Bella Twins Address WWE Departure, Taking “Time Away” from Wrestling

Former WWE Divas Brie and Nikki Bella issued a statement on their official website addressing their WWE departure today. They said that they were taking “time away” from wrestling.

The twins, real names Brianna and Nicole Garcia, wrote:

What a whirlwind few days. As you all know by now, TwinMagic has decided to take some time away from wrestling. First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support. We would not be where we are without the Bella Army. This beautiful chapter in our life was filled with many amazing memories, friendships and moments with you all that we will cherish. Being apart of WWE is like being apart of a family, we will always be in it.

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  • #ThankYouBellas

    Hope they did mean what it literally does. :)

  • OwenMccool

    I don’t think they will ever rule out the possibility of a comeback, which is good! Will be weird without them, they’re like furniture… haha

  • LuckySeven

    I was always kinda indifferent about the Bellas myself. If WWE wants twins, they could go after the Blossom Twins.

    • Flawless

      They’re not the same! :( I miss the Bellas A LOT surprisingly as I’ve never really cared for them.

    • GailKimFan09e

      Just because their twins doesn’t mean they can Replace or become “Better” then the bella twins believe it or not Many people have different taste and may feel like the bellas have more of a swagger to them that the blossom twins can’t replicate, just as if the roles were reversed. With that being said i will say that i am a fan of both pair of twins.

  • Isobel Lynette

    I’m still sad about them leaving but as long as they are happy, so am I. =)

  • Poison_Ivory

    I don’t think a lot of indie companies will hire them, you know, where you actually have to be a great wrestler. But it’d be nice to see them as valets at like ROH or Chikara

    • Flybytre

      Just because you are from the indies does not make you a better wrestler. You don’t have to be a good wrestler to work the indy scene (Maria) but i do like Maria. So The Bellas Could Very Well Go To The Indies If They Wanted To. They Have Something That A Lot Of Indy Wrestlers Don’t Have Name Value. Despite Not Being A Ring Technician.

      • Mikas

        They cant work under the Bella name, so they have no name value. Some people will probably recognize them as “those twins that used to work for WWE”.

        • Flybytre

          @mikas you right my mistake forgot about that lol

  • Ouellet

    We are waiting for you Brie and Nikki. When you comeback to WWE (If you go back to WWE) give some Twin Magic to Layla, Eve….And Kharma ;)

    • #ThankYouBellas

      Wish I could kind of retweet your comment! xD

  • melon2617

    It sounds like the door is open to a return.

    I wonder if Brie is going to get that shorter haircut that she wanted last year. Must be hard to have to look the same all of the time. Either way, I loved them & I’ll miss them.

  • JJ

    I don’t think they’ll be back. If they ever choose to come back a few years down the line I doubt WWE would take them back; Vince will have new favourites by then. They got out before they were tossed aside like others before them (Candice, Melina).

    I’ve been surprised by how many people have talked positively about their leaving. They mostly got trashed throughout their run, then as soon as it comes out they’re leaving suddenly everyone misses them! It’s nice in a way.

  • jeremycanrana

    aaaah I’ve always been a fan of these ladies! a huuuuge fan! I use to go mad because they didn’t have the proper attires in last year’s wwe game lol
    I will really miss them but it is their choice so as long as they’re happy , I am happy … BUT IT SUCKS AAAAH!

  • Anthony

    The Bella’s wont need to do the Indy scene, and I doubt we will ever see them in TNA. They weren’t released, their contract expired and they didn’t renew. Seems like they are still on good terms with the WWE.

    The Blossom twins can never replace The Bella twins. The Bella’s weren’t just wrestlers, they were pretty good characters. I agree they were sort of stale as face characters, but they were naturals as heels.

  • OfficialChester

    I believe they’ll be back. If they ever did decide to add a Diva Tag Team title, they’d call the Bellas’ for sure! They did talk about putting the titles on them at one point. Regardless, they’ll be back!

  • sebastianstratus

    figures they take “time off from wrestling”. which really means they never wanted to be in the business just wanted to be famous

    • melon2617

      That’s not necessarily true. A lot of people decide they’ve had enough after a few years. Trish Stratus’s career with the WWE was only a year longer than the twins’ run. Same with Lita.

      Sadly, women’s “Sell by” date is much earlier than their male counterparts, so perhaps they are tired of the breakneck travel schedule and would like to go home, much like Trish said when she went home. She wanted to get married, start a new life and become a mom. Considering the recent struggles that Jillian Hall, Kharma, & Candice recently had with pregnancies, it might not be a bad thing for some of these women who want to become mothers to hang it up sooner rather than later.

  • jim462

    Well I liked the bella twins they werem’t the best wrestlers but they werem’t the worst they had that charisma that i like that got them over ion WWE. As for wrestling again I say they will return to the WWE cause they left on good terms. They dont fit in at TNA or the Indys. They are both lovely girls they may go ito modeling or become actresses only time will tell

  • pumped up kicks

    That’s kinda what happens when you don’t hire real wrestlers and hire models! They usually don’t stay too long. I’m waiting for Kelly Kelly to leave next.

    • Air-Bourne

      The Bella’s were with WWE for 6 years. Krissy Vaine got called up to the main roster after years of wrestling on the indies and quit after her first night for personal reason’s.

  • Kessuki

    im always sayin i want such and such a person to leave because theyre awful at wrestling, but im getting to the point where ive almost past caring anymore. i want nattie to leave orelse she’ll spend the peak of her career in lacklustre matches jobbing. shes the only one i tune in for.

    • Kessuki

      forgot to add thats a very nice photoshoot of B&N but i still wont miss them. goodluck 2 em!

  • Bhentoooot

    no matter how little their role in WWE. it will be sad to know they will not be their. this also means. no TNA for them/

  • rodneyclint

    I highly doubt any WWE bred Divas will be heartbroken over not getting indie deals. Notice the only women who leave WWE and still wrestle are the ones that entered as wrestlers with indie experience or the ones who have just always wanted to wrestle. You won’t see the likes of Maryse or the Bellas chomping at the bit for indie matches or a TNA run.