Today in History: Team Xtreme is Born

On this day in history:

May 25th, 2000 | Essa Rios had been going through a string of losses, which he seemed to blame on his manager Lita. When he suffered yet another loss, this time at the hands of Matt Hardy, he cracked, attacking Lita after the match. He hit her with a powerbomb and a moonsault before the Hardyz returned, taking him out and carrying Lita to the back. This, of course, would mark the inception of one of the WWE’s most famous teams: Team Xtreme, that is.

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  • lucky1now

    I remember watching this and thinking its so crazy for him just to turn on her
    But it was her taking her next step that will make her something huge
    I miss team xtreme

    • Marlon Eric

      I don’t think he just turned on her. The article forgot to mention that the weeks previous, Essa Rios was in a tag match with The Godfather. Lita didn’t like being included with the Hoes, and she didn’t like Essa flirting with them. When he was about to do his Moonsault, Lita interfered and made him slip and hit his head on the turnbuckle and lose.

      I think this match was the last straw and he turned on her. Amazing what I can remember.

    • norisclouds

      I think she’d cost him a few matches at that point and she’d caught him cheating on her about a week or so before, so they’d set the stage for her to do a face turn against him. The crowd was always cheering her over Essa for a while, the Chyna feud was designed for Chyna vs Lita at the time with Essa and Eddie just tagging along…and even then they were starting to hint at Lita and Essa splitting up.

  • Litaker61

    Can’t even describe how much I loved Team Xtreme.

  • redsandman99

    Team Xtreme was (and still is) my all time favorite group.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Team Extreme could possibly be one of the most greatest mixed tag teams in the WWE because putting the Hardy Boys and Lita in a mixed tag team match it was gonna be a classic. Like Team Extreme vs T&A with Trish at Fully Loaded.

    • perceval

      It was a great way to establish the women, too. The ladder and table spot with Lita and Trish would set the future of the Women’s Division. Then, the Hollys decided they needed a counter to Trish’s and Lita’s interference in their matches with T&A and the Hardyz, so they brought in their cousin Molly.

      So, by the time they got serious about a Women’s Division late in 2001, they had a long established three way rivalry with three very over women. They just carried over what they’d been doing with each other and made it about the Championship.

      Of course, it also made JR look like he had double standards when it came to face and heel behavior. He’d bash a heel Diva for interfering in a match, going on about her horrible cheating ways, then would call Lita doing the EXACT SAME THING for the Hardyz “great teamwork.” Did the Hardyz ever win a match without Lita cheating for them? :)

      It was especially noticeable after Lita’s heel turn with Edge, when JR would call her out for the very same actions he had praised her for when it was for the Hardyz.

  • misschrissi7

    I miss Team Xtreme. Future HOFers for sure

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I loved Jeff and Lita is my favorite diva ever.

  • LaylaElFan

    I miss this. Team Extreme is the best
    and did i just see TVPG! At the start.

    • perceval

      SD was on a regular broadcast network, at the time, while Raw was on Cable. So, SD was PG, Raw TV-14. They’d play into the ratings difference between the shows, sometimes, like when Torrie & Candice moved to Raw to form Vince’s Devils. Their promo explained that they’d been traded to Raw because Teddy Long told them they “were too hot for network TV.”

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Man I was such a big fan of Team Xtreme.
    One of my favorite stables

  • bluejay

    Team Extreme was needed for Lita because she was getting way too popular and it was overshadowing Essa Rios. Lita’s popularity was awesome back in the day she was head to head with Chyna in terms of being over. Her being with the Hardys was a match made in heaven.It helped her really bring her monkier “Queen of Extreme” to life.

  • Shan

    This is why I had such a huge crush on Jeff. He was so cute and always looked so concerned about Lita when she was hurt.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Its kinda funny how Lita’s head is bobbing to the Hardys theme at the end
    And oh Lita looks really pretty in the red catsuit


    LOL at Jeff trying not to touch Lita’s butt at the end. ;) Jeff and Lita should’ve dated.


      And Lita hoding on to Matt’s belt :)

    • norisclouds

      She used to say he was too immature for her. He acted way younger than his age.

  • Ryan

    Lita all the way she was awesome!!!
    Shes a Legend

    Loved how tough she was…girls now adays arent as tough haha I miss that intergender crazyness that used to go down

  • norisclouds

    One of my favorite stables of all time. Always will be sad that we’ll never see a Team Xtreme reunion.