Beth Phoenix Discusses Her Injury, Layla’s Title Win & Eve’s New Role

In an interview with, former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix discussed her injury, Layla‘s surprise return and Eve‘s new powerful role in which she axed the Bella twins.

About being removed from the title match:

“I was in a state of shock,” a frustrated Beth told in a phone interview from her home in Buffalo, N.Y. “I’d been told I would be allowed to compete regardless of the injury, but I guess when the doctor’s report came back it was a different story. It doesn’t matter. This is a road I’ve been down before. But I would have competed hurt – I’ve done that before too.”

Layla’s win:

“Layla hasn’t earned anything,” Beth said with a hiss. “I mean, who’d she ever beat? No one should be No. 1 contender until I’m cleared. There shouldn’t have even been a Divas Championship Match at Extreme Rules. … When I return, I’m not only going to beat up Layla, I’m going to bust her other knee, and make sure that she goes away and never comes back. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into.”

Eve in her new role:

“Eve’s making a statement in her role,” Beth said. “She’s flexing her muscles a little bit, and I respect that. Eve and I actually have a lot in common in that we’re both strong, powerful women wanting to get more in a man’s world. That said, I don’t like being talked down to, and I don’t like being taken for granted. If Eve ever challenges me, then she’s going to have her hands full.”

Read the full interview by clicking here.

What do you think about Beth’s statements? Do you think Layla should be looking over her shoulder?

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  • Bethinho

    harsh words for Layla,even if it was kayfabe.
    I liked the way the didn´t suck up to Eve,making somehow a warning.

  • cas0610

    Layla was justified in winning the title as she was a last minute substitute. Beth must learn to choose her words carefully as she is supposed to represent the WWE. Sour grapes is all I have to say about Beth. She also lost to Maria Menounos so I guess she’s not the dominant diva she thinks she is!!!

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    I wish they’d let Beth impose her threats on the mic more.

  • lucky1now

    heres hoping that when she does return to the ring she will go about these plans it would make a good fued now we know shes still heel so maybe she wont be kharmas fisrt fued unless she comes back face

    • dunk20

      There’s also the obvious possibility of having Kharma as a face.

      • lucky1now

        True in my mind I would love for her to return as the monster heel type she was before she had to leave

  • wl75

    Kayfabe-wise, she does have a point in that Layla got a title shot for no apparent reason (if they had stuck to the original plan of Kharma coming back, she would have had the same point- she could have said yeah, there was a personal reason in that case, but it shouldn’t have been for the title). Maybe we see a Beth/Eve alliance somewhere down the line, if they plan on Eve just doing backstage stuff for a while and not wrestling.

    • Nostalgia

      I see Eve being the Karen Jarrett to Beth’s Gail Kim. Which would be awesome

      • Prescott

        Someone putting over Karen Jarrett! Now that’s what I’m talking about. She really had a good thing going and it’s a shame that (asshole who should not be named) screwed up the political side and both JJ/Karen were pulled from TV. Hopefully (said asshole) will not wield undue, unwarranted amounts of power inside TNA Impact Wrestling much longer. Pray with me.

    • dunk20

      Eve should be aiming herself at getting the divas title. Making Teddy scrub the back of a guy isn’t really helping her get to the top of the division…

      I like how Beth goes further then being a “heel”. She talks like she’s there to win and nothing more, I don’t know why is that considered heel.

      • mariah.

        Eve isn’t aiming to be at the top of the division — she made it clear that she’s aiming to be at the top of the company.

  • Zane

    Damn- that means Beth’s still a heel :( I want face Beth Phoenix back!

  • eyecon

    Beth has some nerve saying “Who’d Layla ever beat” Um she beat you Beth to become the Women’s Champion …lol How soon we forget

    • Bethinho

      i think she was talking about who Layla beat to instantly become Divas champion in her return.

    • WWEStarInTraining

      Yeah, but Beth was injured, had she not been injured, Layla wouldnt of held the belt

      • Flawless

        Plus it was handicap match.

  • Nostalgia

    People need to
    Understand you don’t cement your legacy by just wrestling… Trish and Lita both spent time outside of the ring. Eve’s stint as the administrator is good for her, no need to rush it

    • mariah.


  • malejiva

    TBH, I wouldn’t like to see a Beth/Layla feud.. too boring…

    • OhhReyn

      Man… How can I agree more. There are lots of divas out there with potential. Let’s say Raquel, She could like debut with the support of her mom and do a fued with Layla…

  • melon2617

    I love that WWE is addressing that Layla became Divas Champion simply by showing up and that the other women are pissed, a sentiment fans have said.

    It’s a good angle, because I look at it the same as when you’re worked hard for a promotion and your bosses fill it with an external hire. Sure, they are likely the best candidate, but you busted your butt day in and day out and now this other person got the job by simply walking in. Sure, Layla did a lot but she’s been out for a year, so to women like Beth, Natalya (as Booker & Cole said on commentary) are naturally going to be a little peeved.

    I hope they follow this up on Raw. That would be good. PS how amazing does Beth look in that picture…hotness!

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yes very HOT…..This is the one of the best looking pictures of her (from along time ago) This is who i want her to come back being With that kinda headband she used to wear when she was the Bad ass Heel back way when. And bring back the Glam Suits

      • Choko

        It would make an amazing storyline if Layla was trying to prove herself to the other divas. Like the face divas would not be good friends with her because of her LayCool past and the heels would not like her because they are heels. Layla could try to prove herself to the face divas by helping them and such.

  • Ouellet


  • Jhonmarco

    What Nostalgia said.

    This could be very similar to the whole Gail/Karen vs. Velvet story where Layla could be Velvet. It’d be a great way for Eve & Layla to feud, Eve could continually screw Layla week after week. I feel Eve should stay in this role until at least August/September. Pushes like these make careers. Just ask Trish.

    • TheGamergirl22

      So is there a Madison Rayne? oh wait Beth can win cleanly,

  • Prescott

    Very shrewd on Beth’s part to put over Eve in that role. It almost sounds like my own putting her over 2 years ago when everyone was declaring Alicia Fox the next big thing and brushing Eve Torres aside. I knew who had the Trish potential then and it’s not changed one bit. Though it’s just boring now that it’s so close to present time. The cool stuff is being months, if not years, out in front. That’s what (can’t say, can’t say, can’t say) paid for.

    Anyhoo, I’m smelling an Eve Torres vs. Layla type of feud but what bothers me is the payoff wouldn’t be that great. I’m looking both at Layla’s body of work and that she’s apparently still using the brace and probably will be on a limited clock/moveset. So this would be more of a glitter and shinola feud than a real hype machine that delivers. Even Beth/Layla would probably fall into the same boat, which is why it’s simply not very wise to crown Layla in the silly, slapdash fashion that they chose. The smaller echo chamber of Diva fans may put it over, but the wide sea of WWE and wrestling fans will do that much less… which is why she’s quickly been rushed to Sound-Editor SmackDown to hide any Kong chants or so-on, hiding boos like they do for Sheamus. Great business model, guys!

    • Prescott

      The “YES!” phenomenon got so hot, it took over entire shows, arenas and got WWE mainstream coverage on ABC, ESPN and other sports media outlets because it was crossing over. What does near-monopoly WWE do with that? They first try to get Roddy Piper to change it, make DB even more cowardly and ridiculous than before, make him lose in a match which embarassed Sheamus and exposed him as a gasbag (he made Batista look like Kurt Angle with that cardio), try to get “18 Seconds” over as merch and a meme, THEN try to change “YES!” into Sheamus’ gimmick somehow, all under the watchful guidance of Vince & Co. managing the sound-editor’s brutally painful job of manipulating all this on SmackDown. Even though they’ve pivoted away from their new SuperSheamus to giving us Punk/Bryan, the bad taste they left in fans’ mouths from trying to defy the wrestling fans’ democracy they pay to express will linger (ironically on Sheamus himself) for many months.

      Not only do I expect more Kharma (Kong) chants, I am indeed afraid of them because it will just make Vince more defiant to “make the fans like what I want them to frigging like” rather than “build up and put over whatever’s getting over with the fans.” The former is Vince Jr., and his promoting legacy for all time. The latter is Vince Sr. and the same. The only thing that will make A = B is competition and is one of the main reason I invest copious amounts of time watching, analyzing and beating up on TNA.

    • Jhonmarco

      I think Layla is FAR from a limited moveset. I can smell Trish/Lita with Eve/Layla with Eve making Layla’s life a living hell.

      • melon2617

        I’m just not seeing it. Eve has helped Layla more than anything. She gave Layla the match. She fired Layla’s rivals. Eve has pretty much given Layla everything in this storyline. Why give it to her just to take it from her?

        It looks like Beth may be Layla’s next opponent. They’ve planted the seeds in this article & on Smackdown by saying the other women weren’t happy that Eve chose Layla to be in the match.

        • gl83


          Wouldn’t it be cool if WWE teased Layla and Eve possibly being in cahoots with one another. You know possibly teasing Eve wanting Layla to be her “corporate champion” of the Divas Division and using her power to stack the deck against the other Top Divas in the division.

        • TheGamergirl22

          I wanted to see an Eve vs Layla storyline where Layla is enjoying being a champion then Eve screw her out of a title to get back at Layla during her Laycool days, then Eve uses her power to make Layla’s life miserable,

          Seeing Eve the second most mated women (Vickie at #1) this can easily put Layla or any face completely over.

  • ShimmerSupport211

    beth, nattie, and paige…. thats all i gota say.

    •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

      Beth bringing in a younger protégée to combat Layla while she heals up sounds appealing… and Paige is the best fit.

      Failing that, Raquel Diaz could debut as a bratty heel with Vickie as her pushy Mother/manager combo.

      There are plenty of options for Layla until Kharma resurfaces.

      • TheGamergirl22

        Yeah I think Beth should come back weeks Summer Slam for me it’s too early like a new women debuts (whoever other than Shaul)

        Win the title and say she did it for Beth, then Beth comes back and has a rivaled with that woman