On this day in history:

May 23rd, 2005 | After turning on Kane the week before, Lita took to the mic to perform the requisite post-heel turn explanation. With Edge by her side, she asked the crowd if they could blame her for betraying Kane, citing all the horrible things he had done to her (kidnapping, forced sex, pregnancy, forced wedding..) and, unlike the typical heel promo, her points rang true, but of course that didn’t stop the masses from screaming “slut!” at her. She said she had used Kane to get the things she wanted, looked straight into the camera and told him that she never loved him, and could never love someone who was as big a sick, twisted, sweaty freak as he was. On top of all that, Lita revealed that she had been seeing Edge behind Kane’s back for months. It was a heel turn that seemed more justified than most, but just despicable enough to make her a true heel.

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