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May 11th, 2008 | At 2008’s Sacrifice, the Knockouts took part in a “Makeover Battle Royal”, the object being to earn the #1 contendership to the Knockouts Title. A battle royal would take place, and the final two competitors (Gail Kim and Roxxi Laveaux) would then compete in a Ladder match, the loser having her head shaved. Complicated? A bit. Complicating matters a bit more was the fact that Gail had won immunity on Impact, so even if she lost, she wouldn’t lose her hair. Angelina Love, the last woman eliminated from the Battle Royal, would take her place. Therefore, Angelina did all she could to ensure that Gail won, and her efforts succeeded. Gail won the match, became the #1 contender, and Roxxi had her head shaved in the middle of the ring. Forced head shavings are always unsettling, and Roxxi’s bloody head didn’t dispel that feeling. Still, the crowd of Knockouts lending their moral support during the procedure did warm our hearts a bit.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Choko

    Oh, the memories <3 :'((((

  • Jhonmarco

    And they still never gave this woman her dues. This is the equivalent to WWE releasing Serena Deeb.

    • Choko

      This is more serious than the Serena thing. Serena barely did anything in the WWE while Roxxi took dangerous bumps and stuff. But its really sad how none of them got a chance as the top female of the division despite the fact that they are ubertalented.

      • Jhonmarco

        A bit more serious, but still anyway. Serena shaved her head for WWE, was willing to do whatever it took to make it, & knowing the girl how DAMN passionate she is for wrestling it was so heartbraking. If you wanna get technical, we can also say Daffney’s situation was A LOT worse than these 2.

  • lucky1now

    watching her get her head shaved was painful major props and the way all the KO s came out in support it was something different loved the unity


    Memories indeed.
    Nothing can beat Gail Kim’s TNA run 2005-2008. Her WWE career in 2002-2003 was good as well, them 4 weeks when she debuted!
    Anyway.. I think TNA need more of this. Differentiate themselves a lot more from WWE Divas by having submission, triple threats, ladder matches etc.. NEEDS to happen!

  • redsandman99

    I was hoping this would lead to a big push for her. Not quite how it worked out.

  • majestylove

    Angelina Love was so much more beautiul than she is today =/

  • ShimmerSupport211

    tna buried her. one the best wrestlers on the roster

  • LadyGoDiva

    This is what I love about the KO’s back then, they were different then the Divas because they cared about putting on a great match,feud or a segment and this battle royal/ladder match was one of them. But it also showed that women can do a ladder match too just like the guys. It really sucks that neither TNA or WWE doensn’t do that to there womens division.

  • AdrianRay

    I love how The Beautiful People are walking away with Roxxis hair!

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    The Beautiful People were forces a division could focus around.

    A gritty, dramatic match and a heartwrenching ending. Loved the unity between the face girls as Roxxi had her hair shaved.

  • Ryan

    Gail Kim and Roxxi kicked ass big time! Doing as big as the guys! The Beautiful People were hot bitches man lol..still are too! =D
    The Knockouts was once GREAT! Its good right now but they once were great!!
    Gail Kim she was the best!! Roxxi kicked ass big time mad respect for the Knockouts!

  • LaylaElFan

    aaahhhh the memories <3 i miss those days!!