Chyna Addresses Fainting at Fan Expo Yesterday

Former WWE star Chyna, who fainted yesterday while at a pornographic fan expo in Miami, has addressed the incident.

Speaking to E!, Chyna said: “It’s weird because I’ve been feeling so good lately, almost like She-Hulk, my character in Vivid’s Avengers XXX. But then I started to get a cold and feel weary. I think I overdid it with the cold medicine and a glass of wine at lunch today. I feel much better now and intend to go out to the pool.”

Meanwhile a rep for the expo said: “She has been feeling flu-like symptoms and took some over the counter medication to combat this, and possibly mixed it with a beverage during lunch. She was helped to a vehicle at the show and brought back to her hotel to rest—not a hospital as reported by some outlets.”

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  • nitesaver

    Sabu had a similar story at Extreme Reunion.

    Also we all know Chyna has an excellent record when it comes to the truth.

    • RedHotVixen

      Please don’t be mean. I’m just glad she’s O.K. She gave me quite a scare with this latest episode.

      • nitesaver

        Ive always wanted her to get help.

        But currently she is surrounded by enablers in one of the most degrading and drug fuelled professionals at 41 years old.

  • art

    I hope she finds some peace before i read the worse…

  • Ryan

    Guys I do not take ANY kind of medication not even tylenol!
    But hope Chyna is ok love this woman she needs to get better bro =D
    She needs tough love..something i strictly believe in.

    Sherri Martel died of a similar usage ALcohol and Medication…Chyna u need tough love baby!
    Porn rocks but i am nobody to tell you whatsay
    However Alcohol and Pills damn chick makes me wanna powerbomb you
    Something I can easily do ;)

  • jcarcano12

    Disappointed but I hope she will be OK


    It hurts to say this but…i wont be surprised if she passes away soon. It’s so sad but it’s the truth. Chyna WE LOVE YOU!! PLEASE STOP DOING WHAT UR DOING.