Raw Redux (May 14th, 2012): Layla and Her Earrings Send Beth a Message Not to Underestimate Them

There are two reasons this live blog is getting started late. Number one, Khaleesi was screaming at her dog. Number two, Khaleesi was cussing the plebeians on her Twitter timeline who were making fun of her Doritos Taco. Doritos made into tacos are amazing. Those of you who don’t like them clearly have no taste, therefore your opinion does not matter to me, your resident Khaleesi. Now with that out of the way, let’s get started. Your Khaleesi was conspicuous by her absence last week, and she does not apologize for that. None of you deserve to read my glorious words each and every week. Sweet Bobby graciously did his duty and filled in, and despite the fact he could never truly fill my stilettos, he did the best he possibly could with what little he had to work with.

As of late, Raw has been nothing more than a bitter disappointment. I find myself weeping on Monday nights that I have to miss Dancing With the Stars in order to recap the dismal Diva action that takes place on my television. That’s absolutely not directed at the efforts of the Divas themselves; they do the absolute best they can with what little they are given, but what they’re given just isn’t enough for me. It really isn’t enough when I could be spending my nights decked out in feathers, glitter, and spray tan and scheming up ways to become a celebrity so I can do the rumba with Tristian McManus (or Maks, or Val, or Derek, or Mark… NOT PICKY ABC. SO NOT PICKY). I’m afraid the closest I’ll ever come to my Dancing With the Stars dreams is by living vicariously through Naomi and Cameron. Le sigh.

The Funkdactyls looked pretty incredible last night. You see, I’m being confusing because this blog was supposed to be live. The majority of it was, but now it’s early morning and I’m adding in all the other stuff that I didn’t do last night. Just follow along and it will be alright.

But enough with that. According to Twitter, Alicia Fox is in the ring. Thanks Mr. V from WrestleView!

We’re still at commercial break but I’m ready for Alicia to be on TV. There she is! It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Alicia and it looks like she’s facing The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, tonight. There’s also going to be a Divas match at Over The Limit when Beth will get her rematch for the title against Layla.

Anyway, the Divas lock up with Alicia dodging some early offense from Beth. It doesn’t take Beth long to take charge, though. That brings Layla to ramp to scout her opponent and she looks pretty fabulous in those sequined booty shorts. I approve, Layla. I totally approve. Beth scoops Alicia up, holds her high in the air while facing Layla, and drops her down to the mat. After that, Alicia eats a Glam Slam, and that’s Beth’s message to Layla.

Or not.

Beth goes back for more on Alicia after the match is over and that brings Layla rushing the ring. Beth disposes of Alicia and turns to meet Layla. Our feisty champion, with her sequined booty shorts and big big earrings makes Beth eat a face plant! Awesome!

Holy crap! Did we just get some match build? Did Layla get to attack someone? Did someone hit me over the head with a mirrorball trophy??

I didn’t hate that segment at all. It was a good step in the right direction. Good job WWE. I can honestly say that I momentarily stopped day dreaming of hot male ballroom dancing hands caressing my body. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

As far as the rest of this Redux goes, well, it will be continued tomorrow. If there’s anything worth recapping that is. I kinda just want to end it on this peppy little note. Until tomorrow…

Hey, it’s tomorrow! There was a fun little surprise at the end of Raw last night. It was a backstage segment featuring the WWE Champion, CM Punk, and everyone’s favorite ex-girlfriend, AJ.

That was pretty incredible. AJ does absolutely nothing wrong and this unstable ex-girlfriend gimmick is pretty fantastic. I’m not entirely sure what she wanted to accomplish by wishing CM Punk good luck, but he was hilarious when he said that he didn’t want to get involved. The look AJ had on her face as the champ walked away made me wonder if she has some kind of plan for SmackDown or for Sunday. I hope she does because AJ is gold right now. They’re doing all the right things with her and I, as well everyone else, absolutely love it.

Overall, Raw was decent this week. For all my bitching at the beginning I turned out to be pleasantly surprised for the Divas. Like always, I wish for more but take what I can get because it’s better than nothing. Pay-per-view matches are usually pretty kind to the Divas and I’m excited to see what Layla and Beth can put together. Beth brings out the best in everyone she works with and Layla, before her injury, was improving leaps and bounds with every single match and promo. Given time I have no doubt that these two ladies will deliver and in a big way. Good night and I’m left with a great feeling for Sunday. Yay.

Until next time… Khaleesi out!

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  • Queen Bee

    Layla channeled her inner Melina with that faceplant.

    • lucky1now

      That’s what I thought right away

  • lucky1now

    even though the match was short i liked it it served its purpose
    layla coming out andd gettin into something with beth is something we havent gotten recently so im liking that
    and im in love with aj

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Not enough Eve last night!! lol. I wished it was her that got to fire Big Show, that would’ve given her so much more heat than ever, but I guess they need Johnny to get more heat before this match at OTL.

    Match was meh. There was a big sloppy spot with Alicia and Beth in the corner, but oh well everyone else was botching last night too lol. I feel bad for Layla. She comes back after a nearly year long injury and gets the title, but the audiance just doesn’t care at all. After her attack on Beth, it was dead silent.

    The AJ/Punk segment was really good. I loved it when Punk called AJ unstable. I wonder if she’ll interfere in the Punk/Bryan match at OTL.

    • norisclouds

      I always want to defend Alicia, but the girl is just bad. She’s not meant to be a wrestler. She did a few matches with Natalya where I thought she looked good, but even that match people praised from last week was just cringeworthy. Naty was fine, but Alicia’s timing was so terrible and sloppy and she was botchy twice here as well.

      Maybe she’s not getting enough time in the ring, I don’t know, but I’m disappointed. I used to think she was steadily improving, but now I’ve just realized she’s terrible and everyone who told me so was right ><

      • Choko

        how stupid and hypocritical can you be?

        the corner botch was clearly Beth’s fault, she walked backwards while Alicia had her legs around Beth’s head. That could’ve injured Alicia. But obviously you are blaming Alicia because she is the “model” and Beth is the wrestler.

        • norisclouds

          Are you seriously going to call me stupid? Grow up.

          Yes it was botchy and bad, and I used to be a big defender of her. It has nothing to do with Alicia being a model and Beth being a wrestler. Layla is a model who is a good wrestler. Alicia is not. She’s terrible, and I used to defend her, but I’ve come to realize that she’s hit her ceiling and she just isn’t going to get much better.

          Do you often call people stupid and hypocritical because they disagree with you? So immature.

        • Raekon

          Just to correct you, Layla was never a model, she was a dancer.
          The so called “botch” could had also been that Alicia tried to go for the headscissors but Beth avoided it by going back, picked her and dropped her towards the turnbuckle.
          Ever thought of that?

        • norisclouds

          @RAEKON Thanks Raekon, but it’s not an issue of taking the word model literally–many of the divas, like Eve, Kelly Kelly were not strictly models when they were signed. It’s more a distinction between women who worked the indies and women who were signed for their more photogenic traits. When I use it to distinguish between the women I’m not referring to their professions specifically, more the reason why they were hired, which in Layla, Eve, Kelly, Bellas case, had nothing to do with ring work but with their look. I was holding her up as an example of someone who improved immensely and just pointing out that my noticing Alicia’s bad timing in the ring or botches is not me ragging on her because she isn’t a “real wrestler” it’s me pointing out her botches or bad timing in the ring. Nothing more, nothing less, and people like Choko need to grow up and not call people immature for disagreeing.

      • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

        Like i don’t want to play the attack.com game on you, but I agree with Raekon, that wasn’t even a botch, but a counter, and I find her to be solid for the most part.

        • norisclouds

          It was terrible timing on her part, at least twice in the match. A botch is messing up a move, hence why I mentioned Alicia’s timing always being terrible.

          “but Alicia’s timing was so terrible and sloppy and she was botchy twice here as well..”

          And anyway I don’t feel the need to get into a big argument over this, because the very idea of defending Alicia’s ring work…she’s just not very good. She’s had matches that were better than this sure, but I think it says a lot about a wrestler’s lack of potential when they can’t time themselves properly within a simple 30 second to 1 minute exchange. Both spots looked like it was her messing up, just mistimed and very awkward, and I say that because I’ve seen her do this before.

          If I point this out, I’m NOT attacking her.

    • LadyGoDiva

      @MickieJamesFan07 I want AJ to interfer at OTL because it could help jumpstart her character.

  • ricky_says_hi

    i wish they’d stop feeding Alicia Fox to the heels. she’s too talented and too young to be a jobber. they could have used Kaitlyn or even Kelly. i liked the post-match attack. it gave Layla a chance to be a little less generic

    • Choko


    • T@KESH1

      (they’ve been) feeding Alicia to the heels = its been awhile since she’s messed up her own finisher

  • Ouellet

    Where is the DIVAS TITLE Layla????Whre she drops the Title???

    • LaylaElFan

      Where she was standing when she first came out then she droped it when she was running to save Alicia Fox

      • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

        so much respect to the title lol

        • norisclouds

          Yea…it’s little things like that, in the old days you would’ve ran with the Women’s championship in one hand and put it down on the ring before you made an attack… =/

        • Choko

          “in the old days you would’ve ran with the Women’s championship in one hand and put it down on the ring before you made an attack”

          @norisclouds could you give an example of when that happened?

        • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

          i can’t really remember one @choko but i know trish and or micke did it at least once

        • norisclouds

          @CHOKO nearly any interference by Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria or Molly.

        • Jhonmarco

          Is something as irrelavant as this really worth discussing?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I was so so so so so so so so so so so so so shocked last night. Well the usual 30 second match which was good BTW. Alicia & Beth did pretty well ..I feel people short credit Alicia sometimes , calling her messy in the ring which she is at times. Why would some people want her gone is beyond me but who knows…She is a decent work. You never can satisfy a person..oh well..

    Layla was looking flawless , I love her they made her actually do something and not just stand on the ramp clapping while Beth stares her down with that stare that no one is afraid of anymore…lol and if you really stop and think Layla HASNT really beaten beth. Didnt she beat beth once with help of McCool and won the W.C ? I believe that was the only time.

    So Layla is really put to the test can she beat Beth ? …Course she can because if Kelly , The Bellas and Alicia could beat her so can she. Hopefully not by Via Roll-Up..

  • http://Yahoo.com/lilkhris141414@yahoo.com SEXYOFTHESEXIST2011

    Can’t wait for sunday Layla vs Beth for the Divas Championship plus AJ might get involved in the WWE Championship between CM Punk & Daniel Bryan & Just maybe Kharma might return

  • Bethinho

    it may sound too harsh,but thank god it was a short match.painless it did very little to hype the PPV´s title match that shouldn´t had come to life in the first place,at least having Beth as the contender.
    it´s clear that Layla is gonna win,or else Beth´s loss to Nikki would have been dumb,and Beth losing again will not exactly helping her…and Layla winning will not exactly be something big,because even Maria Menounos,with two broken ribs,beat her.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Damn Beth is Looking Hella Strong More than usual I love it…..Kharma coming at OTL? Beth Has to look strong!

  • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

    is it just me or theres a little “we want chyna” chant at 1:41? O.o
    nice little match with build up
    i hope that Aj stalks Punk and becomes a psycho! :P also i kind of recive a Mickie vibe from Aj on that segment

    • Raekon

      The “we want Chyna” was there so it wasn’t just you. ^_^

      • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

        well ..thats kind of awkward xD, poor beth

  • shannymac

    The exchange between AJ and Punk cracked me up. All she really did was awkwardly wish him luck, but he was immediately like “Bitch wants my dick!”

    I love psycho AJ, though. I hope she costs DB the title then starts stalking CM Punk, or something.

  • Choko

    Alicia really needs to get a win. Her credibility is slowly fading. Put her in the ring against someone like Maxine and make her win.

    I would also like to see Alicia and Layla vs Beth and Maxine on SmackDown with Beth maybe attacking her own partner after a loss or something.


      What credibility?

    • redsandman99

      I don’t think she’s had much credibility for awhile now. Not in the eyes of most anyway.

  • wwesvrrocks101

    i think the WWE is putting Beth Phoenix on a losing streak. Then, in a few months, she gets the divas title back by being stronger than ever.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      A losing streak! But she just won?

  • norisclouds

    Well. Beth was amazing. Alicia is sadly still botchy. And Layla can’t get a crowd reaction to save her life. They did not give a damn, thought the arena was empty. They need Kharma, fast.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      I think Layla using McCool’s theme doesn’t help. McCool isn’t the most over diva.

      • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

        its not mccool theme anymore

      • norisclouds

        I think it may be the theme too and possibly if she got mic time, but they need to do something because the whole thing was just sad. It’s been about 3 weeks now and the crowd just sits there. Hardly any divas get a reaction and Pittsburgh is usually pretty bad, but this whole thing was so cringe-worthy. The announcers were trying so hard to put Layla and the feud over, but the silence…

        • Choko

          she doesn’t even have any rythm to the entrance either. She runs to a slow egotistical song… doesn’t make sense.

          Change the music.

  • Choko


    • VarsityBaseDude

      She does. Using McCool’s old theme will not help her get heat.

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    Is it just me or has anyone else thought that to get Eve some more screen time they could have her do a psychological evaluation of AJ? Another bit of heel involvement? Just a thought. We’ve already seen her put Punk to a Intoxication Test. Then again WWE is not that elaborate. I just know Eve’s been very smart in being active but reasonably with her position and this could be another opperunity to do so.

    • Choko

      awesome idea, sis!

  • redsandman99

    The Beth/Layla segment was effective enough. It at least came off as WWE trying to make some sort of build. Beth looks stronger than she has in awhile and Layla’s not backing down. Alicia and Beth just don’t seem to have the greatest of chemistry in my opinion. Something doesn’t always quite flow in their matches.

    AJ’s segment with Punk was a nice touch I think. Definitely teases her potential involvement in the match this Sunday.


    Am I the only one who thinks that Alicia is trying to copy Melina moveset? I mean, it´s not one or two moves, it´s the whole moveset!

    • Goodvibes

      I’ve noticed it too! however Melina did take Trish’s ‘Matrish’ movie so I guess the Diva’s recycle and re-use as they see fit.

      • hado

        She took that weird leg catching then hitting her opponent on the head which to be honest looks so fake. Btw ‘Matrish’ was used way before Trish anyway, so it is more like everyone is copying everyone.

    • norisclouds

      She did Trish Stratus’ matrish into a headscissors last week. It’s possible that Trish told Alicia she could use her move or the booker decided it would look good if Alicia did it. I think Trish said she showed Melina how to do the Matrish move.

      And @Hado is right, wrestling is wrestling everyone copies. The only way it’s “Stealing” or disrespectful is if you use someone’s finisher as a transitional move.

      • Choko

        I can remember Trish saying that she started using the Matrish move when someone in the back told her it would be a really cool move because the Matrix film was really popular then and it would make the fans happy or something…

  • Litaker61

    First off changing someones theme isn’t going to provoke a reaction. They need to give Layla mic time, develop her character its nothing to do with the theme. People already associate it with Layla as part of LayCool.

    The match was nothing to write home about although I think this Raw has been much better than the past few weeks because they actually invested time into hyping the ppv match. I liked that Layla ran to attack Beth. It showed she isn’t just your generic smiley faced heel.

    As for Aj, girl can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment.

    • hado

      “First off changing someones theme isn’t going to provoke a reaction. They need to give Layla mic time, develop her character its nothing to do with the theme. People already associate it with Layla as part of LayCool.”

      OMG thank you, lol. Nobody is going to care for Layla coming back facing off against Phoenix for no reason, nobody cares.

  • corndogagenda

    If Alicia makes a mistake, she’s a botch machine.
    If her opponent makes the mistake, somehow it’s still Alicia’s fault.
    If Alicia does well in a match, then the attention goes to Alicia’s hair.

    Wow, just…wow.

    Anyway, the AJ and Punk situation seems promising. Hope springs.

    • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

      i know! :(
      darker hair would help her lol u,u

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    I currently heart Layla’s spunk. I wasn’t a fan of her coming back to be champ but she’s done her job well and I’m enjoying her return thus far.

    Love how Punk instantly thought it was a set up. Loved his awkward way of trying to placate her while acting like she might snap at any second. It was hilarious. I wonder if she’s going to snap all over everyone.

    Could you see if Punk asked Kaitlyn out to dinner in a backstage segment? AJ might lose it.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    DAMN!! I love Layla!! =D
    Shes so cute and sexy!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! lol
    And Beth manhandling Fox wow..Beth looks really hot here!

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    ive got to laugh at people talking about laylas crowd reaction when shes only been back 3 or so weeks & shes only had 2 matches with the time combined is like 30 seconds…how is she going to get a reaction with that amount of time….

    can someone tell me where alicia botched???..the roll back?? i never noticed it….loved laylas little shorts its about time she went back to wearing them plus that facebuster looked good too….

    • hado

      In the corner where she “copied” Melina’s move, where Beth catches her leg and Alicia raises her leg and hits Beth’s head. It was actually not a botch, but more then a awkward spot thanks to Beth, who looked like she forgot what the spot was as she pulled back and made Alicia move forward, making it look like she was about to fall and go for some other move.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        ok thanks for that….people throw the “botch” word around to often even if its not one….

  • T@KESH1

    AJ’s reaction really needed to go without the over-the-top-about-to-cry reaction and just skipped from not smiling to the slight planning-something smirk done well at the very end. made no sense, a bad call back to the her D.Bryan cry face

  • T@KESH1

    Cryssi: “They’re doing all the right things with her (AJ) and I, as well everyone else, absolutely love it.”

    um no & try to read the comments of the reviews you don’t write (last smackdown review)