Impact Wrestling Spoilers: May 17th, 2012

Spoilers for Thursday’s Impact:

Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher.


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  • Choko

    I hope Angelina and Winter end their stupid storyline so that Angelina can be face again and face Gail Kim for the title.

    • swano86

      Yes, you’re right, they need to move on someone new….Angelina, Winter or maybe Sarita

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Well Angelina and Winter are no longer together. Last time Angelina was on impact Taz talked about Angelina and Winters split, and she had her original Music and her Beautiful People titintron (the HOLLERING one) Angelina is still a Heel though or a Tweener(Not sure) But Yes your right i want Agelina back in the tittle picture ASAP….and i really think she is the girl to stop Gail’s Boring tittle run.

        • Choko

          Yeah, but still a storyline like that needs an ending so it wouldn’t really make sense to make Angelina go solo until they end her partnership with Winter.

        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          i know what you mean but for TNA the way they broke up winter/Love was on the last Impact when Angelina and Winter were on… i don’t think they will have another storyline to break them up. Plus there was a report some time ago saying the TNA writers has no clue how to end the Angelina/ Winter storyline

    • jeremycanrana

      yeah and Winter and Angelina almost went at it last time they were in a match with a bunch of other knockouts … Angelina was ready to fight but Winter REfused and tagged someone else in ..
      Face (or heel i don’t care) Angelina needs to come back I miss her!! …or at least let someone new fight for that belt!

      but also HELL YEAH GAIL RETAINED !!! I didn’t want the title to switch hands during that 3 way match

    • GlamSlamFan

      I agree! Angelina really needs to shine as a singles competitor!
      But I wanna see her as the big bitch heel, I know she can be!

    • Raekon

      Angelina worked in Ring Ka King as a face with her holler titantron and after a few matches there she ended up to “marry” the indian hornswoogle. x_x

      So if they are currently taping the season 2 of that show I doubt we will see her back on TNA anytime soon.

  • shameronstar

    I guess Gail can finally face Sarita. Although, Sarita and Rosita would first have to break away from that joke of a stable Mexican America and reestablish their credibility.

    • BillyGP

      I doubt Sarita will face Gail.

  • shameronstar

    I think one knockout who could’ve beaten Gail Kim for sure would’ve been Hamada! Maybe, Gail will feud with some highly skilled and well known female Indy name at the next Fight Night!

    • Choko

      I hope she faces Hamada at open fight night, but knowing TNA it will probably be Melina. (who will dethrone Gail)

      I really hope Melina doesn’t go to TNA.

      • Ed

        Huh? Hamada isn’t even with the company anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time now, and they barely did anything with her when she was there last time. Sure, she was great, but I don’t see why she’d even want to come back.

  • Poison_Ivory

    I was like SO sure Gail is gonna drop the title and go to her honeymoon.. But I’m happy, because this makes room for Sarita and she’ll break Maddie’s record.

  • Queen Bee

    Expected. She’ll probably drop it at Slammiversary or the next taping.

  • Jhonmarco

    Hopefully she has to defend the title again tonight or at tomorrow’s tapings. I really don’t want to see her beat Madison’s record.

    Speaking of the Fight Night, maybe Athena could show up?

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    As a Gail Kim fan, I am pleased. The longer she has the belt the more people thirst for her to lose it. I think the best be right now would be to pit someone who measures out her accomplishments with some impressive records of their own: Angelina Love. She has everything that would terrorise Gail’s position in the Knockouts.

    •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame


  • Kessuki

    not surprised. i never expected her to drop the belt to velvet and definitely not brooke. she will drop in to the next fresh feud she has which i hope is against angelina. i think she will beat madison’s record – theres no way she will lose now until she becomes longest reigning KO champ.

  • Ed

    Anyone hoping for Angelina to end Gail’s title run is going to be disappointed IMO. Angelina has barely appeared on the show since the new writers took over (that’s like 7 months) and hasn’t won a match in even longer. She’s clearly at the bottom of the Knockout pecking order these days. If anything, she’ll probably get released soon, especially if new female talent starts coming in through the Gutcheck angle. Winter might get axed before her, but make no mistake, Angelina’s on the way out at this point.

    As for Gail, I just want her to hold the title until she becomes the longest reigning champion of all time because Madison holding that record is just embarrassing. No offense to Madison fans, but she’s just not that good. After Gail breaks the record, I want to see someone new who’s never been the champion before take it from her. Ideally that would be Sarita, but they’re probably going to go with Brooke or Velvet. Brooke would be fine, but for God’s sake, please don’t give it to Velvet again.

    • Superstar77

      I’ve had it with you constantly crapping on Velvet all the time. There was nothing wrong with her winning the title the 1st time and she should have gotten a longer reign. Sick of so many people being against Velvet becoming Knockout champion again.

      • Ed

        I’ve don’t really have anything against Velvet. I just don’t think she should be the champion. She’s just not good enough IMO. What does it say about her that a rookie like Brooke is already a better worker than she is when Velvet’s been wrestling for like 10 years now? Championships need to have some standards, otherwise they don’t mean anything.

        • Superstar77

          Yes you do! You constantly crap on everything she does in your videos and articles.

          Brooke isn’t better than Velvet I really don’t get why people keep saying that. People like you just don’t want to give Velvet any credit.

  • Superstar77

    Why does Gail keep retaining?! I’m tired of her champion it’s getting ridiculous at this point. Also I find it funny how everyone who is so venomously against Velvet winning the Knockout title but is all for Brooke doing it. SMH

    • Ed

      Why is that funny? I don’t think Brooke is necessarily ready for the title just yet, but she’s clearly a better worker than Velvet at this point.

      • Superstar77

        How is she is better?! Brooke does a lot of the same moves Velvet does. Hell their gimmicks or more or less the same as well. But yet Brooke is supposely better than Velvet is right now. OK then.

        • Ed

          Brooke does some of the same things Velvet does, but she executes them more impressively. She also does a lot of other things too, and continues to expand her moveset, adding new things to her repertoire, whereas Velvet pretty much just does the same thing over and over. If you prefer Velvet, fine, but you can’t deny that Brooke has surpassed her wrestling-wise by this point.

          And FTR, my issue with Velvet has never really been with her, but with how she’s booked. Do I think she’s a good wrestler? No. But that’s not the point. She can be serviceable if booked properly, but pushing her too much just makes her weaknesses that much more obvious. To have her so high on the card, consistently beating people who are obviously so much better than her is just silly. I can’t even take it seriously because the wins never look convincing.

          This is the woman who lost to Taylor Wilde 3 times in one match for crying out loud. And now I’m supposed to think she can carry the title when she’s the same worker now that she was then? Come on now…

        • redsandman99

          With as much improvment Brooke has made within her short time of serious training, people are excited to see how much better she’ll get. As for Velvet, she’s been wrestling ten years and people and quite frankly, singles wrestling is not her strongest of suits IMO. She made some improvments last year during the “everyone hates Velvet” run but most people fail to find her in-ring work that great.

        • Superstar77

          Really your holding something against Velvet that happened 4 years ago?! That was TNA’s fault they made her lose to Taylor 3 times in a row. Which was bullshit and still is to this day they completely killed Velvet credibility in one match which took her a long time to recover from. When Velvet does do different moves and wrestles with some skill you ignore it. Velvet is good enough to be champion and if she didn’t any wrestling talent at all she wouldn’t have her damn job.

          Brooke might have improved but to say she’s surpassed Velvet is just out there.

        • Choko

          Lol, it is stupid how people are saying that Brooke have surpassed Candice, Velvet, Layla and etc.

          I mean wtf, just because someone improves a bit, that doesn’t mean they have surpassed everyone. All these girls have put on better matches than Brooke in the past. And no, I am not a Brooke hater, I am just being honest. You guys credit her too damn much.

        • redsandman99

          Brooke definitely has not surpassed Layla at all and I think she’s got Candice potential. If she can keep herself from getting hurt like Candice did there’s potential to even go pass her. Candice had huge potential once she started really improving but the injury bug ruined that.

    • stchick

      Fool you Mr. “I’ll defend Velvet to the death and mr. choko (saw his other idiotic comment in the sacrifice review) need to sit down somewhere she has kinda surpassed Candice and Velvet, anybody with eyes can see that.

  • redsandman99

    Oh geez. Kind of surprised but not really. They’ll have Gail break Madison’s record at this point.

  • Superstar77

    It also annoys me how no one said anything when Madison won the Knockout title 3 times, was constantly being in the title picture, and became the longest reigning champion. Madison is another who’s not that much better than Velvet but no one had a problem with her being champion yet everyone acted like Velvet finally winning the title was a horrible thing. What a bunch of bullshit and I hate how Velvet got an extremely shitty reign as champion but they found ways to keep the title on Madison.

    • Ed

      Um… no one? I sure had a problem with Madison as the champion. Her title reign was excruciatingly boring.

    • stchick

      wah wah wah lol

  • jcarcano12


  • VelvetLoveFan

    So sick of Gail as champ! She diddnt deserve any extra treatment, especially because she returned from wwe, like she totally ruined Velves rein and TNA of Corse did not care! Velvet so deserve this win, for all the work we has put into being a KO! The only one that stuck around and never left.. Cough Gail Cough** ugh it’s just so annoying Gail ain’t any this special IMO! -__-

    Sorry if it’s too long!


    Glad Gail retained.
    Sorry, but for Velvet to just win the title in a 3 way would be pointless, she’s been out of the picture for a few weeks now other than that threat she made saying either Brooke or herself would beat Gail for the title.
    Brooke.. yes, she’s had 3 wins over Gail, but the feud was too 1 sided in Brooke’s favour, Gail has beaten Kong ffs, and battered by Tessmacher? Just no.
    For Gail to have lost the title on iMPACT would have been a little lackluster, I mean come on, and at a tapings.. we’d all know about the result for 3 days without seeing any match.
    I think TNA can do something big with this Open Fight Night. Along with that, I want to see more stipulations. Other than the cage match, it’s been far too much singles/tag matches for the KO’s, why not ladder, street fights, submission? That’s why I find Gail title reign not that interesting, as well as little mic time and backstage segments/brawls. I don’t think it’s hard to book great matches and make a good feud, I just feel TNA are being a little too same old with their booking, as if they know the WWE Divas division only has 1 minute matches, so standard singles/tag is good enough for KO.
    I remember in 2007/2008 when the KO’s would strive to out-do the Divas with matches 10 times better, stipulations etc, and show what women can do, yet they’re settling for these standard feuds? I don’t think Gail’s feuds have been that different, she gets battered a lot by opponent, cheats a lot and then retains. We need Gail as Champion to give it some credibility, but please, put a twist on it, give us stipulations and a tough challenger, say on Open Fight Night, maybe bring in someone big? I liked the idea of Hamada returning (unlikely).
    TNA can do so much better at the minute. It’s not a question of who’s Champ, we just need more stipulations and a KICK ASS division like 2007/2008!

    • perceval

      While I think saying the Knockouts were “10 times better” than the Divas in 2007/2008 is a huge exaggeration (Mickie, Melina, Beth, Candice, and Katie Lea were putting on great matches for the Women’s Championship), I do see your point about TNA not feling the need to try as hard with the KOs, now.

      TNA, as a company, has always defined itself in relation to WWE. The Knockouts Division, itself, came about because Dixie Carter was trying to lure Trish Stratus out of retirement. Awesome Kong almost succeeded in doing that, too. Trish considered dropping everything she was building just to work with her. Still, though, the KOs were established and built around another Women’s Champion from the Golden Era, Gail Kim.

      And, since Fall 2010, who has the focus in the KOs been on except for Madison and Velvet? Tara, Mickie, Winter, Gail, Brooke… Hmm, what do they have in common? What’s that factor that gets them the big pushes? If Barbie Blank’s WWE contract were to run out tomorrow, she could walk into the Impact Zone and would be Knockouts Champion at the next PPV. In fact, I’m curious about current Diva contracts, and if any major ones are running out, soon, like Beth’s or Nattie’s. If so, we’ll know why Gail’s title run has lasted, so long, and why the Division currently seems to be coasting.

      I just hope the reason the KOs are on cruise control isn’t that Dixie was hoping to sign a certain pair of twins. On second thought, the Bellas showing up on Impact and attacking Gail would be worth it just to watch the entertaining meltdown in the IWC. :)

  • Sentry85

    I think now that Gail has beaten both Brooke and Velvet twice, they have at most one more shot. However, I don’t think they are going to get it. If they wanted to put the title on Velvet, they would have done it at Lockdown. If they wanted to put the title on Brooke, they would have done so at Sacrifice. Or at least at the tapings last night. In my personal opinion, I think the writers are waiting on something, or someone. I am putting my money on Gail losing her title on an Open Fight Night to a debuting/returning Knockout.

    • perceval

      “However, I don’t think they are going to get it. If they wanted to put the title on Velvet, they would have done it at Lockdown. If they wanted to put the title on Brooke, they would have done so at Sacrifice.”

      Not necessarily. Often, you lose the first big title match and win it at the next PPV. Victoria lost the first one to Trish, won the second. It took Mickie THREE PPV shots at Trish to win it. Beth lost the first PPV match to Candice, but won the rematch.

      So, it COULD be that Brooke didn’t win it the first time to keep the storyline going, further build her up, and to allow Gail to break the longest KO Champion record.

      Of course, if Brooke DOES take the Championship from Gail at the next PPV, there will still be the issue of home grown talent not getting anywhere. The former Divas are the highest paid. I think it was Winter who said she always wanted to be a Knockout, but realized time as a Diva would allow her to get more money out of TNA. Mickie and Christy get six figures. Yep, being the first Diva Search winner and getting smacked around by Trish, a lot made Christy worth breaking the bank for Dixie Carter. Yeah, Sarita’s talented, but she didn’t used to dance around with Kelly Kely and Layla.

      Maybe Angelina should sign with that other company for a year, strut around with that butterfly belt for a few months working one or two minute matches, and then get a ton of money and the KO belt from Dixie to come back.

      • redsandman99

        It took Mickie two ppv shots to get it from Trish: New Years Revolution and then at Wrestlemania.

  • bxradimus

    Of all the good women wrestlers they have…why do they keep choosing to use Velvet and Brooke?

  • VelvetLoveFan


    Angelina tweeted and said she will be on the taping tonight!! She better not job to “so strong” Gail!


  • BillyGP

    Here hoping for Mickie to win from Gail but that just me.

    I believe it will be Angelina she set to return to TV i think tonight least that what her twitter says.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Gail is the best champ they’ve had in a while, so I’m glad she retained. Gail FTW! If she were to drop the title, I hope it’s to someone worthy.

  • melon2617

    I fail to see how this is a strongly booked reign. She has used dirty pinning tactics to pin inexperienced women who are taking her to the brink and then there is no follow up. It’s basically a who’s who of who Gail Kim can beat.

    I also don’t understand the “Poor Gail got treated like crap in WWE so TNA owes her attitude.” If anything, Kim is a hypocrite. She complained about the go nowhere storylines and the disjointed booking and the lack of development of the women and women just being handed belts for showing up and meanwhile she sings TNA’s praises because it benefits her. What about Angelina, Velvet, Sarita, Madison, et al who are either being fed to the Gail Kim machine despite putting in all of that time or just fading into the background so it can be more Gail, more more more Gail. I don’t see her eliminating herself from battle royales or throwing tantrums because the women are getting mistreated by new arrivals and lack of storyline development?

    Oh wait, it’s because she’s the star. That makes it totes cool.

    The worst part is that once TNA signs another former WWE Diva, she will be the one to take the title from Gail, leaving the TNA homegrown talent to fade into the background even farther.

    • stchick

      exactly but of course Gail won’t complain, and netiher will her fans either, though it’s clearly hypocrisy.