Eve and Stephanie McMahon Promote Anti-Bullying Week

WWE Diva Eve, along with the WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, helped promote WWE and Be a STAR Alliance’s anti-bullying week recently.

They spoke to 350 students at a school, and in an interview, Eve also discussed her own experience of being bullied.

Check out the video here.

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  • http://legionofextraordinarywrestlers.spruz.com/ mscandy

    As pretty as Eve is, I’m really surprised she was bullied.

    • http://shohanusa.proboards.com/ LuckySeven

      Well you never know how different people were back when they were in school. Just because they look like they have it all together now doesn’t mean they weren’t awkward or geeky in their schooling years.

      • http://legionofextraordinarywrestlers.spruz.com/ mscandy

        True, but it’s still interesting to think about. I saw her high school and middle school pictures, and she was extremely pretty…..

        • Jake

          Pretty people are bullied also.

        • Crazy_J

          Pretty people can be very shy sometimes.. a lot of people think that I’m stuck up or rude just because I’m an attractive guy but I’m quiet. It doesn’t take much for people to pick on people or bully them. People are lame that way. I was just glad when I was bullied that it was me rather than someone whose feelings it would’ve hurt.

        • dunk20

          Gah I’m attractive and I never got bullied. I don’t think it’s a matter of looks though, it’s more the attitude. If you are an easy target then you are most likely victim of bullying.

          Maybe she was bullied with kids calling her bitch, or other jealous girls disputing the spotlight? Jealousy is a bitch.

          Crazy_J you look rather skinny… I’m not saying you are unatractive but being skinny and male in high school usually leads to bullying from jocks? I don’t know. Glad you overcome it.

  • Tamms

    Okay I know the difference between storyline and in real life but WWE isnt doing very good with their whole Be A Star Campaign. I mean you have Eve making appearances to show she was bullied and last night on Raw she basically bullied Big Show into apologizing to Lauranitis. Does anyone see the irony in this? I think the WWE really needs to think on their actions

    • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

      Isn’t that what storytelling is all about? Portraying characters that reflect real life attitudes and situations?

      • Tamms

        I do get that and I understand that sometimes thats how it works but there are other ways of going about that message. To me its becoming a double standard its okay to bully when your in character but you speak about not bullying out of character. How about now bullying at all. WWE isnt setting a very good example right now and its their campaign

        • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

          But then how are the characters in WWE able to get over if they can’t display a veritable of conflicts? Drama is always going to be a core dynamic in wrestling, just like soap operas and most output on TV. In that sense, the WWE is more realistic than contradictory. Personally, I think they need to re-examine the ethos of their advertising; yet, their contributions off-screen and public appearances surely can only be a positive thing? I think “bullying” is a term deployed too often in this hypersensitive society, but that’s subjective: look at the portrayals of heroes and villains on WWE programming. It isn’t horribly one sided.

        • dunk20

          If they are in character they arent bullying anyone, they are just acting.

          So if they get to talk out of character about how they are against bullying to the Be a Star campaign then WWE is actually doing the right thing.

          What’s difficult for you to get?

        • Crazy_J

          What I think Tamms is saying is that the WWE could’ve picked someone better to do an anti bully speech than a current heel on their roster. I see the point and to be honest thats whats wrong with the WWE right now.. they didn’t used to do that. They usually used faces for events such as those.

          The point is.. how can you have Eve bullying someone on TV and then have her speak to kids that bullying is wrong? If you aren’t a WWE fan or you don’t realize it isn’t real then you would think she was a liar.

  • ahlhelm

    Let’s send two wrestlers famous for their bullying tactics as authority figures to talk about bullying. Meanwhile let’s have our champion tell someone to kill themselves on the site we promote 3,000 per episode. Got to love WWE.

  • Kessuki

    IMO they should practice what they preach. whether some divas or superstars are in character or not this is pg viewing and so it will only make kids think bullying is acceptable and use similar tactics in real-life situations.

    • dunk20

      Doesn’t make sense.
      “They should practice what they preach” , so you want WWE to go even more PG?

      They should stop wrestling, fighting is wrong. Fighting is a form of bullying.

      • Kessuki

        oops, well i meant they (wwe) speak about this bullying campaign that they do but some of the treatment of their divas and superstars comes across onscreen quite uncomfortable to watch i.e (the flatulence gimmick on natalya – what purpose did it serve but to embarass her?, same can be said with jillian and her singing and mickie and the piggie janes angle). im aware of the acting and whats real but sometimes i just think wwe politics backstage causes bullying for real upon its employees.

        if it means choosing between a farting gimmick or a restricted pg program then i will take the ‘more pg’.

        “They should stop wrestling, fighting is wrong. Fighting is a form of bullying.” thats your opinion and i disagree, fighting is not wrong if its licensed and legal and puts food on the table (but thats a different topic).

        • dunk20

          I was being sarcastic! Ofcourse it’s not wrong nor is the gimmicks or “bullying” scenes. They need that in order to have storylines and a more personal touch into it. Ofcourse the farting gimmick didn’t help in anything, but the Piggy James story line, Smelly Kelly etc got actually the reaction they wanted, the heels got booed and the faces got cheered.

          It makes perfect sense to have the heels talking out of character in the be a star campaign, that’s easy to separate the oil from the water. Eve bullies when she’s in character but shows how it is wrong when it comes to reality. That’s why people need to learn how to separate acting from reality. It’s like saying that actors who play villains or assassins can’t embrasse a cause against that. Right?

        • Crazy_J

          DUNK20.. no it;s not saying they CAN’T do those kind of events.. PLUS movies aren’t on every week and don’t carry a story longer than an hour and a half.

          I know the difference between acting and being real… the point I think people are trying to make is that don’t have a heel who bullies people go o.o.c. about it and try to say what they do on tv is wrong.. it just is so.. idk the word but it’s pretty dumb and actually DOES effect their character on tv. They aren’t A-LIST celebs or anything.

  • redsandman99

    I don’t see the huge deal in having WWE send Stephanie and Eve. Just because they portray something on-screen doesn’t mean that’s what they are off it. They have (or had in Stephanie’s case) a character to portray, just like actors or actresses do in TV shows or movies. Shows and movies that kids watch have bullies in them. And besides, what kid is gonna remember Stephanie’s prior on screen reign of terror? I mean really. Most probably were babies or not even born yet.

  • Leo

    I think having Eve do it isn’t bad at all because it also helps the kids distinguish real from pretend on TV Eve is the bad guy, in real like Eve isn’t a bad guy at all, it’s all a matter of helping the kids realize that what’s on TV is just a show

    • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame


  • LaylaElFan

    I still cant believe Eve Torres was bullied

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    So…by that logic, Ian Somerhalder should stop going to human rights rallies, as his character on TV, Damon Salvatore has no regard for human life? I mean, he should practice what he preaches, right?

    WWE is fiction. Kids know that. My 10 & 5 year old will be happy to tell you that TV isn’t real.

    Just like Somerhalder isn’t really a vampire, Eve Torres isn’t really a hoeski or a bully. WWE should be praised for their campaign against bullying, as it’s very real & very sad. I don’t see people coming down on Sophia Bush or Ashley Tisdale for their anti-bullying stances, despite the fact that they both made their fame playing villainous characters. Its up to the parents to remind their kids that fantasy is not reality & that these people are playing a role.

  • revivingophelia

    The WWE definitely seems to like sending Eve on promotional stuff like this.

    Anyway… Just because Eve is pretty doesn’t mean she wasn’t bullied. Eve went to college on a full academic scholarship, so it’s possible people gave her trouble because of how well she did in school, especially when she was younger (junior high, etc.). I’ve seen that happen before.

  • Kessuki

    well done to eve for speaking up about being bullied. we’ve all been there with some worse off than others so i respect her for speaking publicly about what may be a sensitive issue for her.

  • Crazy_J

    Okay.. don’t bully on a show if you are against bullying. end of story. If you are going to bully on your show then don’t have the character bullying do the events. Also.. if you are going to bully on your show then you NEED to air that you are against it on your show in some way.

    Not all kids know tv is fake I don’t care what you say otherwise we wouldn’t have people shooting people because they thought an animated game was real. Kids are kids and bullying happens because what they see and what they are taught.. besides if you are a KID, what is more entertaining to you? Watching Eve make fun of someone or beat them up on a fabulous/glossed up show OR listening to her talk on a mic about how it is wrong.. uhm yeah.. I don’t think it’s hard to figure out what a kid finds more entertaining and if their favorite star is a bully then there ya go..