she’s 40!

    And for the match, I’ma go with the same prediction as everyone else – Nikki retaining. It’d be actually great, that instead of bringing Kharma back, they bring the face Layla, and make her over for a feud with Kharma. Layla would be the perfect person for Kharma’s first feud.

  • Nostalgia

    I have no idea what’s going to go down tonight. I’m excited tho!!!

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    IMO The Bella Twins’ status is not up in the air as they said in an interview (posted on this site) that you shouldn’t believe rumors & they aren’t going anywhere. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time lol.

    As for tonight, Nikki has gotten more exposure as champ in 6 days than Beth got in the last 100 days of her run, so I think she’ll retain & move into another feud, either a mini feud w/ K2 or Nattie until Layla returns. I strongly think that Kharma will return & feud with another Diva before Beth or the twins to avoid referencing why she left. Start her off fresh. If she comes back, she’ll take out Beth & “put her on the shelf” and cause havoc until Beth “heals.”

    • AdrianRay

      We get it Melon, the Bella’s aren’t leaving.

      • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

        I also said if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time, wouldn’t be the last. Heck, my 10 yo daughter regularly corrects me when I ask about Harry Potter or One Direction LOL. Everyone else has stuck to their guns on this issue, I’m simply doing the same.

      • Nostalgia

        Melon is annoyingggggg

  • http://wrestlinggirl1993.tumblr.com/ xoxoRKOxoxo

    either Layla returns and goes into a feud with Beth or Kharma returns and goes into a feud with Beth and unfortuanly i think that tomorrow night is the Bellas last night in WWE and their gonna drop it to Hopefully Layla because she never had a eal single title run ever its always been her and Michelle and i think she deserves it and than Kharma can come in a kick everybodys ass once she done emotionally healing from the loss of her child!!!

  • WhalenX12

    Nikki’s gonna win. Also, does anyone know what kind of match it is ? It definitely has to be XR if it’s at the XR ppv.

  • AdrianRay

    What if tonight is just perfect!?

    After both entrances, Eve makes her presence felt. A stipulation is added in which Brie can interfere without consequence. Nikki retains, and a post match beat down ensues. Layla makes the save. During the shuffle, Kharma’s music hits. The Bella’s stand tall, while Layla runs for the hills. The Bella’s are destroyed, as if a weak Beth. This sets up a possible Bella/Kharma feud. Obviously the Divas will need to unite in order to hold Kharma back until Beth’s return. If the Bellas leave, then a vacant Championship tournament would be ideal. I think Kharma should stay away from the title for awhile…

  • SharpshooterWins

    Eh, I think Nikki will win and then have the next feud be the return of Kharma. I honestly think Beth won’t be able to compete at full strength as she does have an ankle injury. Maybe if we’re lucky, WWE will make Nikki win by submission over the injured ankle. Thus leading Nikki vs Kharma feud, Beth out for a little bit, and then the feud with AJ and all the other divas. Unfortunately, I don’t know how Layla is going to fit in any of this but I hope she comes back soon. This division needs to be saved.

    • Flawless

      I hope Nikki doesnt’t win via submission, Beth has never submitted before.

      • TheGamergirl22

        If it’s an ankle lock there a good chance, also only Nattie or Kharma deserve to make Beth submit

  • Jhonmarco

    I love how unpredictible tonight will be. Will not even give a proper prediction.

  • Flawless

    This has got me really pumped! have no idea on what’s going to happen.

  • Nostalgia

    There’s a way of giving your opinion and then trying to shove yours down others throats. If the Bellas confirmed tonight or tomorrow was their last night it’d give away the ending to whatever Is happening… If they don’t leave then oh well

  • SigmaX

    I personally hope tonight is Laylas return because I have and continue to be completely against Kharma returning and getting a title reign immediatelt without having one gawd damn proper feud , it aint bias towards my favourite diva but I do not want to see Kharma get gail kimed.

    Kharma needs a proper feud first , let her go back to doin whatever it was she was going to do with kelly originally and let Layla have that spotlight to herself for a bit whether that means title reign or a feud against Eve idk but she deserves it.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      I think Layla needs a bit of a break from the title picture. I know I was so over Laycool around mid 2010 & would like to see her establish herself away from the title as Layla, not just one half of Laycool.

      Kharma needs to wrestle “a” match before becoming a contender. She’s never even competed!

      It’s going to be interesting to see how WWE works these two back in. Will they send Nikki on vacay for 100 days like poor Beth? Will Nikki drop the belt to one of them right away? Will they be worked into one of the four existing Diva storylines?

      Could you picture if Ryder brought out Kharma as his new Diva girlfriend?! It wouldn’t happen but I’d LOVE to see Eve’s face!

      • TheGamergirl22

        Layla vs Eve

        Story: Eve uses her power to get revenge on what Layla did in her Laycool days and make Layla’s life miserable.

      • redsandman99

        I personally think Layla would be better for Ryder’s new girlfriend. Honestly, I’d rather see Kharma as a destructive monster, not a comedy figure’s girlfriend.

        • SigmaX

          Well if we go by the latest Z true long island story , seems EVE and Ryder are not done with one another.

          As she was the one that has been ordering his show to be edited.

        • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

          Absoutely! Like I said, it would NEVER happen, it would be priceless just for Eve’s expression. That girl sells shock/horror so well.

      • Nostalgia

        Gail won the title on her debut, and Jazz competed in a title match on her debut