Report: Chyna Involved in Another Incident 24 Hours Before Fainting

TMZ is reporting that WWE star Chyna, who fainted last night at a pornographic fan convention in Miami, was involved in another scary incident just 24 hours before the one which made headlines Friday night.

The website states that Chyna was kicked out of a party at a hotel on Thursday night after ‘causing a scene’ and passing out in a pool.

“Chyna pissed off multiple party-goers with her crazy antics … most notably when she jumped in the pool naked with a friend,” says the report.

Chyna was ejected after she was found passed out in the pool.

Thoughts: These multiple incidents in such a short space of time are pretty concerning. It’s sad to read about.

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  • art

    :-( does she have anyone that loves her???..

  • redsandman99

    Unfortunately, I don’t see a happy ending for Chyna. She’s clearly surrounded by enablers and if something drastic doesn’t happen then I just don’t see the headlines about her getting better.

  • jayjayholler

    Such a shame, once she was very talented and very beautiful especially back in 2001 when she wrestled Lita! She was smokin! Very sad to see.

  • melon2617

    Its a damn shame.

    I posted a comment on another thread that was deleted so I’ll try to exercise more tact.(I apologize if I was oh, less than tactful)

    This woman needs help for her self esteem issues, dependency issues, and needs to step away from public life and enjoy her days in peace. She clearly cannot handle the harsh glare of infamy, which is no crime, most people can’t.

    I don’t want her to become a statistic. I don’t want Nancy Grace to wag her finger & blame every wrestler & their dog for another wrestler death. It’s so sad that she has no one who will help her see the downward spiral she’s in.

  • EveLover

    She’s too old to be acting like this. I dont care if she does porn, its her life. But this is just ridiculous.

    • Mikas

      Well, her doing porn isnt really the problem here. There are plenty of pornstars who dont do drugs and live a healthy life. It’s the combination of porn & drugs thats lethal. There are a lot of bad elements in porn and drugs are very easy to get, so for people with a drug past the temptation is just too great.
      It’s like locking up a recovering alcoholic in a room filled with various types of liquor. How long will this person resist the temptation?

      • EveLover

        I wasn’t exactly talking about the porn. Thats why I said I didnt care that she did porn. What I meant was ridiculous is her behavior. Causing a scene, Jumping into a pool naked, doing drugs, ect. Thats ridiculous. I would expect a 20 year old to be doing that type of stuff.

        Porn, while I dont like her doing it, Im not going to tell her to quit. What is causing her downfall is the drugs.

  • Jhonmarco

    This woman needs to get her life together. I don’t want to end up reading that she was found dead in some motel room.

  • mpezza

    I wish she’d gone into teaching like she wanted to a few years ago.. I think she’d be in a much healthier and happier place if she had.

  • jcarcano12

    Chyna I love you D: but girl get ur shit together

  • Mikas

    She needs professional help asap before it’s too late. Unfortunately her employers in the adult industry (vivid) probably dont see a problem. Their only concern is selling her dvds.

    • No Holds Barred

      The problem is Chyna. WWE reached out to her and offered her rehab but she didn’t accept it, let’s hope somebody can put some sense into her, although I don’t like Chyna, I also don’t like seeing people ruin their lives like this.

  • Ryan

    Dammit Chyna…


    She is a troubled person. Can u imagine how many fans she has lost? But i just hope she gets better. Theese very close together incidents are frightening.