Wrestlicious Update

Things have been quiet on the Wrestlicious front for the past year or so — until now.

Diva Dirt reader Eric has this scoop from the premiere of the new GLOW documentary in New York last night:

Steve Blance, who was a writer of GLOW, was at the NYC premiere and told us that Wrestlicious Takedown is going into production soon for season 2 and that Hollywood of GLOW is going to be involved in a major capacity.

Wrestlicious aired 13 episodes in its first season in 2010.

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  • http://ringofviolence.yuku.com/ TestSubjekt

    It would be nice if the first season was available to be viewed online. I checked Bite tv (aired the show in Canada) a while back and there was nothing on their site anymore.

  • BobAnthony

    Question: Where will production take place? Tampa like before?

  • MattyM

    I hope they don’t do the live show recordings those were terrible

  • Evan

    You could have the best written wrestling show with the best matches but if it’s filmed with camcorders no one is gonna take it seriously. I hope they increase their budget by at least 500% when filming season 2.