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May 11th, 2008 | At 2008’s Sacrifice, the Knockouts took part in a “Makeover Battle Royal”, the object being to earn the #1 contendership to the Knockouts Title. A battle royal would take place, and the final two competitors (Gail Kim and Roxxi Laveaux) would then compete in a Ladder match, the loser having her head shaved. Complicated? A bit. Complicating matters a bit more was the fact that Gail had won immunity on Impact, so even if she lost, she wouldn’t lose her hair. Angelina Love, the last woman eliminated from the Battle Royal, would take her place. Therefore, Angelina did all she could to ensure that Gail won, and her efforts succeeded. Gail won the match, became the #1 contender, and Roxxi had her head shaved in the middle of the ring. Forced head shavings are always unsettling, and Roxxi’s bloody head didn’t dispel that feeling. Still, the crowd of Knockouts lending their moral support during the procedure did warm our hearts a bit.

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