Today in History: Debra Wins the Women’s Championship

On this day in history:

May 10th, 1999 | Acting Commissioner Shawn Michaels booked a Women’s Title match pitting champ Sable against Debra, but gave it a “twist” in making it an Evening Gown match. Distraction by Val Venis allowed Sable to rip Debra’s dress off before Debra even knew what was happening, and she was victorious. However, Shawn Michaels appeared to inform Sable that he, in hindsight, was changing the rules of the match. He was so impressed by Debra’s “puppies” that he decided the winner would be the woman whose evening gown was removed. That meant that Debra won the match and therefore was the new Women’s Champion. Winning a championship for wowing the Commissioner with your breasts? Ah, the majesty of athletic competition!

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Nostalgia

    If something like this happened today? It’d most likely be between Kelly Kelly and Maxine

  • lucky1now

    i hated when this happened it wasnt about wrestling at all

  • pumped up kicks

    Whatever to the match. Even though Shawn Michaels was being an absolute PIG he was super hot!! :)


    Sadly, we’re not far off from something like this happening again.

    I suspect the Diva’s will have a scavenger hunt for the Diva’s title.

    • lucky1now

      And rosa will somehow find it

      • V1AHHHH

        To be fair though, that would be the best way to somehow put the belt on Vickie Guerrero

        • lucky1now

          That is true it will give the bet a lot of spotlight

      • Raekon

        Rosa can at least wrestle unlike Sable and Debra and if you say otherwise you either never cared to watch her real work in houseshows and FCW or just going along with some others on this site that are trying to bash her 24/7 so Kelly and Maryse can look like in ring champions which both are not.

        • Sherri Martel Fan

          Sable was never the best wrestler but she sure was better than Rosa Mendes! Rosa is so bad even WWE keep her out of the ring now!

        • Jhonmarco

          Maryse IMO was a great champion. People actually have reasons to critize Rosa, as they do with Kelly. She hasn’t shown anything on TV. Despite your efforts to always make Rosa come off as a good worker, she’s had chances on TV, yet fails to make an impression on people. Her matches with Mickie were cringe worthy.

        • redsandman99

          Rosa I think does a bit better when she has more time but honestly, she’s really not that great in the ring in my opinion.

        • lucky1now

          Not takin any credit away from rosa she’s a better wrestler then debra yet she can’t capture the viewers as debra has
          Maybe its cause the divas can’t be as sexual as they once were who knows

        • josh101

          Is Rosa good? No. But is she like the worst of all time like some people make her out to be? Hell no. Some people I feel like seem to forget Ashley Massaro was ever employed. Not saying that anyone actually said Rosa was the worst of all time though Lol.

        • Raekon


          You ever saw Sable take a bump? Nope! Why?
          Because she signed her contract only after it included NO BUMPS in it.
          If you consider such a person a wrestler then you definately don’t understand this side of wrestling.

          Rosa is one of the hardest bump takers in the division.
          As the main jobber she is unfortunately not allowed to use her real moveset on the main shows so she kept most of it down in FCW and houseshows only.

          You wanna go at it again?
          Yes Maryse was awesome and entertaining as character, she was one of the worst in ring workers however.
          She even stated herself in her interview that she was “more character” while Michelle and others were more in ring workers and you still trying to put her over as a in ring general or something everytime.

          I never was against critisism and I gave credit to kelly when it was due aswell. Rosa NEVER got the opportunities Kelly or Maryse got and the so called matches vs mickie you are pointing out were the matches in which Rosa was mostly used as a tool (Beths apprentice) to put others over as strong competitors with the like 3 moves she were allowed to do before she had to ALWAYS lay down.

          How is someone supposed to impress anyone when all they do is lay down for others 4 years long? She could had been the best in the world and still no one would care cause everyone would say “oh yeah… Rosa is gonna lay down again, predictable”.

          I never said she is a in ring general but she is decent in the ring and better than some others in the division.

          Debra was a good character and Sable as much as it hurts to say it had charisma and was also a good character.

          However, the skills these women used to get over back then were their boobs and nudity and that was it.

          I had to facepalm myself everytime I saw Luna, Jaqueline and others having matches against Sable by taking all the bumps before they layed down for her or sold the like 2 moves she ever learned (Sable bomb) only so one can call her a wrestler.

          The way they treated the womens title in that particular video sucked out any wrestling credibility the title ever had before right out of it.

          At least Chyna, Ivory, Jazz, Trish, Molly, Lita all brought back some credibility to that title again before it got destroyed and replaced by the current “Butterfly”.

          To be fair, Rosa is a decent in ring worker.

          People tend just to call her a botchmachine only because she botched TWICE in 2011, forgetting that Beth, Alicia, Kelly and others botched far more than 5 times in the same year in a equal amount of matches.

          Ashley could had turned to a very athletic and good in ring worker but WWE never gave her the training she should had received in the first place. After they saw how over she became and how fast most of all, they trained her per match only leading to injuries left and right till she had to go.

          They almost went this way with Brooke, Kelly and Layla but thankfuly they stopped and gave them the proper training after they saw how badly they messed up with Ashley.

          Check the following matches on youtube:

          FCW 14/11/ 10 Rosa Mendes vs Kaitlyn
          FCW 12/12/10 Rosa Mendes vs AJ Lee
          FCW 01/16/11 Kaitlyn vs Rosa Mendes

          A fatal four way:
          FCW – Tiffany vs Alicia vs Roucka vs Wesley
          Also one of her older matches in 2008:
          FCW 10-26-2008 Roucka vs. Wesley Holiday
          Unfortunately Wesley was a bit slow at times and botched Rosas finisher at the end and the legdrop after by moving on the side aswell.

          In my opinion the potential was always there but WWE never cared to utilize it because they marked her as a jobber that does only like 2 submissions and like 2 moves on the main roster before she gets pinned again and again and again 4 years long.

        • Choko

          Don’t worry. Jhonmarco is an eyecandy mark. He obviously thinks that Maryse and Kelly Kelly are the best wrestlers in the world.

        • Jhonmarco

          Actually she has shown to be a capable ring worker in 2008.

          Did I call her a ring general though? I’m sorry, but what matches were you watching. She has had many chances to shine in matches, but fails to leave an impression. Let’s not forget how she has botched things that are so simple, like trying to give Jillian a forearm while both are heels. Or how she couldn’t just stay in the corner, taking Kelly’s offense. It’s really mindblowing.

          Choko, still up to the same shit? Actually my favorites would be SDR, Athena, & the Ninjas. But of course if I defend Maryse or Kelly in anyway I’m inclined to think they’re amazing. Maryse was WAY more than eyecandy, but of course you can’t see that. Sad…

        • Raekon

          That’s exactly the point I had said several times about you.
          Alone this comment of yours:
          – “Let’s not forget how she has botched things that are so simple, like trying to give Jillian a forearm while both are heels”

          shows that you are trying to find reasons to call “BOTCH” whenever she does something you don’t approve.
          Even when you don’t have a clue what it was all about.
          Rosa was actually a TWEENER at that time, in every match she played heel so she can job to EVERYONE on the roster being it a face or heel, while at the same time she was hornswoogles whatever, coming down the ramp smiling, giving fans the hand and such things.

          Of course she failed to impress on raw and sd.
          How can someone impress when they are not allowed to shine at all?
          Can you impress when you have to play the “useless jobber” 24/7 on the main roster? I highly doubt it!
          She botched that one move and maybe another one within a year, cry me a river about it seriously.
          Superstars botched tons of times more, divas like kelly, beth alicia and the bellas botched 5 times more than Rosa but yet it is ok and they are excused for that while Rosa gets attacked even for being in the building.

          She shined a lot in OVW and in ECW as also partially in FCW.

          After she joined Raw as Beths apprentice everything went to hell because she wasn’t allowed to use her REAL moveset and was there only so everyone and their grandmothers have something to pin.
          The real sad thing here is that you are seeing that as “chance to impress”.

          Check the matches I suggested and you will see that she is a decent wrestler and can work well if really given the chance.

        • Jhonmarco

          Those matches are great and all, but it won’t change my opinion on her work on TV. Can you stop making excuses for the girl? Jillian has played jobber plenty of times, yet has shined, as have others like Tara & such. Rosa has not, in fact people have said they don’t have one good thing to say about her. Jobber’s still get some offense in and she has not impressed one bit. Actually it’s note just me, many people share this opinion on Rosa & that botch at NOC. ROFL @ you making more excuses & calling her a tweener. Yeah, that’s why Jillian brushed her forearm away right? LMAOO the reason Rosa has only botched twice, is because WWE knows to get her awkward ass out of the ring. If she was on TV as much as Kelly, the botches would be countless. Yes because her moveset was so devasting that she couldn’t use it.

          Bottom line is the girl has been a hot mess since she debuted. Thankfully she’s managing, thought she butchers the spanish language like crazy.

        • Choko

          How can you even say that she butchers the spanish language? Do you know spanish? Are you spanish? Are you just trying to say what others say because you’re a sheep? Spanish is my 3rd language (from my grandparents on my mothers side) and she speaks it right, she only got that horrible accent.

        • Raekon

          Yep! There you go again!
          That’s exactly what others meant and you proved it once again that it has nothing to do with debatting about someone like you said that people don’t “know the difference”.

          We very well know the difference!

          I DON’T make excuses, I HAVE EYES and can see that she can wrestle.
          The reason you don’t wanna give her any credit is because you are only counting the main roster stuff in which she obviously is NOT ALLOWED to do more than she did.

          FCW was also tv stuff and she was allowed to show more offence.
          It has nothing to do with Jillian and that she was a jobber aswell.

          Jillian and Rosa acted like this in a lumberjill match outside the ring and you are calling it a botch, seriously?
          What was there to botch? Do you even understand the difference there?

          All you do is spreading hate and poison towards her by any given chance, yet when people are pointing on your bad behaviour you are coming that it’s only debatte.

          No wonder I among others have stopped to reply to you and no wonder you got banned by the other forums you were.

          And no, she wasn’t only like twice on the main rosters tv last year.
          She was several times through the year.

          You even went ahead and gave her the fault on Beths botch when Rosa was just standing there waiting to get atomic dropped (Beth slipped and speared her instead).

          You showing what kind of a mark you are once again here claiming stuff you heard from others about the spanish language without having a clue yourself.

          Go admire how your Kelly still can’t hit the ropes after 6 years now and say to yourself that Rosa is “akward” that runs the ropes like a champ since her first time in a ring down in OVW in 2007.

          Better yet go check your Kelly in her botchmania one legged headschissors or “wait for me to reach you Bella cause I’m too slow” matches.

          Of course it is ok if she botches like 12 times within a year in a equal amount of matches, Rosa is not allowed to botch once and marks like you even call “botch” in stuff that happens outside of a match.

        • Raekon


          Check the jobbers they are throwing to Ryback and compare how much offence they are getting.
          Check the Brodus Clay jobbers?
          Maybe Lord Tensais Jobbers?

          Yeah… they all get tons of “offence”.
          The closest you can compare Rosa in her forever jobber status is Katie Lea.
          Was she able to impress in the ring? NOPE! Why? Because she was allowed to do 2-3 moves before she gets pinned or just make the tag to get pinned.

          After she was gone, Rosa had to debut and replace her.
          Jillian jobbed a lot but got more involved in several stuff and was ALLOWED to show more.

          She even got the title,even if it was for like 4 minutes.

          Comparing Victoria with a real jobber is plain stupid, she had several championships and had to job only near the end of her career in the WWE to put over newer faces.

        • Jhonmarco

          There I go? I’m sorry, I realize this may be hard for a Rosa fan to understand, but everything she’s done on TV has looked awkward & sloppy. Yup, but it’s just WWE holding her back & her being a jobber.

          Clearly I was talking about Victoria & Jillian as jobbers. Evena s jobbers in matches they got offense as do other jobbers and the offense I’ve seen from Rosa, it’s looked so damn awkward.

          Do you honestly think what I’m saying is SO rude? Hun, you should check what others say. I’m putting it more lightly than others would so please relaxe.

          No I said towards you, it is a debate.

          Um, and my concern with you not replying to me is what? I suggest you not speak on things you know nothing of.

          Tiring is you leaving comments praising someone who wrestles like Jenna Morasca.

          You mentioning her constantly like “why didn’t rosa managing get a part in the redux? She did great!” Or constantly reminding others of Rosa doing good at managing Primo & Epico “Guys did you see how well Rosa did managing? She was looking great too! :p” Yeah that’s pretty fucking tiring.

          In matches where they were jobbing, they got offense. I remember seeing Rosa do one move in a 6 woman tag match & tag back in. Thank goodness.

          Yeah, because I and other people don’t call Kelly out on her moveset and other issues? What has Rosa done this year ring wise that wasn’t A MESS? Some of the things she’s done are laughable. Attacking a heel in a lumberjill match, not being able to stay in a corner for 5 seconds. You should be happy, she’s making history with these botches though!

          Actually Katie Lea was impressive. Unlike Rosa. Nice try though, she’s hopeless.

  • JJ

    Truly, Debra was the greatest Women’s Champion in history.

    • art


  • _Bryan_

    Debra said in an interview that she was extremely close to legitimately hitting sable because she almost tore her bra if (you can see he telling her lay off), and that she was only told a few hours earlier she was winning the belt.
    Also, it’s quite funny that both nicole bass and sable would file lawsuits against the WWF shortly after their departure.

    • ricky_says_hi

      of course in sable’s case the whole thing was cooked up because she was annoyed that wwe wouldn’t let her have the name sable. i didn’t know nicole filed a lawsuit as well

      • _Bryan_

        The lawsuit’s were silly really. Sable sued for like $110 million or something. From what i understand though, both of the lawsuits were regarding harassment..

    • Taylor

      Did Sable know she was going to lose the belt in this way or was this a shock to her?

      • norisclouds

        It was a screwjob. Sable kept refusing to bring the belt to the arena so they couldn’t take it off of her, so they tricked her by having the match this way and reversing the finish.

      • _Bryan_

        its hard to know for sure, but im pretty sure norisclouds is right, i remember she would never bring the belt or ‘forget’ to bring it when she was supposed to defend it. If that is true (she didnt know), then by the snarky reaction she gave after she lost it, she deserved that and more.

  • Londonboy

    Number 1 Worst Diva moment EVER.
    I know at the time WWE and Sable where having problems but come on
    they could of had her loose it in a wrestling match against a worthy Diva like Ivory or Jackie not loose it to Debra in a stupid evening gown match .

    • Raekon

      To lose a other way and most of all in a real wrestling match, Sable would had to take a bump or two and she had clearly marked NO BUMPS in her contract so… such a stupid segment was the only way.

      She just wanted the tv exposure in which she could showcase her goods.
      Through the whole Diva stuff started and was kept further through Debra, Kat and one or two more after.

      Having these in the division was the worst thing ever for the womens division.

      • Sherri Martel Fan

        It’s the diva search that ruined women’s wrestling! After Sable & Debra came Jazz, Gail, Molly, Victoria ect.. Then most of them were released & replaced with the Chrusty Hemme’s, Maria’s! Sable stood out she was fiesty, great on the mic, got a great pop! Heel or face & is a future Hall Of Famer :) She really wasn’t all that bad!

        • LadyGoDiva

          Some good divas like Michelle McCool,Layla and Eve came from the diva search so I wouldn’t say excatly that it ruined womens wrestling but I think now that womens wrestling is getting strong despite how wwe and tna aren’t making it what they should be but with the likes of shimmer,wsu, ncw ff.

      • Londonboy

        Sable did always come across like she was only there for the money and so she could be on Tv every week.
        And another thing i dont dislike Debra i just think is the worst womens champion in wwe History follwed by the Kat who is in opinion the 2nd worst womens champion in wwe historyand having the belt change hands in a evening gown match show nothing but disrespect to womens wrestling
        But atleast her reign was short and she dropped the belt to Ivory a month later

      • mykel1990

        Well, during 1998-1999, she was able to have matches without taking bumps, and with Ivory and Tori, she did take some bumps, nothing major of course, but she took some.

  • nvonderau

    This is what made wrestling great. Women in the wwe do not have to be wrestlers. Debra was never meant to be a wrestler along with Steff andTerri Runnels. But just by them being there we had more women characters. Sure. Debra was not a fighting champion and that is what it was a huge upset. It is better having women that cant wreslte, not wrestle and become valets. This was also a time in the division was getting back on its feet. They only had Terri, Jackie, Luna, Ivory, Tori (just starting), and Debra. It was away to spice it up. Miss kitty had yet to make their debut,,,, you have to start from some where.. And on that roster of women only 4 out of the 6 were trained to wrestle. Now,,,we have like 15 divas, of which all are Vicki is the only manager, and Rosa is a wrestler/manager. We have to many divas, they are the same. At least now we have character developement with EVE. But all the divas (Kharma, Nattie, Beth excluded) are just a form of Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson repackaged.

  • B1G_FaN

    Even though Debra was not a trained wrestler, I still enjoyed this storyline. It was memorable, even though it was not one of the better storylines. How many Diva storylines from the last year can we honestly say were memorable? How many will we still remember 15 years from now?

    What I liked most about this storyline was what followed! Remember who beat Debra for the title? IVORY!!!! Ivory won her first of three titles by defeating Debra not long after this!

  • LadyGoDiva

    What I realized is that when Debra won the title she really didn’t defended it all that much and she held it for only 29 days until dropping to Ivory who realkly in my mind is something we need now in the division depsite that some but not all the divas seem to act the same.

  • jcarcano12

    Debra was hot. ;)
    I actually like her. :D

  • johnny

    Debra wasn’t even on tv that much none of them were if you were lucky you would get to see them once every 3 months if wwe liked them I sure don’t miss those days.

  • art

    i dont think kat or debra holding the title was horrible it was a month each so thats basically no time at all…

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    SABLE, the original divas :),

  • Glen

    Sable got me into the Divas. I know that he had in her contract that she wouldn’t take bumps but i still loved her.

  •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    Being a good wrestling personality, is not all about wrestling! u people need to remember that wwe is an entertainment company and not purely based on actual athletic capability. And i think Sable (who was a pretty good wrestler before she left in 1999) and Debra were top Women’s champions. Isnt the tagline for wwe divas-smart,sexy and powerful?
    Well…debra covered smart -by winning the womens championship and by helping various superstars like jeff jarrett and owen hart (rip) become champions!
    so what if she won the belt without actualy wrestling? The best part about wwe is the unpredictability…which seems to have gone now…!
    the problem with todays superstars and divas is that they are all predictablle.
    for gods sake,we arent gonna expect Teddy long winning the wwe championship, or vickie guerrero/ lilian garcia -the divas champion…or hell rosa mendes winning the wwe championship!!
    And if u guys call molly holly a true womens champ, its only fair u call debra also the same! molly was powerful and smart,but not sexy…debra was sexy and smart,but not powerful ! so dont go on putting down superstars just like that! i bet more than half of u, if u ever go inside a wwe ring, would never be able to pop up a crowd like debra or beth phoenix!
    its wwe- world wrestling ‘entertainment’. learn your acronyms…and stop getting so judgemental on every second person!!

    • Ryan

      Actually bro your a bit off here…Back then WWF were able to tell ALL organizations and groups to F’ Off! Even told the US Government that..Vince McMahon proudly states how he told the US to go to Hell..WWF could get away with SOO Much back then on TV they werent restricted…Epic WWF Diva moment, Sable strips to her Bikini and flicks Vince McMahon the woman was FIERCE bro! And I dont say the word Fierce EVER…And by Fierce I mean she would take Luna and Jackie’s head off with rabid punches and fury!!…along with their clothes!!! Divas back then had so much aggression and sex appeal!! These are things I miss btw the wwe as a whole lacks much aggression and…Balls WWE has no balls

      Smart Sexy and Powerful WAS the diva tagline some years ago..
      1. Divas dont show ANY kind of smart except Michelle McCool who was “The Woman with the Masters Degree” and now its Eve Torres. Who shows “Intelligence” by tricking men and rising up the corporate ladder..Way to she em Eve ;)
      2 Divas cant really show TOO much power, It might Outshine the guys..McCool and Melina got in trouble for that..Beth is powerful though. And so Is Natalya and Tamina
      3. Divas cant be sexy because it offends children and parents and of course the PG Sponsors of the the divas cant show much skin on TV,,, just look at Aksana..the woman is a bangin beauty!! Yet she is more covered up than the guy who she now walks down the ring…smh
      Although I do see Maxine changing things! Shes hot as hell and shows very sexy skin great curves and very aggressive wrestling! This might be due to her being on NXT though

      So what are the girls in WWE left with?
      Maria said it best “SHINY SPARKLY COLORFUL OUTFITS!!” =D

      • Ryan

        Wait..that might be a bit harsh on the divas, I meant..Natalya Eve Bella Twins Layla Alicia hell even kelly tries her best, but these girls can wrestle its WWE who brings em down. Glad Eve is doing it corporate style
        Glad AJ is doing that thing and interrupting DB…AJ needs to get over it..the man has World heavyweight Championship on his mind and she has FEELINGS on hers!!!! smh

        •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

          haha ! somehow i think theres something lacking in the tna knockouts…excellent wrestlers..but they shouldnt make them over slutty ! i might just hop over to naughty america . com , lol

      •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

        It’s actually pretty cool that the divas try hard in wrestling and promos..
        i just didn’t like the fact that everyone here was getting all judgemental about sable and debra..
        “me love them puppies” :P :P

        • Ryan

          I miss the Puppies bro!! =D
          Glad TNA lets the knockouts LET The Pigeons and DAT AZZ Loose and backs it up with good wrestling!

  • Ryan

    Sable was the best bro! And Debra was hot as hell! DAYUM!! I like women like Sable and specially thick and sexy like Debra!
    Im not an HBK fan here bro…in fact that SOB pisses me off..

    Meanwhile Sable made a hell of a Women’s Champion! I was and am still a big fan of hers! Seriously this woman was epic! Freakin legend!

    • Jhonmarco

      No HBK love? :*(

      • Ryan

        Na bro Im undertaker all the way =/
        Never was a fan of HBK

        • Jhonmarco

          I love both. Two icons in pro wrestling & two of my all time favorite wrestlers.

        • Ryan

          I gotta say Undertaker my number 1! Bret Hart grew up with him LOVE this guy man
          Also love Big Show Kane Goldust Eddie Guerrero Rocky..Rocky Balboa and Charlie Sheen! =D

        • Jhonmarco

          Loved Bret too! Don’t even get me started on Eddie Guerrero!!!

          Taken from the world WAY too soon. Though we did get Vickie & I’m sure he’s looking at Vickie SO damn proud of her. Would’ve been something else to see those 2 draw heat together & maybe even have a stable with their daughter. I don’t believe that’s ever been done in wrestling before, right?

        • Ryan

          Eddie did bring in Vickie his daughter and even his own mom aka his MAIN MAMASITA! =D
          During the JBL ffued back in 2004 but JBL beat him down and his mom panicked and he got up when she was “getting a heart attack” =(
          Eddie was the man!
          But as far as drawing they never did that

          Vickie is GREAT man =D

        • Jhonmarco

          I think the crowd loved Eddie too much to ever boo him. YES! I remember that feud! Ah, the memories.

          Eddie’s death & then girls like Trish & Lita leaving in 2006 really got me out of wrestling for about 2 years. Ironically the night I watch WWE again it’s Melina’s return in 2008.

        • Ryan

          Oh wow nice man =)
          Yeah I was VERY sad when Eddie died =/
          I didnt stop watching as it felt like routine plus 2005 Smackdown was a hell of a year =D
          But slowly it started going downhill after 2007, then I discovered TNA Wrestling and started getting more and more hooked along with Ring of Honor and slowly I stopped watching wwe, I dont watch wwe anymore..I still love womens wrestling so I catch the divas here on DD or on youtube but HELL NO!! I cant ever miss TNA!! lol
          Only memorable things about WWE after Eddie were Taker vs Batista
          Edge Lita and Mick Foley vs ECW
          HBK vs Taker was GREAT!!
          The Divas maybe not as memorable but their effort always had spikes here and there!
          And I want to get back watching WWE because Brock Lesnar is back!

        • Jhonmarco

          I think I tuned out around early ’07. I agree TNA in their early days were AMAZING. Daniels/AJ/Joe is still one of my favorite wrestling matches to date. I feel WWE had something special with Punk & his pipe bombs, but that lasted about a month or so until it became about HHH/Nash *sigh*.

          As for WWE now, things are looking up for the most part. OTL already sounds spectacular with Punk/Bryan.

          As for some good storylines/feuds in WWE from 2007-now?

          Well I enjoyed the stuff with Punk & Jeff in 2009 & Orton/Kofi when it seemed Kofi was finally getting pushed. I LOVED Taker/Michaels. I remember watching both at home, screaming my ass off! There were so many moments I went “he’s not kicking out!” <3 haha.

  • Debra99

    I though this was a cool match?