Diva Dirt TV: A Look at Layla vs Beth Phoenix at ‘Over the Limit’ (Preview)

Diva Dirt TV has a special preview of this Sunday’s Over the Limit title match between Layla and Beth Phoenix.

Both are decorated in the Divas division with multiple Divas and Women’s Championship reigns between them, but which Diva can make it count on pay per view?

Diva Dirt TV‘s Jake Verterano previews Sunday’s match:

Stay tuned to Diva Dirt for live coverage of the pay per view this Sunday night.

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  • http://www.sexywomenofwrestling.weebly.com WweRules32

    I Cant Wait For This Match Tomorrow Night And I Hope My Girl Layla Will Retain and i also hope that layla and beth get a good amount of time in the ring to showcase what they can do

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Layla all the way….these two have good matches so im hoping for a good amount of time because its ppv…

  • jcarcano12

    Beth I hope She win x)

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Layla bro!! Beth is BEAT! tired of this chick…

    Layla is one awesome sexy little wrestler! Layla can roll! Plus Beth n Layla have wrestled many times before Even during the LayCool days Layla took it to Beth

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211052003#!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    i so know a kharma chant breaks out !! and layla retains with a roll up after kharmas music hits while beth is looking at the titantron in shock .
    then ofcourse u have a kharma vs beth vs layla showdown…
    it’ll cover up for the roll up.
    if no kharma..then im sure layla vs beth will be a good match, i’m dying to see laylas new moveset =P
    bah i’m just dying to see that hot lady! ;P

  • Timalee

    WOW! look at the divas left from the pg diva era.
    Beth Pheonix who debuted in 2006 so that’s almost 6 years of a run in the WWE. And she has a great history. 3 time womens champion, and 1 time diva’s champion. runner up as Miss wrestlemania. Had awsome storylines. Glamorella, her debute was ment for a huge push. She was put in the WWE for big success and I see her in the Hall of Fame in the next 30 years.
    Kelly Kelly also debuted in 2006, pushing 6 years. 1 divas title reign. Extreme Expose. Kelly may not have as big as a usage as Beth but she has her own story.
    Layla debutes in 2006 and has a very successful history too. 2006 diva search winner. Extreme Expose, winning womens title and being the first british champion. Won the divas title twice (or once depends on point of view) And has had a very fun run with Laycool, and I would love to see McCool to come back when Layla talks about retirement. and Michelle wants revenge. That would be cool. That is a potential diva ledgion rivalry.
    Nataya only been here with us since 2008, she has 4 years with us and I see her going no where for a while but it’s always that 5-7 years divas leave even if they want to or not. Nataya has a Divas title reign under her belt, and a great manager for the heart Dynasty with her. The fart gimmic (is that done with?)
    Eve has been here the shortest of the divas that i declare part of this era other than Aicia fox and the Bellas. She came in 2007 with 5 years. And she has a hall of fame story going for her. two time divas champion. and 2007 diva search winner. She has fun story lines with the interviewer, to the diva contest, to the small rivalry with layla. to the Divas title and then regaining it to the love triange, to hoeskie, and now as assistant to the boss. She has litterally gone from bottom to top. I would not be surprized if Eve become Manager.
    Alicia Fox: Came here in 2008. Has a divas title in her play. with the edge and Vikkie wedding and then going to ECW with her dancing gimmic, and then going to raw and going for the Divas title and then…well we’ll let WWE deside what’s next.
    WWE is running out on these divas and needs to build up on a strong rememberable rivalry. I’m already that they took down the WOMENS title history. I’m like now how are the next generation of viewers going to know who Lita is and Molly or remember who was Mickie James or melina were.

  • perceval

    I would normally want these two to pull out all the stops. But, given how this weekend has gone, so far, for current and former Divas, maybe they’d better play it as safe as possible.


    I’m actually excited for this match!! My prediction is Layla will retain. Something weird will probly happen with Beth. I just PRAY it’s longer than 2mins.

  • Zane

    I personally think Layla’s going to win- but I would love to see Beth regain the title!
    If the WWE do an angle where Beth injures her ankle again- this will allow Beth to come back stronger than ever and ready for Kharma. In the mean time, AJ/Natalya could have the next opportunity for the Divas Championship..

    • Zane

      Also, as next months PPV is No Way Out in New Jersey, and AJ’s on the cover; I think the WWE will give her an opportunity for the title as its her home state.

      • Timalee

        I think that would be a smart thing to do, and I think they need to get really creative to get rid of her depressed state.

        I really want Layla to win cause Layla was the last one Kharma attacked. And I feel that would be good. Then give the title to Kharma. Hand start have Beth, Nataya, and Tamina win the title and build their history, Cause if you look at my post earlier I talk about how Beth is entering 6 years, and most divas don’t go longer than that. Beth might be one to make 10 years maybe longer. But eventually she might leave to work on a family.

        And Natalya would be awesome to face Layla cause WWE could Natalya in a feel that she feels Layla is still being a Laycool and she wants to end LAyla’s career. That would be an awesome rivalry.

        WWE shoud look on here and read the storyline thought and take them. We won’t be mad and want to sue we will be happy and the large amount of people that stopped watching the T.V show cause of how the divas were treated woud come back.

  • WhalenX12

    I hope Beth wins. I feel like Layla returned too late. I’m not really diggin’ her when it comes to Beth Phoenix.