Brooke Hogan Joins Impact Wrestling as New Knockouts Executive

TNA has announced that Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan will join Impact Wrestling beginning the May 31st episode taking over the executive role previously held by Karen Jarrett.

Brooke will serve as the executive in charge of the Knockouts division.

TNA President Dixie Carter said: “I have really gotten to know Brooke by working with her on her music career this past year and a half. When we did talk wrestling, I not only loved her passion and knowledge of it, but the fresh, creative ideas she would come up with. She is very savvy. I asked if she would consider teaming up with me in this capacity while she also worked on her music, and I was thrilled when she said ‘yes.’ A big personality runs in her genes, obviously, and I know she is going to take an already exciting division of Impact Wrestling to another level.”

Brooke’s debut coincides with Impact going live in a new time slot of 8pm ET from May 31st.

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  • Rhawk

    Maybe the Knockouts will get more noticed now we have a Hogan on board? Probably not, but we’ll see where it leads…

  • BC757

    I won’t judge the signing but this screams give my child a job. I’ll wait and see if she is good in the position because you can never judge a book by its cover. She may be good.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Pretty cool idea!! Let’s see how it goes!!(:

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Funny this comes about seeing as she denied this happened when Scott Steiner posted about it on Twitter…

    Losing respect for the Hogan family. I wonder will Brooke fit into the role like Miss Karen (tbh i think Miss Karen was the best VP, sorry Traci but Karen was extremely entertaining)

    • FashionQueen86

      Why lose respect for the family?

  • TheFallenAngela

    Can’t wait to see how this goes down

  • Tamms

    How much you wanna bet shes making 10 times more then the knockouts are paid?

  • CJDippa1

    lol this bitch

    if I remembered correctly, when Hogan was in WWE and feuding with Orton, they wanted to hire Brooke full time – perhaps to be a wrestler. She denied it because her music career is “going good”.

    LOL this screams so much “I need a job, daddy please get me a job since my music career sucks”

    • lucky1now

      That’s what I thought

      • NurseBetty

        I always thought Brooke never wanted to be a wrestler. So I don’t think she’ll be wrestling in this position either. So what’s the problem.

  • Dave Muscarella

    It must be “Bring your daughter to work” day on Thursdays.


    Why all the hate on Brooke? Many people are saying because are slamming her because of her dad.That’s just total bull. Everyone is supporting Ashley Flair for signing a deal with WWE but if TNA signs Brooke all hell breaks lose? That’s not cool.

    Also, Brooke is working on her 3rd album, so to the person who said she left because her music failed, your wrong.

    Reasons like the pointless bashing is why I stopped commenting.

    • Mikas

      I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring up Ashley Flair…

      Ashley Flair goes to WWE’s development. That means she has to start from scratch, just like Eddie&Vickie Guerrero’s daugher. If she sucks like LVE did they will probably release her before ever making it to the main roster.
      Brooke Hogan however goes straight to TV in a prominent role without ever having to do anything for it.

      So the 2 are completely different cases.

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        exactly mikas, i couldn’t have said it better myself,

      • Kaledrina

        of course flair’s daughter needs training, she’s going to be wrestling, but do you really need training on how to cut a promo? from what i’ve seen, you either have it or you haven’t. i know nothing about brooke but apparently she’s been on tv before and does singing? so i’m guessing she knows how to work a crowd, use a microphone, and has had media training and the like? so has therefore actually done training for this role without this role in mind? :)

        • jcarcano12

          In fcw they teach how to talk n do promo so I guess u do need training

        • xoxoRKOxoxo

          yeah but it would help if she acctually gave a damn about wemons wrestling the only reason she has this job is because of her daddy and the fact her last album sold like 3 CD’s

        • Kaledrina

          ^ how do you know whether she does or doesn’t ?

      • Mr. Asstastic

        They haven’t said anything about Brooke having an on-air role yet, so don’t speak so soon.

      • norisclouds

        Yea…just one note…LVE didn’t get released because she sucked, she asked for her release to spend more time with her child. Then she ended up in TNA because the schedule was much lighter, realized that she did not have what it took to be a professional wrestler, and actually issued a classy statement about it and living up to her family name and left. (All rumors about her nasty attitude aside…) but we don’t really know if LVE would’ve been dumped aside for being bad, she definitely has the look WWE goes for and if she stayed she might’ve been given title after title, she’s seriously one of the best looking women to ever step into a wrestling ring period.

        •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

          What LVE lacked in wrestling skill she more than compensated in charm. That’s more than one can say about the criteria of deadpan eyed androids the WWE are occasionally fond of thrusting onto TV.

  • Cody Massaro

    I really don’t understand why she is getting so much hate. I mean, she could be a lot better than Traci and Karen combined. Just because her dad works at TNA/iMPACT! Wrestling doesn’t mean that she sucks or whatever. Give her a chance, if she does fail… (which I doubt she does), then at least she tried. Everyone has their own opinion, but I just don’t think all of the hate is needed.


      I’m just worried that she will make bad for the Hogan name. I mean if u REALLY think about Hulk Hogan is washed up. He ruined himself when his son got in that crash. Thats why im sceptic about Brooke

  • shameronstar

    Hahahaha! When I read this I seriously laughed my ass out loud! I think this will be very interesting because Brooke Hogan could be the Kim Kardashian of wrestling which means people will hate her which means she’ll be a great heel. I can’t wait for her and Madison to become BFFs and Madison will call her Miss Hogan!

    • shameronstar

      I had a feeling Brooke was going to get into wrestling eventually! But with Ashley and Brooke being signed in the same day it seems like to much of a coincidence! Also, with all these relatives of wrestling being signed I would be surprised if Liz Cena got signed to feud with her soon to be ex husband!

      • xx_swayme

        Why could I see TNA hiring Liz to take shots at Cena? lol.. I would oddly be interested.. for about two weeks then she would need go lol

  • Kaledrina

    i have no problem with her joining tna at all. if my father was in a high position at even a… iunno, pizza parlour, i’d feel stupid not to take advantage of a situation like that. good for her!

    also, being hogan’s daughter, she should hopefully be sticking to that role a lot longer than previous “executives” before her. personally, karen, traci and tessmacher’s reigns at the helm of the division lasted way too short.

    so yeah, plus the fact she’s trending worldwide on twitter? lol, hey exposure, how you doin’? sounds like a definite win/win from where i’m sitting.

  • Jake

    Everybody is cracking jokes yet the the majority of the people on here likes Stephanie.

    • shameronstar

      Stephanie was a great non wrestler character! If charism and personality are genetic I could love Brooke just as much as Stephanie, Vickie, and Karen!

    • Kaledrina

      i don’t get it really. whether it be brooke hogan or.. jane doe, it shouldn’t matter about the person playing the role as long as they do a good job. i think going into it with a negative outlook isn’t really cool.

    • Jake

      Both Shane and Stephanie got their jobs because of their father. Some are forgetting that when they are trying to throw shade. I think Brooke will do a great job. imo, she was pretty entertaining on those Vh1 shows back in the day.


      Yeah, but steph was different. She just had IT. You could see it when you looked at her even from the beginning. I don’t know if i can say the same about Brooke

      • melon2617

        Stephanie started modeling Rockers T shirts & as her father’s receptionist. Shane started on ring crew. Brooke is going into a high profile TV role. See the difference?

        Shane & Stephanie ended up on TV, but there was a fan demand for it. When Mr. McMahon was feuding with Austin & whatnot, his family was often brought up by the announce team & when Shane was finally introduced as an on air foil for his father, the fans were excited as they had waited for this moment. Same with Stephanie. They didn’t just appear one day. Not to mention Shane had been on TV for years as a referee. They were prepped for camera & started at the bottom.

  • Litaker61

    Gonna try not judge before I see how things play out, but I really cant see her doing as good a job as Karen did.

    • perceval

      Of course, who could have pictured Karen would do a good job when she first appeared on TV? Who’d have thought Vickie would be what she became when she debuted back during the Eddie-Rey feud?

  • shameronstar

    Lol! TNA has 2 Brookes now! I guess I’ll call them Blond Brooke and Brunette Brooke to not confuse anyone!

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    What music career does she have. I didn’t need another reason not to watch TNA but they gave me one anyway.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    It was only a matter of time, before Brooke joined TNA, so i am not surpised, i dont think she will do nearly as good of a job as Karen did

    I think it may hurt Brooke Tessmecher, because it might get confusing for fans to have to Brookes, so i hope it doesnt effect her much


    More pointless hate. People are judging before they see anything. Calling someone a bitch because her Dad? Unnecessary. Saying your not watching the show because she is on it? Stupid.

    Some people on here make me so mad. It’s always the same people and they think one way, they can’t see anything good coming from this. They are all one opinionated and have to agree with the majority wrestling fans, and by that I mean WWE fans. It makes me so angry. Nobody wants to see TNA have success besides a few people.

    Everyone blames Hogan and Bischoff for everything, people need to open there eyes aswell as brains and realize that it is all two sided. Going live and having Brooke Hogan, but no. Alot of people can’t. I just honestly don’t understand anything that goes on online.

  • Koedi

    Love Brooke and happy for this. (: like others said.. Both steph and shane got in the same way. So i dont understand why so much hate >__>

    • jcarcano12

      Because WWE own the company

      • Koedi

        “because wwe own the company” oh, that explains it all. Haaa…

        • jcarcano12

          That rude:/
          I ment Vince n Linda

  • Phil Lions

    If you’re a fan of the knockouts then this is probably good news for you. Having a Hogan being involved with them surely means that they will be getting a lot of attention and airtime going forward, right? Oh well, I guess we’ll see. Personally, I don’t mind this but I can definitely see why a lot of people would.

    • Kaledrina

      your first opinion is exactly why i’m looking forward to it :) and there should be no hate towards there being more focus on the knockouts. as for brooke being in the role, i don’t know whether people just like to be negative or don’t like change but judging her so harsh before we even see her? poor girl.

  • wl75

    I’ll give this a wait and see- I’d be more concerned if she was wrestling, but she might be able to cut a good promo…

  • Danni

    Hahahahahahahaha Da Fug?

  • jcarcano12

    Y didn’t they use one of the current knockout. :/ Like Victoria Because she’s old or Katie Lee or So Cal VAL. :)

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    Maybe it’s a reinforcement of the cynicism, or a credible counter against it, that having Brooke become a character charged with managing a competitive women’s wrestling division does nothing for her music career. That Brooke gets a regular promotion vehicle that plays on her name value is probably where she and Dixie see the value in a professional partnership. Plus, if you read Dixie’s statement back, however, it all reeks of a temporary position.

  • JJ

    I’m surprised it took them this long. Of course it’s because her music career never took off. Of course it’s because daddy is Hulk Hogan. Maybe she’ll be surprisingly good. Maybe not. I’ll wait and see before judging them signing her.

    However…in storyline terms, this makes Dixie and TNA look pretty stupid. A woman who has had a tiny, tiny, TINY part in wrestling getting a prominent executive position just screams stupidity. Vickie, Karen, Stephanie, Traci, every woman previously given a position of power had already been established in the business before that happened. Brooke comes in and gets this off the bat; it can only be viewed from a storyline perspective as nepotism. That could actually work really well for a heel character (unqualified, undeserving boss) but wanna bet they make her a face?