Chyna Hospitalized After Collapsing at Convention Again

Former WWE star Chyna has been involved in a third dramatic incident in as many days as she collapsed again at the Exxxotica adult movie convention in Miami, reports TMZ.

Chyna has been hospitalized after passing out in the lobby at the convention, according to the report.

As previously reported, Chyna collapsed at the same convention on Friday night, and on Thursday night, was ejected from a party after passing out in a pool.

This story just gets sadder and sadder…

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  • Mikas

    Maybe the 3rd time does the trick and she finally wakes up and get help. But i somehow doubt thats going to happen.

  • Queen Bee

    She’s an attention whore. Sorry but that’s the truth.

    • javiousmckenzie

      Yea people have wrecks faint and pass out for attention let me go wreck my car right now then drink some Ciroc with a pain killer maybe so i can get some attention too *sarcasm* For you to swear she is an attention whore your the main one to give it quick to comment on every Chyna post

      • Queen Bee

        Well it seems like she is, Getting high and passing out for attention. Chill out.

        • javiousmckenzie

          I have not read one report that said anything about her getting high or any type of drugs other than cold medicine was involved so reach higher

        • ChrisxLita

          No Chyna is not an Attention whore.
          I have to agree with @JAVIOUSMCKENZIE, I haven’t heard much about her doing drugs or getting high.
          An Attention Whore is someone like Lindsey Lohan, Or Kim K.

        • perceval


          Cold medicine? Three days in a row? And what about back in February? Anyone who remember the craziness from just three months ago shouldn’t be at all surprised about this weekend. Really, some Chyna fanboys are sounding exactly like the Hardy fangirls who kept denying Jeff had substance abuse problems even AFTER that match with Sting, last year.

          That said, I wouldn’t say “attention whore” so much as addicted to fame. She really seems to NEED it for self validation, even if it means going into porn to keep it. It’s not like she wasn’t qualified for anything else. Did Trish, Lita, Molly, & Jazz really have more qualifications for building a post-WWE life than Chyna did? Not really.

          One thing I thought was telling was her insisting that hardcore porn was what her fans wanted from her. She kept wording it in those terms. She seems to think that all anyone ever saw in her was a dominatrix or amazon sex fetish. While that may be true for a few of the guys, most of them just liked the image of a strong woman. Her female fans became so because of the strong female image serving as a role model. Trish’s, Lita’s, and Tara’s fanbases are mostly female, because they serve that role for girls and young women. Even Kelly Kelly is aware that girls look to her for that, and tries to act accordingly, at least publicly.

          I think trying to hold on to the old image of Chyna is why so many of her fans have been in such denial. They kept wondering why WWE wouldn’t take her back, blocking out… everything, from the simple fact that porn and kid friendly don’t mix, to her erratic behavior that makes her just too risky to put in a ring with someone, or on live TV. They blocked all that out because it didn’t fit the “9th Wonder of the World” image they believed in. THAT’S what her fans want, her real ones, at any rate. The “fans” she’s pleasing, now, are the same folks who liked watching Paris Hilton make a fool of herself.

        • Raekon

          @Queen Bee
          I guess being dissrespectful while typing idiotic comments at the same type suits you as a person. Maybe you are the attention whore here?


          – it is known that she has to take anti-depressiva on a regular basis which is not drugs, it’s subscribed Medication due to her perma depressions she is dealing with her whole life

          – it is known that she had flu symptoms and everyone knows that if you take medication that might not be suitable to her main medication or if she drinks Alcohol while under meds, one can pass out or worse.

          So one should differentiate a little instead of immediately giving someone a stamp as an addict.

    • Matthew

      I have to agree.
      Although I do feel sorry for this woman.. She needs help.


    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see TMZ reporting that she died in a few months.

    I really hope it doesn’t come down to that, but my mind is telling me not to be shocked when it does.

    • Jhonmarco


    • EveLover

      Pretty much this.

    • perceval

      This time, last year, could we have pictured Jeff Hardy taking responsibility for his life and turning things around?

      As long as she’s breathing, there’s still hope.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Oh how the mighty have fallen… :/

    Still trying hard to respect her but she’s not doing herself any favors. I think it’d be best if Chyna steps out of the public eye from now on. Live off her last days in peace (i say last days now cos god knows she’s probably capable of it now :/)

    • TheJoJoIsCrazy

      Not sure if you’re a Buffy fan and this is in no way to be pompous just it made me think of the qoute. ” To forgive is to have compassion. People don’t deserve forgiveness, you give it because they need it.” So maybe not respect for this woman but compassion for her because hse clearly needs something. Here’s hoping for her.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    On another note. Classy picture…


    Wow this is so sad. She is a mess…just the thought of her being my dads age and doing porn makes me shiver. D:

  • Liam ‘

    She must be in a really bad place. Why is this also under WWE news?

  • No Holds Barred

    hot picture



  • _Bryan_

    This is really sad. I really do hope she gets better, sooner rather than later. I assume her response was a lie then or…

  • sanchezdiego96

    It just keeps getting worse. This picture of her is so sad.

  • jcarcano12

    This suck but it’s her own fault

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    She needs to get it together…..for real

  • melon2617

    Dear Dr. Drew, Vince McMahon, Dr. Phil, Sean Waltman, Anyone who has ever played a role in this person’s life where she listened and got some help,

    Please put aside your personal feelings for Chyna and each other and stage a huge intervention to help her. She is clearly very messed up and needs some serious, in patient treatment. Perhaps an employment counselor to help her find a nice job somewhere out of the harsh public eye.

    This is a sad story of someone who came from a very disturbing childhood, got too much, too soon and buckled under the pressure. Then she lost the one stable influence in her life, regretted it too late and is now trying to reclaim what she had but again, too much has happened. I hope there is someone who can help her find herself again so she can live an additional 41 years at the very least.

    • EveLover

      Didnt WWE already try to help her ?

      • melon2617

        I’m sure they did. What I think needs to happen is a legit intervention. Not a phone call or a hug. A bunch of people who she’s known to have listened to in the past sit her down and get her real mental help. She’s obviously very depressed and suffering from chemical dependency and it’s so very heartbreaking to see. I hope someone helps her soon.

        • EveLover

          I hope anything happens to help her heal. She seems like a very stuborn woman, though. I dont think itll be easy.

    • Liam ‘

      Nobody can help her if she doesn’t help herself! It’s her life, her choices and her consequences.

  • Marshy

    Chyna needs serious help and needs to be saved,she needs to turn her life around before it is too late.

  • Danni

    Reading some of the comments here has made me realize people STILL don’t understand mental illness.

    This woman is NOT well. Too many people with Mental Health Issues get labelled as ‘attention seekers’ & it really freaking annoys me. If she was throwing a ton of pills down her throat, then explained what she had just done on Twitter, yes that would be attention seeking/a cry for help but she’s not ..she’s going to work/parties and passing out/fainting, maybe it is from alcohol and/or drugs but that just means that she NEEDS help (especially considering its three days in a row now), really badly before she harms herself to the point of no return.

  • shannymac

    Something is seriously wrong with her. She needs help so bad and I pray that she gets it.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    I wonder if this is due to her getting Plastic surgery and maybe it is fighting back???

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    She Needs Help, I’m sick of hearing about how she passes out or goes to hospital or this or that blah blah blah..

  • Kantrell

    WTF?!?? Are you serious? This can’t be real.

  • Crazy_J

    I really wish Chyna would just be healthier with the choices she makes. I don’t mean doing porn because that doesn’t always mean you do drugs, drink, etc. Yes some do, but not everybody in porn does. She needs to give herself time to rest and let bygones be bygones. Clear her head and get back on her feet I’d really like to see her do it because regardless of what some people say I still have a shred of me that is wanting to believe in her.

  • soju81

    That picture of her saddens me…. I met Chyna at a signing 10 years ago. I remember that she was VERY nice…. I think HHH/Steph/Vince are what pushed her off the edge. Ever since she left the WWE she has had issues. :-(

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    Even the most impassioned of Chyna supporters, myself included, can’t ignore her current mental disposition. These reports unfortunately imply that an intervention is desperately needed here. Substance abuse is something she’s long struggled with, even before the porn industry, and any profession would have been one to supplement her vices. Drugs and all kinds of celebrity is a common cocktail. Chyna’s ultimate issue, however, remains with herself. Fame is a heady drug all of its own and someone so innately vulnerable should never be exposed to it. Nevertheless Chyna will not seek help until she herself is able to acknowledge that she needs it.

    On a personal level, though, I feel really sad for Chyna. At this stage in her life there are so many layers that need to be peeled away in trying to unearth the true problem. When you think of all the different and drastic avenues she’s taken to redefine herself, all of it indicates that throughout most of her life she’s been utterly incapable of happiness. To me, that’s a horrible existence.

    • DAFereldan91

      The wisest statement I have read in the entire thread. No one on Earth could possibly help her unless she admits that she is in predicaments and needs someone to get her out off the hot water.

  • WWEStarInTraining

    I hope she doesn’t die or pass out today

  • Raekon

    I hope that she gets all the help that she needs and that she is gonna get better soon.

  • mscandy

    I hope she gets some help. If the people around her cared, they’d get her some help.