NXT Spoilers: May 9th, 2012

Spoilers for tomorrow’s edition of NXT:

* Maxine defeated Tamina. Maxine won via submission.

* JTG (w/Alicia Fox) beat Yoshi Tatsu. JTG won with the Shoutout in a short match. Alicia Fox walked with JTG to the ring. (Source)


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  • jen07201

    I wonder how JTG looks now that Alicia Fox is his fashion consultant.

    • unscripted & flawless

      I saw a pic…I think he’s just in trunks now with short hair. Nothing really different lol

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    lovely to see maxine get a win :) I have also been getting behind tamina as a performer of late, so again, another thumbs up for her inclusion!

    it would suck so much if alicia gets stuck in valet limbo, but at least she’s getting to do something i guess =/

  • redsandman99

    Nice to see Maxine get a win. And at least they have something for Alicia to do. Hopefully Maxine and Tamina got some good time to work with.

  • Michael

    Fingers crossed for AJ vs Kaitlyn on SmackDown since the latter isn’t on NXT for the first time in ages.

    • redsandman99

      Hopefully…though she could be in a backstage segment and they didn’t report it. They do that an awful lot.

    • redsandman99

      According to lordsofpain.net, AJ defeats Kaitlyn on Smackdown in a “physical” match and gets taunted by Daniel Bryan after.

  • shameronstar

    Congradulations Maxine, you FINALLY beat Tamina!

  • redsandman99

    Alicia and Natalya apparently wrestled on Superstars but I didn’t hear who won. Does anyone know?

    • redsandman99

      Never mind I found a more helpful report.

  • Gleekout

    Yay for Maxine!!

  • jcarcano12

    Maxine vs Paige will be cool

  • Bryana

    yay for maxine for beating Tamina, NXT is just where she shines

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    kinda thought a new diva might debut on NXT this week

    • jcarcano12

      Me 2 but I think they are waiting to release people. But I only see calyee I think that how you spell her name or Sofia will debut. Because Audrey is still green Paige is too young and Raquel is not ready. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Naomi or Carmen in nxt.

  • koshiro

    I hope it is a good match..
    curious to see the interaction between Alicia and JTG.. :P

    • jcarcano12

      I want Alicia back with her dancing gimmick. I miss DJ Gabriel

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Could this be a heel turn for Miss Fox?

    • jcarcano12

      Is JTG heel?

      • Choko

        Yes, he is.