In Pictures: Bella Twins Sizzle on Cover of ‘Maxim En Espanol’

We’ve heard much about it and now finally, we have the pictures!

The former Bella Twins, Nicole and Brianna, are on the cover of the latest issue of Maxim En Espanol — and let’s just say that they put the Men in Black to shame. Sorry, Will Smith!

Check out some pictures from their muy caliente spread (Spanish lesson alert!) below courtesy of

For more pictures be sure to visit

Diva Dirt has the first exclusive post-WWE interview with the Bella Twins. Stay tuned for more. Use the Twitter hash tag below to unlock a sneak peek of the interview:

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  • art

    the pics are kinda meh…their attractive but its kinda off got me…

  • Poison_Ivory

    These girls aren’t that photogenic on photoshoots.. The cover is, as ART already said, meh. Plus on the Extreme Rules official photo/whatever for Nikki v. Beth, Nikki looked 10 yrs older.

  • lucky1now

    eh passable but pleased to hear an interview is gonna happen

    • jen07201

      They mention Alberto Del Rio and Kelly Kelly on they interview it’s hilarious what they say about them.

      • jen07201


        • FameHooker18


      • lucky1now

        Can’t wait to hear the full thing they seem cool

        • Xotchtl

          @FameHooker18 it says:
          Who would you like to fight outside the ring?

          Nikki: AdR, because at least I can roll around on the floor with him.

          Brie: K2, because she took the divas championship away from me.

  • jcarcano12

    I like the cover but their faces look weird

  • Raekon

    Nice sensual photos! :)
    They at least look athletic instead of trashy and that’s a good thing.

  • FameHooker18

    I saw these pictures ages ago, how come DD only got them now

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    90% of the divas are hardly photogenic if you think about it… lol Maryse was really the only diva who could make you say “WOAH” in her photoshoots.

    • Choko

      Cameron Lynn is really photogenic. She is the most photogenic diva right now followed by AJ, Alicia, and Eve IMO.

      • EVEROCKS

        Yeah, A.J is alot. Can’t say the same for Alicia. Eve and Maryse are the most in my opinion

  • Flawless

    I miss them so much! :( that wasn’t their best photo and they look so much like Lea michele, particularly the bella on the left.

  • jcarcano12

    They should of used camera magic. ;)


    I never thought the Bellas’ were stunning to be honest. But they have like 6 packs!! lol and they were great entertainers.