Today in History: Lay-Cool Become Co-Women’s Champions

On this day in history:

May 14th, 2010 | At a certain point in time, if you feuded with either Layla or Michelle McCool, you feuded with the both of them. Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix learned this the hard way when she had to defend her title in a Handicap match. Even the Glamazon couldn’t overcome the odds, and she was pinned by Layla. But, while technically that made Layla the Women’s Champion, Lay-Cool decided to split the title–literally–and reigned as unofficial co-champions until the title was unified with the Divas Championship later that year.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • redsandman99

    I felt really bad for Beth here. She finally became champion again and was getting big reactions as a face and not only had to drop the belt because of injury, but drop it in her hometown.

    And while I can appreciate Michelle’s in ring work now, I really really hated her when she was around. It was like ALL the attention went to her at the expense of everyone else. Even at the expense of Layla, since she didn’t get her own actual reign out of this win.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Exactly i hated her too when she was in the WWE. It was ALL about her back than and i hated that, But now that she is gone and the Divas suck and i miss her lol. But if she came back it would be ALL about her again.

      • redsandman99

        I know. I mean, she was a great in ring talent and all but she just felt shoved down my throat, which I hated. And I would hate it again if she returned and that was the case.

  • bjorn448

    Great memories ;)

  • lucky1now

    this was back when the divas actually got some good storylines it revolved around 1 or 2 people but it was something
    im at least glad i enjoyed michelles in ring work

  • Xotchtl

    Can somebody clarify for me something?

    Has Beth ever won in her hometown? While in wwe of course.

    • jcarcano12


  • bjorn448

    back then the smackdown divas were on smackdown and the raw divas were on raw. not it is mixed… I dont want it mixed..

  • Jhonmarco

    I remember loving this moment, as I thought Layla was finally getting her dues. LOL boy was I wrong.

    The reaction to Beth here & in the match was fantastic.

    • Choko

      agreed. (shockingly, we have the same opinion on something.)

      • Jhonmarco

        First time for everything I guess.

        • Spike7000

          The only reason now why Layla is in her Divas title reign is because she’s just a pawn in Kharma’s return plus the big ole F You WWE gave her that year all because of McCool’s ”controversy”

        • Queen Bee

          Spike7000 or maybe because Layla has worked hard enough to be a Divas Champion. Not everything has to be about the goddess Kharma

        • perceval

          @QUEEN BEE

          Yeah, Layla was supposed to get the huge push, last year. They don’t give the Trish Rub (at Wrestlemania, yet), followed by being the one to retire Michelle McCool, to someone without BIG plans for that person.

          Her injury screwed that up, and we wound up with Kelly plugged into what was supposed to be Layla’s spot.

  • Ouellet

    One of the best eras on WWE, FLAWLESS!!!
    So creative Co-WWE Women’s Champions, i miss Michelle McCool (hope she returns)

  • Matty

    My proudest and favourite ever segment in the WWE – Layla the first (and last) ever British Diva to hold the Women’s Championship.
    Shame the title was shared, but in a way – im glad – Layla is getting her time to shine now as current Divas champion.

    I’m so proud. <3 <3

  • SigmaX

    My Lays first reign as queen..but then quickly turned into “friendship” town by sharing her reign , but still she is recognized as the last ever womens champion and that history is something that cannot be taken from her as long as she does not bring back the title on air.

    And another small tid bit I love that the ppv back then just happened to be over the limit as Layla became champion..and here we are again just like flawless times over the limit is here and Layla is champion once again.

  • Taylor

    A very bleak day in my mind.

    • Taylor

      And Beth’s injury made it worse.

  • GlamSlamFan

    Beth Phoenix, knee injury and all, still manages to samoan drop BOTH members of LayCool!

    I knida like how this is playing out storyline wise, Beth basically saying she’s better than Layla, because not only did they both have the same injury, but she came back in HALF the time than Layla did!

    • Choko

      didn’t Layla injure both ACL and MCL? cause that’s what I’ve heard.

      • SigmaX

        Yea Beth only injured her ACL which takes about 6 months to heal.

        Layla tore both the ACL and MCL , so compareitively it is not even anywhere near the same , Layla had a much harder and longer and harder road to recovery considering she pretty much tore everything about her knee into nothing but dust , and the fact Layla took the implant buster with that type of injury , either Layla is crazy lol or is infinetly tougher than anyone realizes.

        • GlamSlamFan

          She also faced Alicia Fox the week before the Kharma attack!

          I did hear that her injury was more serious than Beth’s, but she was bragging last week on commentary, how she came back in half the time. I just think that would be a cool way to increase the feud, Beth basically saying shes tougher than her!

  • kristalmelinafan

    I’m just glad WWE didn’t have Beth drop the title to Rosa.

    • Ladies of Wrestling

      Rosa being the last ever women’s champ woulda been so bad! lol.. I wish it was Natalya tho :) Would love to see her name along with all the legends like Moolah, Wendi, Sherri, Madusa, Bull, Jacqueline, Trish, Lita ect..

  • Ryan

    The Year Beth Became a MegaSuperstar along with Natalya hehe…Thanks LayCool n Vickie Guerrero you girls made this happen!!
    The Buffalo chants were pretty awesome!!!

    I could care less about politics and who “Deserves” what, or “Charisma and Personality” or whatnot
    Truth is Smackdown was BOMB back then with Michelle and Layla! We had great matches goofy segments and overall the divas on Smackdown were improving and kicking butt! Kelly Tiffany and hell even Rosa at that point WANTED to improve!! Anyone remember Jumprope Rosa Mendes costing LayCool their match? Lol…I miss this

    Haters and whiners finally got what they wanted though
    At least Eve AJ Kate Maxine and Layla are doing it somewhat big now

    • Raekon

      Yep but unfortunately Tiffany screwed things up for herself due to her problems with MC Intyre and Rosa never was given the chance to show her real moveset on the main roster because she wasn’t allowed to. :(

      • Ryan

        Not that she wasnt allowed to..Rosa plain wasnt good in the ring..but she did show some goods signs of WANTING to improve but then she was sent to RAW and then traded back to Smackdown later on…idk where Rosa is now o.0

  • art

    i hated that michelle couldn’t let layla have the title on her own back then….back then thou smackdown was good to watch back then because every diva was doing something & most of them had matches that showed improvement…

  • perceval

    Ah, LayCool… We never really appreciated them while they were there.

    Now, we just wish we had matches that were as long as LayCool promos and skits. We’re nostalgic for LayCool. We’re all “Remember way back, when the Divas got promos and skits and storylines? Kids today just don’t know what it was like, back then, when Divas would get into barroom brawls and go to Couples Therapy… “

    • Taylor

      Not all of us.

  • JJ

    Didn’t like this then, don’t like it now. Unfortunately they had no real options at the time, but I wish they hadn’t done the Co-Holders deal. If it had been solely Layla holding the title and they built up tension between the two earlier, I would have much prefered it.

    This was the beginning of the end for the Women’s title which is such a shame. The fact they made the Divas Title for the women is still stupid.

    • Ryan

      I liked the co-champs thing! Lead right into Natalya and Beth to the Table Match! =)
      Thought it was funny how they used the belt as a bff charm..yet was kind of like HOLD UP! Because it was the Women’s Championship being used as a toy..
      Im for removing the Women’s Championship off the WWE but also did not like the bad aftertaste of leaving the divas without a Raw and Smackdown belt. And John Cena protecting the decision was BS bro..
      hes a nice guy I thank him for signing my lil bro’s shirt back in 2007…but damn son! ur full of shit Cena!

  • Bethinho

    this is to show that Beth,as a face,has a lot more potential and able to draw reactions,too bad this happened and that when she came back they didn´t bother to renew her push.

  • B1G_FaN

    If only they would bring back the Women’s Championship. :o(