Diva Dirt TV: TNA Sacrifice Preview – Will Brooke Tessmacher End Gail Kim’s Reign?

Diva Dirt TV is back with a preview for this Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice pay per view.

Will Brooke Tessmacher end Gail Kim‘s reign as Knockouts Champion?

Watch below:

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  • koshiro

    I think Gail retains.

    Then she will be ‘injured’ next Thursday’s Impact, to be taken off tv (just got married, she needs to enjoy it :P ). With that, the title will be vacated and God knows who will get it..

    [my booking is horrible , right? hahaha]

    • velvelove

      Tnats some wwe booking right there :)


    I can’t see Brooke winning.. I mean, she’s pinned Gail 2 times? A 3rd time.. I can’t see happening. No one in TNA has been close to beating Gail in a title match, but Brooke will come in and take it just like that? I doubt it.. I mean, if Mickie/Tara/Madison can’t beat her, then why on earth would they book Brooke to dominate her?
    Hopefully TNA involve Gail’s marriage in the story-line if they can, not sure if the tapings will be too late though. TNA need to use the KOTT Titles as well..
    I want to see TNA match stipulations being more extreme for the KO’s.. we need submission, ladder, table, street fight again, TNA has taken a step back from 2008 with all these standard matches and tag matches, they’re far too complacent and starting to become WWE predictable in many respects. Switch it up TNA, please!

  • GlamSlamFan

    Gail only has a few days, until she beats Madison’s reign as longest Knockout’s Champion. I can see her costing Gail the match, because she wants to keep that claim.

  • KillerKing

    I’m glad Jake stopped cocking his head so much lol, it was so distracting in the last few videos!

    But yeah, if Brooke wins the title, I’ll be pissed. Just let Gail pass Madisons record.