Impact Wrestling Feedback: May 17th, 2012

Get your weekly dose of Knockouts action on tonight’s Impact. To watch, tune into Spike TV from 9pm ET.

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  • Brandz785

    I have a feeling that the match is gonna be awesome tonight :D

    • neonlights21x

      yeah I hope so

  • Choko

    Oh no, hope this doesn’t mean that Velvet is back in the title picture since she almost won…

    • Kaledrina

      the way i see it is that velvet never really left the title picture.. i actually like the continuity of sorts of seeing her trying to regain the title all the time as opposed to just forgetting about how gail ended her reign so prematurely.

  • shameronstar

    WTF! Why was Bully Ray cutting a promo on the Kardashians!?

  • Brandz785

    Yay, the KO’s are starting to get their back stage segments back :D

  • Brandz785

    Whoa Madison is on the ramps at the Battle Royal, I wonder who’s shes crushing on ? :D

    • fragile

      garett ?

      • fragile

        let’s see, guys left in the ring the last time we saw madison on the ramp. aj,devon,robbie e,gunner,garett and ausin.

        garett because he does have those sideburns and the hours of fun we could have talking about if his dad set this up.

        aj,because it could add an another element to the aj/dixie angle.if we’re to think something happened between those two, madison my as well if she’s interested. ;)

  • shameronstar

    I loled when Odb was kicking Crimson’s butt!

    • fragile

      she didn’t even need the liquid courage.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    One thing i like that people havent mentioned (i think) is that Brooke wears knee pads and elbow pads, basically Ring gear..

  • shameronstar

    AJ Styles is embarrassed about being a Caugar chaser. It seems like both AJs are dealing with relationship problems!

    • Brandz785

      Lol how true xD

  • jcarcano12


  • Jordan

    I just wasn’t feeling the match, apart from a few spots, this was just a throwaway match in my opinion.

    Brooke and Velvet can pull off great matches, however they both seemed very basic tonight and I think they needed another more experience knockout to help balance this.

    I don’t know where their going with this, but I feel like they should move on to a new challenger. Brooke is great and progressing well, but I think they may be jumping the gun too soon if they actually give her the title and Velvet just doesn’t entertain me, she’s not a bad wrestler, but she’s like the Kelly Kelly of TNA.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Gail should stay champ. Hopefully TNA can bring a girl that can make a huge impact to challenge Gail.