In Video: Maxine Talks Raw In-Ring Debut on ‘Backstage Fallout’ Plus Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix and Maxine are featured on the latest Backstage Fallout on YouTube.

Maxine talks about her in-ring debut on Raw.


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    Lol Maxine is so funny that’s the most stupid question i heard in my life , that’s your question what happen out there then she grabs the camera guys paper of questions then she says what is this are these your notes is this what you spend all day doing and thats what you came up with that …. really? then she stops no no no you don’t know me & don’t know what im capable of GET OF MY FACE

  • art

    I wish they would have had beth beat maryes record because she deserves it…i dont think beth will ever get near moolahs record LOL..

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    I doubt beth will break moolahs record, title changes are very common in WWE, But she does deserve to break maryses title reign, hell beths first reign as divas champion was better than maryses.