In Video: Layla Speaks Out on Beth Phoenix

Divas Champion Layla spoke out against Beth Phoenix on the latest Backstage Fallout following their showdown on Raw.

Layla said she’s sick of seeing Beth throw her weight around in the Divas division.

Watch below:

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  • swano86

    go layla!!!!!!!!

  • redsandman99

    They really need to let Layla talk on TV more. Maybe let her do an interview on Smackdown that Beth can interrupt and build more towards Sunday’s match.

  • LaylaElFan

    YAY Layla!!! I hope she beats Beth Phoenix on Sunday


    I´m really looking forward to their match, I love them both :)

    And DD should of have posted the backstage fallout where Kaytlin is interviewed!

  • koshiro

    Looking forward to this match.. there was already one in a house show, and from the report I heard, was really good.
    The guy said Beth played the heel role very well, and Layla was very impressive *-*

    I just hope that there is some kind of segment on Smackdown.. I would prefer a confrontation and segment in the ring instead of a 2 minute match.. Layla needs to speak, to make the crowd get behind her – as well needs Beth, to get heat..

  • Choko

    Hope Layla wins at Sunday. Beth is better as a challenger than she is as A Champion.

  • Choko

    Does anyone know how long Layla will be wearing the kneebrace? hope it isn’t permanent like Victoria’s.

    • shameronstar

      I think the knee brace makes them look tougher, and they can use it as a legal weapon!


      I like the knee brace, it looks great on her!

      • Jordan

        I think the only reason Victoria wears her knee brace permantely is because when she injured her knee in that hardcore rules match with Trish and Jackie, she didn’t take that much time off, maybe a month I believe before starting to wrestle again, so it probably hasn’t full been repaired.

        Layla will probably only wear for a few more weeks, just like Beth did when she returned from the same injury because they did the full recovery unlike Victoria did.

        • Choko

          I used to wish Victoria would get a surgery and then get rid of that kneebrace, but its become one of her trademarks now. lol

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Beth needs tht title back!

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Beth needs the title back!

    • ShimmerSupport211

      did not mean to post that twice…


      Why does she need the title, to not appear on TV for a month? And when she appears look weak? No thanks!

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        @ BAD KHARMA Agreed i Love her as Champ but WWE fuck her up and make he look like a joke and that is why her tittle run sucked….Also Alica Botch Fox played a Huge role in why Beth did not appear for a Month lets not forget.

        • Choko

          “Alica Botch Fox”

          You’re really mature.

        • no rain

          i think he/she meant alicia fox botch*


      NOOOOOOOOO!! Another Beth reign would be SO stale. Whith her as champ it’s the same thing “I’m so tough, i’ll be champion forever, pin-up strong!” I mean really…

    • mykel1990

      I think Beth is better coming for a title than she holding it.

  • WweRules32

    Layla Needs to win on sunday at over the limit and i love love LOVE This women and she also look sexy and incredible

  • ballplayer10123

    I would guess Layla will wear her knee brace regularly. She will probably wear the big brace for a while, especially if it gives her peace of mind concerning her knee. She may be able to switch over to a sleeve type brace over time, which would be less conspicuous.

    I had the same exact injury as Layla (ACL, MCL tear) and I cannot compete without at least a sleeve type brace, otherwise my knee swells and stays that way for a week or better. For me the big type of brace Layla and tara wear was too restrictive of movement.

    I have no idea how Tara was able to return from her injury without surgery, basically as soon as the swelling went down. She’s one heck of a tough person, that’s for sure.


      Do you train wrestling?

  • art

    Layla’s charisma just comes out when shes talking..they need to let layla & beth cut a promo because shes soo good on the mic….
    did layla forget she used to pick on the divas too???..still great to hear her talk but where was beths interview>??..

    • mykel1990

      Well, she did say “Sorry” lol


    I don’t know what Lay was thinking with that outfit that night…lol. Anyways giving a Divas Champ (or any champ) time to speak on a internet series and not actual tv is retarded. She has so much charisma that was not ment to be wasted on the internet!!

  • mykel1990

    I liked this interview. She got some kind of face time, she actually said the word “Wrestler” which is rare in the WWE, AND she got top billing on the video title lol. But in all seriousness, I look forward to their match, and I think they’ll do a good job.

  • samtherofl

    Is it just me or does Layla really remind you of Trish Stratus? Also, she’s doing such a fake English accent It’s starting to sound Australian. Happens to me all the time though, so I won’t judge. Ahaha.

    • Choko

      she is english? why would she fake the accent of her mother tongue?

  • Choko

    Loved you from the very start, you feel me?