SmackDown Redux (May 11th, 2012): AJ Chick Busts Kaitlyn, But Daniel Bryan Has the Last Laugh

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! After being assaulted by AJ two weeks in a row, Kaitlyn finally gets the chance to take on her former best friend in a singles match. Can the ex-Chickbusters put on a friendly match, or will AJ go off the deep end once again? Check out the match below:

We start off with AJ already in the ring looking distraught and conflicted, which is becoming the norm for her. Kaitlyn is out next and she doesn’t look happy in the least. The official signals for the bell and AJ rushes her ex-BFF, pummeling her with punches. Kaitlyn manages to make it back to a vertical base and goes for a clothesline, but AJ dodges, hits a low dropkick, followed by a Shining Wizard to pick up the quick 3-count.

After the match, AJ attacks Kaitlyn once again, but stops in her tracks when Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes strutting down the ramp. Daniel grabs a mic and commends AJ’s performance and says he didn’t know she could be so ruthless. (Did he not see those slaps?!)

Daniel goes on to say he sees AJ in a new light, and just when you think he’s going to take her back, he says he’s going to win the WWE Championship and move on… to Kaitlyn. AJ just looks at her former lover in shock, and for second something crazed and violent flashes across AJ’s face, before she takes off up the ramp with Daniel Bryan laughing behind her.

While there wasn’t much of a match, I’m really enjoying AJ’s slow descent into the realm of psychopath. I am just waiting for her to finally snap on Daniel Bryan, and I think we’re getting close. I’m assuming that the payoff would come at Over the Limit where Daniel Bryan has a shot at CM Punk’s WWE Championship. I could see AJ costing Daniel the title, or even joining forces with CM Punk.

This AJ/Daniel saga has proven to be one of the most interesting Divas-related storyline in recent memory, and it has the potential to make all the parties involved into stars. Hopefully, the WWE writers can keep it up on next week’s SmackDown and knock it out of the park at Over The Limit.

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  • jen07201

    Daniel Bryan is such an awesome heel. I love AJ’s acting skills. I really hope that Kaitlyn gets involved it would do so much for her.


    I didn´t like this match for two reason… First, it was TOO short, and second, it made Kaytlin seem super weak, seemed totally unreal! I know AJ is a better wrestler then Kaytlin, but Kaytlin is much more stronger and bigger then her and this made no sense!

    Oh well, I guess this is not worst then her theme song -.-

    P.S: I want a rematch at Over the Limit with a good amount of time and Kaytlin looking stronger (and with new theme and titantron)!

  • Litaker61

    Aj continues to impress. Even though it was shorter than Raw’s match, it served its purpose. Really enjoying where this is going.

  • Raekon

    Kaitlyn has proven to be one of the most resilient divas in the division and then they let AJ get a clean win over her with two moves…..

    Horrible! I liked it that AJ was the crazy one and how Kaitlyn didn’t fought back at first but then two moves and she gets pinned? Common!
    That was bullshit.

    Anyway, I LOVED AJs expression when Daniel laughed on her face and I awaited for her to be allover him. Instead she just left which was another letdown for me.

    Still a good segment which I REALLY hope the writers will keep up with instead of dropping the ball because it would work well and could involved Kateman additionaly while AJ can go full heel and show what kind of an awesome “Psycho” she can be! :)

  • LadyGoDiva

    I gotta like that the WWE is continuing to tell the story every week with AJ.

    I’m wondering since DB is planning to move on to Kaitlyn but is with Derick Bateman so I wonder if it’ll fuel something along with it?

  • Queen Bee

    Kaitlyn it seems is being Kaval’d. She’s probably gonna get released soon.

  • melon2617

    I wonder if WWE intends to swerve everyone & it will be KAITLYN who costs DB the title. Have D-Bryan creepily pursue Kaitlyn, who appears to go along with it, sending AJ even further over the edge & then when D-Bryan is getting the advantage, Kaitlyn smacks the taste out of his mouth & starts screaming @ him for what he did to AJ, with Punkers getting the pin.

    Then, AJ skulks to the ring when Bryan is moving in on Kaitlyn, with it looking like AJ is about to attack Kaitlyn again, AJ low blows Bryan & she & Kaitlyn celebrate in the ring.

  • TheFallenAngela

    the look she had on her face was to creepy like she was crazy or something

  • SigmaX

    AJ has a pitbull mentallity going so her beating Kaitlyn is not un-realistic in any way.

    Fighting anyone with serious rage issues is a problem as they have nothing to lose and thus have no fear and will go as hard and as vicious as their body will let them , and not to mention all that adrenaline is severely numbing physical harm , and AJ is the more skilled wrestler , being bigger means absoloute squat in a fight…just go watch bruce lee.

    But anyways AJ is so close to just finally going off the edge , just one more small push and we will have IMO the greatest psychotic character ever , it has been such an entertaining slow descent but now it is time she gets with the crazy.

  • no rain

    Aj should have bitch slaped Daniel, that would have been awesome, this was ok even though it was a short match, it showed storyline progression and Aj’s acting is right spot on, so much better than Raw as always , also im glad she’s becoming a psycho cause i always love psyco characters xP

    off topic but i really miss maryse so bad! :(

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    This is my ”Wish-List” for this feud.
    Daniel Bryan has a match and Kaitlyn Companies him to the ring.
    AJ comes out of nowhere and attacks Kaitlyn, They both have a Cat-Fight. This Distracts Daniel Bryan and he looses his match. Which causes Daniel Bryan to be furious and get a restraining order on AJ. AJ makes a promo saying ”If I cant have you no one will” She will destroy anybody that gets near Daniel but has her eyes set on Kaitlyn. She kidnaps Kaitlyn and dresses up like her, pretending to be her. She comes out in 1 of Daniel Bryan’s matches & more. Or something similar to that.

  • Roqqsz

    The look in Aj’s eyes when she raised her head was awesome. I think Mickie will have a run for her money in the psycho wrestler department. I can’t wait.

  • shannymac

    I am loving psycho Aj!

  • Jhonmarco

    AJ is the most interesting diva in WWE. That is fucking all <3.

  • THETommyTommy

    I’m secretly loving how interesting the division is getting. AJ going psycho, Eve heeling it out, Layla as champ, Kharma on the horizon, Beth pursuing the title, Maxine being Maxine. I see opportunities everywhere!

  • Hunt-A1

    Maybe wwe at trying to re-create the whole Trish/Lita thing with Kaitlyn/AJ. Tbh i wouldn’t mind that, as long as they give them storylines and tv time for matches and promos i wouldnt complain

  • TheGamergirl22

    That evil look AJ had was epic,

    lol this is extremely unlikely but remember the Trish/Ashley/ Mickie segment when Ashley is tied up.

    If AJ ties CM Punk up and say’s to Daniel Bryan “He’s your friend right? aren’t you gonna save him?

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Garbage booking again. why couldn’t alicia fox vs nattie neidhart be on smackdown instead of a squash match for a stupid mental abuse storyline ? for a company that campaigns against stuff like that it sure makes since right ? i mean they should focus bryan danielson on building his match with cm punk, not this garbage. and i really feel like they will book aj to get involved and cost bryan his match at over the limit which i pray to god doesn’t happen because wrestling wise punk and bryan will be amazing but needs a clean finish…. once nattie and beth get back on tv im good. other then that, shimmer is where the true female wrestling is right now.

  • redsandman99

    AJ/Daniel Bryan has been one of the most interesting storylines in any kind of recent memory. The most obvious booking now is AJ costing Bryan the title at Over the Limit.


    This would be my hopes for this storyline:
    1)next week There is a backstage segment with D-Bryan and Kaitlyn. Daniel is hitting on kaitlyn, but she rufeses to listen she walks away. This is during a A.J match. The segment causes A.J the match.
    2) Week after that, we see A.J confront Kaitlyn about it and starts yelling at her and telling to stay away from Daniel. Kaitlyn tries to explain, but Bryan shows up and says “Kaitlyn doesn’t need to explain anything!” He grabs her arm and yanks her out of the picture. A.j is left behind confused and raged.
    3) Then at at the ppv, Bryan’s match is next he walks to the ring and the ring with Kaitlyn slugging on behind him looking like she doesn’t want to be there.
    4) Right when Daniel looks like he’s about to win, Kaitlyn jumps up on the apron and tries to distract him. Daniel grabs her hand points at her with his finger and starts to threatin her. Kaityn yanks her arm away, Bryan looks suprised then: BAM!! Kaitlyn slaps him. He spins around and Punk gives him the GTS.
    5) After C.M Punk wins, he walks over to a Kaitlyn fuiriously, and Kaitlyn looks unafraid. Then A.j runs down the ramp and walks up to Kaitlyn glares at her, but then she turn to Bryan looks at Kaitlyn and BAM!! A.j slaps him. Daniel turns around and tries to run out the ring. But with Punk still in the ring, he bumps into him and gives him another GTS.
    6) They all celebrate happily in the ring.
    THE END :)

  • DJ8946

    I Love The Match & The Segment & The Whole Storyline. BTW The Storyline Isnt Over At Over The Limit Because AJ’s Is Featured In The No Way Out Poster With Daniel Tied Up.

  • jim462

    The whole psych Aj Kaitlyn brawl/match with Daniel bryan coming out to hmiliate Aj again was great on 5/11/12 Smackdown but Aj is about to attack DB soon see the look on her face right before she left the ring. she is great as a psycho heel hope when she attacks DB it dont make her a babyface again. Aj acting is so awesome now herfacial expressions the way she goes from sweet to psycho this is way more interesting than the Divas storyline on RAW

  • Aksana

    It’s actually quite heart warming to see how far these 2 women have come since NXT 3. Given the obvious negatives of this match (being the length). AJ has become one of the best actresses in the Divas division. Her acting skills on NXT 3 were, forgive me, cringe worthy – Her wrestling skills however are excellent and should be commended on. Kaitlyn on the other hand, lacked in her wrestling ability but made up for it with her acting skills. Whilst she has improved these acting skills further, she has also improved inside the ring. Yes, she’s no Sara Del Rey or Ailssa Flash – But she’s trying, and that is all I can ask for.

    To put it bluntly, I adore these 2 women.

  •!/MKPenguin MiiKool

    Everyone seems to be down about the diva division at the moment, sure they could do with giving the divas more time but it seems as though they are surely but slowly giving them all characters…I mean

    Aksana- Seductive temptress.

    Eve- Power Hungry with all intentions of “doing whatever to get what she wants”

    Maxine- A woman who wears the trousers and will get what she wants

    Beth- Glamazon, okay they’ve stopped her run for the time being but it will step up soon.

    Layla- babyface champion, (not much of a gimmick I now but I have a feeling they will do something special with herl…well I hope.

    AJ- Heartbroken “ex girlfriend” however judging by the eye contact I saw with DB, I have a feeling this is an inside plan to get them both as champions or a power couple.

    Kaitlyn- Hurt bestfriend and can be a tough top babyface, if given enough development.

    Tamina- Warrior Princess with fathers DNA.

    Natayla- Thanfully they have bagged the fart gimmck and slowly giving her a “I’ll fight anyone,anywhere regardless of out personal relationships”

    Kelly Kelly- Top plucky babyface.

    Alicia Fox- A fashionista with “foxxiness” pardon the pun

    and it’s slowly but being done to give the division more meaning and with Kharma returning it won’t be “Kharma beat any old diva” It will be “Kharma has just beaten this diva who had this intention”

    It’s a slow process but soon the diva will restore some glory and pride…maybe not the early 2000’s or 2008-2010 but it will be retalked about, just gotta wait unfortunately…

  • jcarcano12

    I like the match.

  • revivingophelia

    Honestly, given how AJ’s been obsessed with Daniel Bryan, I could picture them having her continue to try and get him back… Maybe even having her try to cost CM Punk the title at Over the Limit as a way to get DB’s attention again. Just have her keep going full-on obsession and attacking the people around him (his opponents, people she sees as threats to her getting him back – like Kaitlyn) before she finally snaps on Daniel himself. Over the Limit’s in only a week, and the WWE likes to drag things out sometimes. I think something will happen there, but I don’t think it’ll be the big pay-off, especially if the No Way Out poster that’s been out it legit. That poster seems to indicate they plan to keep this going on for awhile.

  • lelloo7

    I honestly dont usually like kaitlyn’s matches, and this was not an exception, it was too short and made kaitlyn look like she was in nxt 3 and even worse !
    She has nothing special, she’s not over to the fans (like Kelly..) she doesnt have a character (she just hangs out with aj and people say she’s a geek persona, but she isnt) she didnt inharit anything (tamina, natalya..) she doesnt have good theme song, video or what so ever, these are the things SHE could improve so that WWE takes her more seriously …
    ANW the story was told, and AJ is a great acterss… but heel underdogs never work O.o

  • Shan

    I WANT PSYCHO AJ!!!!!!!!!

  • Lily

    AJ looked psycho when she heard Daniel wanted to move on with Kaitlyn.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Yeah, I thought that we would see something like they did back when they both were in FCW. Disappointed.

  • Poison_Ivory

    LOL that would mean 2 Diva match on the same PPV. That would take too much time away from all the important Recaps!


    I know, but at least we can dream xD


    But that would not be the first time, remember when they put Kelly Kelly vs Layla and Eve Torres vs Alicia Fox at Money in the Bank?

    Probably they were drunk or druged that time xD

  • T@KESH1

    yes, it is cuz she’s not using wrestling, not entirely. Look at the running attack after the Thesz press. IDK, how hard someone’s ragin, let alone someone of that huge a size diff, noone’s gonna take someone down with a lil kid hug. Good thing Kaitlyn sold it like she got spear’d.

  • mariah.

    I agree with your comment so much!

  • T@KESH1

    Yeah, it’s a waste for everyone.

    If not but for the commentary call-back later in his match, I’d say FOR SURE that Bryan/Kaitlyn/Aj is not a program, just a one-time, one-liner. That’s probably what it is tho, 1 & done.

  • T@KESH1

    *edit – “IDC” how…

  • SigmaX

    Again AJ has a pitbull mentallity , meaning she wont stop she is unpredicable and unhinged.

    I am not speaking on the take down I am speaking on the etirety of AJ winning , which is entirely believable and way more believable then if she lost in anyway other than a dq , again she has a pitbull metantility and it is the best way they can go about using AJ ..especially against someone like Kharma who no doubt AJ will beat for the divas title down the line.

  •!/ShannonWaldron3 LilShannon

    I Miss Maryse badly too!!!!


    It was too early for A.J to snap on Bryan. At the time i wanted it to happen too but…now looking back on it the slapping would have had a bigger impact at a ppv.

  • Choko

    we had 2 diva matches at PPV’s sometimes back in the golden era quite oftenly.


    I know, good times…

    But I was talking about this era, if Divas get a PPV match its a miracle, and if they get 2 PPV matches I don´t even know what it is!

  • Choko

    AJ is fucking all? what? isn’t she just after Bryan.

  • gl83

    I wholeheartedly agree. And her performance and her acting has gotten better as the weeks gone on. AJ has taken this character and has made it her own.

    And it’s very telling that to people who aren’t Diva fans, that until Kharma returns, AJ is the only Diva that they care about. Considering their attitude towards the divas in general, for them to be so into this storyline with her is an indictment of how good of a job AJ as been doing.


    I wouldn´t mind, I LOVE them both!

  • T@KESH1

    ok, thats all well & great. The thing is its gotta be displayed feasibly is all I’m sayin.. so no more non-bum rushed, kindergarden tackles.

  • T@KESH1

    if nothing comes of this, then yeah most likely.

    The last minute scrapping of her joining The D.o.D was definitely the start.
    I think it’s a big mistake to do so given her potential and great aspects, but she’s quite blocked:
    -her dynamic looks/muscle combo is phenomenal but it looks as though WWE had no want of a “Beth-lite” of sorts, even tho to her credit, Kaitlyn’s < 2yr. experience could provide it.
    -she's tops at acting but w/out a push/program is n/a.
    -her geek sensibility is dwarfed by AJs sell-able packaging (pun-intended)

    Then, there's the minuses of being nondescript:
    -no famous family/association (no one to inherit entrance music/moves from)
    -lack of ethnicity (I hear her moms Latina but its not plain to see on her so..)
    -no distinct ring attire or music (sticking w/ the gold & black ring gear & the NXT 3 theme song could've worked)
    -her name (is not a nickname, famous-family name, nor is attachable to ethnicity)

  • Raekon

    That would mean for her to ask for her release cause that was what happened with Kaval.

  • Jhonmarco

    This was my comment

    “AJ is the most interesting diva in WWE. That is fucking all. <3"

    Clearly when I said that is fucking all, I just meant that is all with more force though.

    Basically my comment was AJ is pretty much the top diva in WWE hands down.

  • Jhonmarco

    Can you ever leave a comment that doesn’t involve you critizing something because it isn’t revolving around your favorites or pure wrestling.

    And actually this storyline is going quite beautifully, wrestling fans love it. But of course, it has to be a lot about wrestling. ROFL


    I’m tired of people bringing up the Be a Star campaign at stuff like this. That is OUTSIDE of wrestling, and has nothing to do with the matter. WWE is scripted it’s not real bullying.

  • Jhonmarco

    Agreed. This is how stars are born. Ideally I’d have AJ take the belt off Kharma at Wrestlemania (especially with it being held in her homestate next year).

  • Jhonmarco

    I would. She is the best wrestler with a best defined character & has a current storyline which is going great. This all equals to her being the best in WWE. Sure Beth & Nattie are amazing workers, but they have no defined characters & every storyline they’ve been in, in 2011 has been bad.

    This is not their fault obviously. I disagree, I feel Eve had a lot of steam after her heel turn, but now she’s fallen flat with her new role. I think AJ is playing her role much better than Eve.

  • melon2617

    I’m kind of hoping that Kaitlyn will cost him the title, then AJ comes out, D Bryan tries to get her to defend him from Kaitlyn & they do a double diva beat down.


    That would be awesome!! Hopefully that happens…i doubt it will though. WWE seems to have lost their touch. :'(

  • Raekon

    Replace the slap with a punch to his gut by Kaitlyn and I’m happy with the whole segment! ^_^


    I wouldn’t exactly say she is the top diva in WWE. She couldn’t hold a candle to Natalya or Beth Pheonix. But she is up there. As for a non wrestling role Eve is pretty much the lead for the divas.

  • gl83

    But, seriously to most fans do any of them really care about Beth Phoenix or Natalya right now. I’m not talking about us Diva fans, but rather the regular fans. To them Beth is boring and Natalya is a glorified jobber. They have no reason to be emotionally invested or to care about them. This angle is getting them emotionally invested in AJ’s plight and getting them to actually care about AJ. Can you really say that about any other Diva right now?

    Let’s face it, the Divas title is basically irrelevant. All the focus and buildup and development is going to Eve as the power-hungry Heel authority figure and AJ as the emotionally unstable ex-girlfriend.

  • Raekon

    Won’t work since Kaitlyn is against Daniel and already together with Derrick Bateman.

  • T@KESH1

    Naw, Kaval said he was fired on Dave Lagana’s podcast.

  • T@KESH1

    I listened to it shortly after it came out and he definitely said he was fired. Googling it now, some forum ppls are postulating he was told to say different at 1st but thats conjecture. Regardless, I distinctly remember he was adamant them simply “not having anything for him” and “he was let go/fired”. He has a rep for being a str8 shooter and if his motivation was to save face, then the change-up makes no sense(shi)

  • Raekon

    Really? O_o
    I remember when he said that after they let Mcintyre pin him in the like 2 seconds match, he got frustrated (tyler reks had got his spot in the smackdown team before that aswell) and went to the office.

    When he asked if he is “hot” (good enough to get a push soon) they told him he is “not” and when he asked for his release they immediately granted it to him.

    Strange stuff now that he says otherwise in a other interview. :/

  • mariah.

    Right?! Next people are going to say Angelina Jolie can’t speak out on human rights because she played a terrorist in a movie.

  • Raekon

    Same! Most of all since they worked as “enemies” down in fcw and they are both greatly talented in the ring, on the mic and segments so a feud like that could work pretty well between them.

    That they are indeed best friends in real life makes the whole thing even better! :)

  • T@KESH1

    Ya gotta be careful with what you’re holding her culpable to.

    Recent & perfect example of both opportunity and ability when it comes to Kaitlyn = the last ep of NXT – how many others could deliver simple storyline exposition in a freaking soliloquy?!

    What don’t you like about her matches?
    If your point is that she hasn’t progressed enough with her 22 months of experience then ok, but u need to give some specifics, esp compared to others, & one of em better not be the crucial aspect of ‘selling’ in the ring.

    Practically no-one is over like Kelly; that’s a terrible example.
    Besides, when you’re not ‘put over’ does that not matter?

    Kaitlyn absolutely has geek/humor sensibility.
    Opportunity to show it is what is missing. (refer NXT 3 where she made Aj ‘look’ like a geek poser) Now, it just isn’t plain to see if you’re a model-b.builder type and not a shorty-next-door-looks type whose ONLY accentuation is wearing kitty-skulls & Chuck Taylors.
    Ask yourself just how much character/persona of the Divas is derived from what opportunity they’ve been given? (ex. How much of an heel opportunist would Eve & Maxine exemplify without their story pushes?)
    Is anyone but Kaitlyn under an archetype block? (Beth Phoenix)

  •!/RV_Megumi Megumi


  • Bethinho

    Bryan asking AJ to save him from Kaytlin?that would be epic,ROTFL.