Rosa Mendes in Car Accident

WWE is reporting that Rosa Mendes was involved in a car accident last night in Las Vegas.

A car reportedly hit Rosa’s car while she was stopped at a red light.

Rosa has been taken to hospital for evaluation.

Thoughts: It doesn’t appear as though this is part of a storyline. Our thoughts go out to Rosa.

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  • theregoeskitty

    all the best to Rosa, that car looks a wreck

  • mpezza

    It was in Las Vegas, not LA. :)
    Best wishes to Rosa, I hope she didn’t get hurt.

  • richies88

    Hope there isnt anything seriously happen to her. Rosa stays at home and rest for a while. because she aint gonna be in the ring anytime soon.

  • Jhonmarco

    Hope Rosa gets better soon.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I didn’t think WWE posted car accidents which the Superstars & Divas are involved in? Seems a bit odd to me. Hope she’s okay is it isn’t a work :)

  • LaylaElFan

    I really do hope shes ok

  • art

    i hope shes ok..the same thing happened to my sister years ago & she got a broken leg so im hoping rosas ok….

  • melon2617

    WWE commented on Santino’s accident last year as well, because he sustained some pretty serious injuries, so they have commented on rl stuff like this before.

    I hope Rosa’s okay. That looks like a pretty nasty wreck.

  • unscripted & flawless

    I hope Diva-Dirt doesn’t turn into one of “those” types of sites where they do stuff just to get more clicks, cause when I went to, it turns out that wasn’t even Rosa’s car that was hit that’s in the picture here on Diva-Dirt. She was in a black Hummer, in the passenger seat with the back of it just a little dented. This horrifically damaged car you see in the picture is not the car that Rosa was in. -___-

    • Raekon

      That’s probably the car that hit hers then.