Today in History: Lita Completes Her Heel Turn

On this day in history:

May 23rd, 2005 | After turning on Kane the week before, Lita took to the mic to perform the requisite post-heel turn explanation. With Edge by her side, she asked the crowd if they could blame her for betraying Kane, citing all the horrible things he had done to her (kidnapping, forced sex, pregnancy, forced wedding..) and, unlike the typical heel promo, her points rang true, but of course that didn’t stop the masses from screaming “slut!” at her. She said she had used Kane to get the things she wanted, looked straight into the camera and told him that she never loved him, and could never love someone who was as big a sick, twisted, sweaty freak as he was. On top of all that, Lita revealed that she had been seeing Edge behind Kane’s back for months. It was a heel turn that seemed more justified than most, but just despicable enough to make her a true heel.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • candicefan

    BTW the link i uploaded above is me wrestling :) would love to know what you all think of it

    hope lita makes it in wwe13

  • DIVAsupporter

    Her heel turn really made her good on the mic.. but she missed a lot of in-ring action because of this. and I hated it.. I was so high on Lita as a face.. but even as a heel.. I loved it when she had matches..


    I remember watching this and thinking…
    “Why are the fans booing her!? Kane impregnated her against her will, kidnapped her and held her hostage in a boiler room and forced her to marry him. I would have done much worse than just cheat on him!”

  • lucky1now

    her heel turn upset me i loved her as face and never wanted to boo her or hear her get those slut chants but it did wonders for her character she was most loved as a face and most hated as a heel who can really do that nowadays?

  • redsandman99

    Given what Kane did to her, she should have never been booed for that explanation…but this was when everybody was pissed off about the Matt/Lita/Edge thing so she had heat from fans that thought they knew everything. And now the irony is, now that Matt has pissed people off, those same fans will go “oh maybe she saw something the rest of us didn’t…”

  • kristalmelinafan

    I so remember this. One of my favorite moments and diva history. Lita was never one of my favorites until her heel turn, i feel like this was the highlight of her career and also the lowest point due to the treatment of the fans outside of the ring. But still love this Lita and love the twist of fate on Matt Hardy when she did it. Very epic to me.

  • RedHotVixen

    I was RELIEVED when she finally turned heel. Watching how the fans turned on her after the Matt Hardy saga was just painful. I remember that segment where heel Trish was “apologizing” to Lita and the crowd was just brutal. Trish did a great job trying to cover it up and Lita just looked amused though on the inside I’m sure she was hurting. Not only that but Kane and Lita’s relationship was hard to stomach. And when they would kiss *shudder*. Anyway heels are always more fun than faces. Lita had been a face almost her entire career. She needed a change even if it wasn’t exactly by choice.

  • thefuzmeista

    wtf eve torres completely stole her dialogues!!

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I loved heel Lita!
    And I loved her run with Edge
    BTW I loved Lita and Edge’s entrance here….they are too hot for TV.

  • Roqqsz

    I don’t see a link for you :( wanted to see what you can do in the ring.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I agree too I can’t hate Lita but if hse was gonna turn heel I would much prefer it if the crowd was less disrespecful towards her.

  • LadyGoDiva

    nobody deserves to be cheated on but I feel that Lita dodge a bullet with Matt Hardy?

  • lucky1now

    That’s what really sucks if it wasn’t for the fans acting on her personal life and matts rants her heel turn would have been more respectful

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    No one should be cheated on. But Matt looks like he can’t take a break-up….

  • lucky1now

    She made her mark in history I thanks her for it

  • redsandman99

    No she really shouldn’t have cheated and maybe she did dodge a bullet but it quite frankly shouldn’t have been any of our business. That whole affair should have really been kept between the parties involved with it

  • norisclouds

    Pretty much my feelings on it, but I loved Rated R Lita possibly more than face Lita, and Rated R Edge is one of my favorite wrestling characters of all time, so I can’t say I regret the turns. It was some of my favorite years in wrestling.