Today in History: Chyna is Revealed as Kurt Angle’s “Mystery Partner”

On this day in history:

May 12th, 2011 | Kurt Angle was set to face his ex-wife Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett at the upcoming Sacrifice PPV, but first he has to reveal his partner. Some teasing of the woman being his “mistress” and “business associate” was tossed around for a bit before Mick Foley eventually made the announcement on Impact. Chyna was revealed as Angle’s mystery partner, and Karen nearly had a mental breakdown. We can’t say we blame her!

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • defineinsanity

    One of my favourite moments of last year! If only she had stayed for longer.

    • TestSubjekt

      I can not tell if you are serious.

      As for the staying longer….again I can not tell if you are serious. At least she’s been keeping her name in the news and staying busy making PORN.

      • GlamSlamFan

        Why is it so hard to believe, if someone is excited that she returned to wrestling for one night?

        Weather YOU like her or not, doesn’t change the fact that she did a lot in her career, while she was in WWF/E and quite a few people we going to be happy to see her in the ring again. I know I was.

        • defineinsanity

          My thoughts exactly I couldn’t care less if she did porn or not I simply wanted to see a wrestler I idolised as a child come back! And I thought 2 appearances wasn’t enough! sue me!

  • Kaledrina

    whoa, it’s been a year already? ..that makes me feel real old.

    anyway, was one of my favourite moments of last year, too :)

  • _Bryan_

    apparently one of the loudest pops in the impact zone ever – but i guess that isnt saying much. It was such a good moment, sadly shortlived.

    • Mikas

      The crowd was heavily edited. They actually taped her entrance twice. She got a good pop the first time, but the 2nd time the crowd was quiet (understandable, the surprise was gone). The version they aired was the 2nd taping, so it must’ve been edited.

      • _Bryan_

        they apparently used the first entrance reaction with the setting of the second taping…weird . the only editing they did was the replacement.. you can tell when the crowd doesn’t match the sound when they put the reactions from the jarretts as the 2nd take.

  • lucky1now

    her returning felt like we can get a sense of old times but actually seeing her tryin her best to mimic what she use to be just felt different
    would have liked to see what tna would have done with her

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    A definitive moment of 2011 in wrestling for me, especially given the topic of debate surrounding Chyna that ensued.

    • nitesaver

      Pales in comparison to the Rock

  • javiousmckenzie

    Another post that features Chyna that will be flooded about her doing porn some of these commenters need to grow up and get off there high horse

    • JJ

      Nice to see someone with a brain on here.

      This was a good moment but she’s happier doing what she’s doing so good for her. Plus, she’ll be making more money than she would in TNA.

      • art

        @javiousmckenzie couldn’t agree more…i mean all of those people watch porn anyway so i dont get the big deal…

        • Ryan

          Porn rocks!

        • Jhonmarco

          Agreed. Porn is amazing <3.

        • perceval

          Actually, I’ve never cared for hardcore porn. I get bored, very quickly. Maybe it’s the scenarios? Maybe it’s that I’m pro-sex, and don’t care for it being portrayed as “dirty” or “sleezy,” which is how hardcore porn almost always presents it?

          My concern for Chyna being in that industry is, as I’ve said before, her history of major psychological and substance issues. That’s an industry with a long established history of making those problems worse, not better. Those nine hours of insane ranting on Twitter in February didn’t indicate a healthy, happy, person who’d taken charge of her life and conquored her demons. I don’t see how anyone can look at even a little of those tweets from February and conclude that her current profession is in any way good for her.

        • Ryan

          PERCEVAL…No one gives a fuck bro..

  • Choko

    This was JUST before she made that horrible carreer move. Really sad the she became a (word that starts with W.)

    • Rickalicious92

      Just because she does porn now doesn’t mean she’s a whore.

      • Choko

        Can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

  • Ryan

    WHOOOOOOOOOO! CHYNA!! Man I was so happy that night! The match with Kurt against Jarret and Karen..props to Karen btw she did great! And when I saw the titantron I was like …!! NO FREAKIN WAY!! It spelled out CHYNA!! Lol

    She looked great even without the muscles and I know it was One Night Only but Chyna and Kurt rocked the house!! Wish she would of stayed longer as well

    ANd guys…STFU about her career guys can be the biggest bickering wusses out there 90% of the time!!! Picking apart EVERY SINGLE DETAIL! Damn! Cant you just enjoy the ride?

  • Jhonmarco

    Why do people find it necessary to bring up Chyna’s career choices in a post about her work in TNA? Grow the fuck up please.

    As for this moment, it was big at the time. Didn’t really care for Chyna being in TNA full time though.

    • GlamSlamFan

      Agree 100%…
      I personally don’t understand the jump from wrestling to adult entertainment, or how she got in that business really. But she states that it makes her happy, and that’s all you can wish for someone. There seem to be PLENTY of adult film stars that seem very happy in life!

      And unless anyone knows her personally, who are they to judge her or say she’s not hapy?

      • Jhonmarco

        Agreed. While I personally don’t really like her career choice, it’s HER choice. I’m sure she’s happy doing it having done it for a few years now. People need to get off their high horse.

      • perceval

        You’re unaware of her Twitter rant in February, I see. If you consider that “happy and healthy,” you must also say the same about Matt Hardy, last year. Or Scott Hall. “Well, Matt keeps saying everything is fine, so unless anyone knows him personally, who are they to judge him and say he’s not happy?”

        Seriously, look up those tweets from February and THEN come back and say she’s happy and healthy. It COULD have all been a big put on, playing into her trainwreck image for publicity. If not, well…

        As for why the porn comes up in discussion regarding her time in TNA, it’s the ENTIRE REASON her time at TNA was only two appearances.

        What are people supposed to say? “It was nice seeing her again, and it would have been great for it to continue, but it didn’t for… some mysterious reason.” Despite the big pop, the company didn’t want to do business with her as soon as news of the porn got out.

        But then, promoting her new porn career was the entire reason she was there. She was getting her name back out there, so she’d be fresh in our minds for her new business ventures. So, it’s like discussing Trish’s yoga studio and product line when discussing her WWE TV appearances over the last three years. All of her appearances on the shows have been about promoting that, to the point it’s even become a joke written INTO her appearances.

        Trish shows up to market her brand, and that’s why Chyna showed up on Impact a year ago, and why she does these videos and interviews saying she’d like to return to WWE. Before anyone gripes about me questioning her sincerity, I HOPE she knows hardcore porn and the Muppets don’t mix. If her time at TNA and her claims to want to return to WWE AREN’T solely about marketing her new products, she’s delusional. I’d like to think she knows better, and it’s just part of her marketing campaign.

        • Jhonmarco

          I didn’t see those tweets, if I did this would be a different story. I did hear about Matt’s, such a diva.

          So her doing an appearence should jump to “she still does porn though, horrible career choice”. I have no issue with fans being up and arms with her claiming she wants to return to WWE while she waves a dildo in her hand. However bringing up her career into a post that has nothing to do with it is very wtf worthy.

          What does have to do with the topic at hand? Chyna’s appearence in TNA…

        • GlamSlamFan

          I recall those tweets, as a matter of fact, but I did forget about them and you’re right, that does cause for some concern.

          But healthy has never once been uttered in anything I typed, the only one who ever said anything about being “healthy” is you. I also never said that she was “happy”, I said, that SHE said that being in the industry makes her happy. That is why she said she is going to continue doing it.

          It was honestly more of a “people need to stop condemning her for what she has decided to do, because NONE of us are in any position to judge anyone” comment than anything else.

  • TibarnEl

    She does porn. Cry me a river. I bet you’ve all watched and appreciated porn. So she went from a wrestler to porn actress. Good for her. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t an awesome wrestler.

    • Jhonmarco

      I’d agree with this, except for the “awesome wrestler” part.

      Overall though, I saw your point here.