Former Wrestler Kim Nielsen Makes ‘Biggest Loser’ Final, Loses Over 100lbs (Photo)

Former TNA star and one-time WWE developmental talent Kim Nielsen has made it to the finals of The Biggest Loser.

Kim, who wrestled as Desire in TNA, is one of the three finalists hoping to win $250,000 when the live finale airs tomorrow night on NBC.

Just to get an idea of how far Nielsen has come, she started the season weighing in at 252lbs, but as of last week’s semi-final episode, weighed in at 147lbs. Currently, Kim is at the top of the leader board, having lost the most weight amongst the contestants this season.

On last week’s episode, Kim lost 15lbs and won a brand new Ford Escape car during a challenge.

During the season, Kim also met First Lady Michelle Obama and was praised by her.

Good luck to Kim in the finale!

- Read our interview with Kim Nielsen

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  • Choko

    So happy for her!!!

  • art

    Congrats to her…

  • JillianHallTNA

    She has huge arms! She may go cut skin off or what ever people do when they lose weigh but has that extra skin! :(
    But she looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!
    Good luck Kim!!!! Hope you win this show :D

    • No Holds Barred

      I’m sure some weightlifting will turn that into muscle.

      • art

        Triceps exercises will take that away…

  • johnny

    cngrats t kim

  • wl75

    She might not win- usually to win you need a final number close to 50% of the starting weight, and from what I’ve been reading people think she might be close to her limit as to what she can lose (to get to 50%, she needs to get to 126- at her height, the lowest end of the healthy BMI range for her is at 122), while the other two contestants might have an easier time getting to that number..

  • mpezza

    She looks fantastic! Good for her. :)

  • bjorn448

    I hope she is going to wrestle again

  • No Holds Barred

    I’m sure we all wish we could be as dedicated as her when it comes to losing weight haha. I have to say well done Kim!!

  • Raekon

    Really happy for her! :)
    I hope she wins and starts a new good life with the money now that her dream of being a wrestler has vanished due to her broken back.