Today in History: Jillian and Melina Settle Their Grudge

On this day in history:

May 21st, 2006 | Jillian was one of those Divas who never got a real moment in the spotlight, known more for her ability to enthusiastically sing very, very poorly. So, it was nice to see that her feud with Melina gave her a chance to have a big-time Pay Per View match at 2006’s Judgment Day. It was billed as a “grudge match” and fittingly, the match was far from clean, filled with hair-pulls and chokes. Even the end was muddy, Jillian pinning Melina while the latter’s hand was holding the bottom rope. The referee did not see this, and awarded the victory to Jillian. Furious, Melina attacked interviewer Kristal Marshall post-match when she tried to ask her some poorly-timed questions. Unfortunately for Melina, she couldn’t even best an interviewer, and was chased off, insult added to injury.

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