Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim Confirmed for ‘Sacrifice’ PPV

It’s official: Brooke Tessmacher, who has been on a hot streak of late with consecutive victories in various types of matches over Gail Kim, will get a title shot against the champion next weekend at Sacrifice.

Rookie Brooke has been very impressive since becoming a full-fledged wrestler on Impact Wrestling last year. She was voted Most Improved Wrestler by Diva Dirt’s writers and by the fans in 2011.

Best known as one half of former Knockouts Tag Team Champions, TNT with Tara, the question is how will Brooke fare in her first big singles push? So far, the former WWE Diva has picked up three victories over Gail in tag team and singles action over the past three weeks on Impact Wrestling, but when it comes to the big pay per view match for the title, will she be able to hold her own?

Sacrifice airs on pay per view on Sunday, May 13th.

Watch a clip of their last match below:

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  • darkangels

    i hope brooke wins and tna hires epiphany to be her rival in the near future

    • Acid Rain

      Are any women in OVW supposed to be called up? Sojo was already in TNA and other women are still taking indy bookings.

  • velvelove

    Next week we have Tess vs velvet so I figured they would announce it if she won that match

    • velvelove

      Or if velvet won bel would be announced

  • stchick

    Boy if someone told me that all members of extreme expose (including Miz hanging with them) would become champions 5 years ago lol!

    Before everyone gets in “wahhhhh she doesn’t deserve it, if Brooke wins I’ll riot, f *ck that little wannabe model, wahhhhh” it’s only a title shot, I think they’re rotting and giving most knockouts shine before they move on to something else so:

    COME DOWN folks, we know she isn’t going to win (be cool with it though) Gail is probably going to run through the whole roster til well…… I dunno…..

    • perceval

      Ah, you beat me to the Extreme Expose bit. Who would have ever guessed that to be the group that everyone would be breakout stars from? She’s not going to win, of course, but we’ll see how far she’s progressed.

    • va

      i hope gail wins

  • Ryan

    SCREW YOU HATERS MAN!! (In advance)
    The fact that your looking for an “intelligent” argument is ridiculous. Your over thinking the sitch. Let Brooke have her moment and Im sure YOU will have yours someday
    Brook is hot as hell and a hardhitter in the ring!! The chick kicks ass!! Pure fire!!
    Gail Kim has allready ran through Mickie ODB Tara and Velvet Sky..she even ran over Madison Rayne. So Brooke LETS GO BABY!! AT Sacrifice its going to be a sweet match!!

    • Slapavel

      im with you on that!!!!!

    • va

      brooke is an average wrestler

  • velvelove

    Here’s the storyline that I want brooke gets the shot and velvet gets mad bringing back heel TBP :)

    • Acid Rain

      I’d book it.

  • joshmm3

    Im not going to hate on brooke. I think she really has done a great job in the past year. Of course Id rather be seeing something with angelina and winter but Brooke deserves sometime in the spotlight.

  • Slapavel

    i really hope that brookes wins , im not getting my hopes up, but hey if she loses, who will be the next contender. Sarita or Rosita, i love them so much, but the haven’t really did anything.

  • koshiro

    the match from yesterday was really nice.. Brooke using Gail’s finisher was impressive..
    but I still hope that Gail retains on the PPV :D

  • Nostalgia

    I actually have no complaints. Brooke and Layla have worked their ASSES off and they deserve to be champions in whatever company they wrestle for

  • Jhonmarco

    Looking foward to this.

  • Avatar_27

    I want to see that match like right NOW!! hehe
    I dont know if Brooke is gonna win the title, I hope so, but she has improved a lot!!! and well Gail as a heel is fun too (even she has stole some “Maryse-manerism”).
    But anyway, both of them are great, so is gonna be an awesome match!!!

  • Raekon

    Totally looking forward to this! :)
    I’m sure it will be a great match!

  • Mr.3D

    I hope Brooke wins it!!! Brooke has both marketability, and youth: which most of the other Knockouts don’t have!!!

    • va

      Marketabilty is the reason why womens wrestling isn’t respected in the usa because company looking for sex appeal instead of talent

  • kristalmelinafan

    Sooooo proud of Brooke. From extreme expose, seeing the success of Layla and Kelly i can’t be more prouder of all three of those women. Hoping for a big upset for Brooke, Gail needs that title off, and we need a new Knock Out on top. It could be good if done right. She will most definitely be a underdog champion. And if she do win please someone make a picture with Brooke on the left with the knock out championship, Layla in the middle with the women’s title, and Kelly on the right with the Divas title.

  • melon2617

    It seems like all of the KO’s are just lining up to get fed to Gail.

    I can’t get past the disjointedness of the feuds. Gail gets a dirty pin on Velvet, which leads to nothing. Gail & Madison have a spat, which leads to nothing. Mickie teases tension, which leads to nothing.

    Personally, I think it’s a little soon for Brooke, but meh. I’d like to see Velvet finally get a decent run & feud.

    • kristalmelinafan

      That’s Tna they never follow up. There’s no rematch clauses or nothing. I use to like Tna because of their story lines and action, now wwe is more the story line and tna is the action. Now it’s beginning to look like wwe have both and tna has just nothing. imo

    • mariah.

      Could not agree more. I’m not into what TNA is doing with their Knockouts at the moment.

      • Acid Rain

        Do you guys actually watch Impact anymore? I haven’t watched since maybe February.

  • Litaker61

    Happy for Brooke, I’ve really taken notice of her improvement in the ring the past few weeks. The only issue I have is basically what Melon2617 said, it feels like another person being thrown under the Gail Kim train. Not that I have a problem with Gail being champion I’d just prefer to have an ongoing fued with a payoff finish instead of these random monthly feuds and maybe TNA could start a secondary angle just to give more knockouts screen time but thats just me being greedy.

  • redsandman99

    Should be a good match though I wonder if this will be just another feud of the month for Gail or if it will lead to anything more ongoing.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    While I’d obviously love a Knockouts title run for Brooke, I’m not expecting it this soon. She was absent for months, and although she’s largely over with the fans, this feels more like a feud to put her on the map as a legitimate contender (which she’s knocking out of the park). Then again, this is TNA, and you never know what they have up their sleeve.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    yes i love brooke i really hope she dethrones Gail. I love Gail don’t get me wrong but my god her tittle run has been so BORING she squashes people left and right…and nothing ever happens. but hey thats just my opinion.

    And Tbh like Beths tittle run WAY better and she was not on t.v. That much.

    • TheGamergirl22

      imagine if they switched reigns

      Beth dominating everyone, and Gail getting squashed ever non title match, but yeah it’s weird that when she battle Madison their still friends. If that was Beth ant Nattie that would be the main diva feud for the next 4 ppvs

  • A.E

    i hope this turn out to be good match brook really improved and i think she deserve that exposure .

    right now the only challengers yet gail to go through rosita,sarita and odb

  • Kessuki

    As much as i like Brooke, i wouldn’t want to see her winning especially if velvet has been held back from it for so long – i’m not a velvet fan either. haha. the KO division seems like its stalling at the minute. i’d love to see TBP all lose in singles action week by week and then reunite as heels and attack Gail Kim (champion) which turns her face – a heel gail kim isnt really working anymore for me.

    • Kessuki

      *by TBP you know who i mean.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Agreed i am so SICK of Gail being a Heel

        • Kessuki

          you know what i want to see? Angelina VS Gail Kim and madison switches sides to help Gail lose the title. :)

  • adifferentsame

    Gail seems to be too much of a pivotal investment on TNA’s part to really end her title reign anti-climatically; I love Brooke but don’t think she’s the one to end Gail’s emphatic run.

    • perceval

      Yeah, I don’t see them, after building up Gail for several months, just having her randomly drop the title to whoever. This isn’t WWE. Whoever beats her, it needs to be a big deal.

      Of course, this being TNA, their long term plans for Gail’s title reign may be connected to whenever Beth’s or Nattie’s WWE contracts expire. :)

      •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

        I think it would be a strategic move on WWE’s part to wait until Beth extends her contract before launching a programme with Kharma.

  • BillyGP

    I like Brooke but she should not beat Gail at the PPV for the title.

  • igotthatpma123

    i would have brooke win here because gail is about to get married and perhaps shes going to be taking time off. this will set up velvet feeling like i did all i could to get the title and nothing came of it. this sets up a jealousy angle were you bring back tbp because they feel they’ve been put on the backburner because of the girls tna brought in who couldn’t amass the success that tbp had and now theyre raging bitches with bad pms and they’re on the hunt for their title. tna could have tbp torment the roster until they get what they want. Or they could bring in athena and have her feud with brooke so the divison can have a new set of women to focus on.

    • wl75

      I agree on this actually- Gail doesn’t have to have a rematch right away, they can hold it off until the June PPV if they wanted to.

  • Bhentoooot

    i really hope this feud between them continues. so i want her to win and somehow lose. this push will be good for a knockout whether she win or lose.