WWE Over the Limit Predictions: Beth Phoenix vs Layla

Tonight at Extreme Rules, new Divas Champion Layla faces Beth Phoenix for the butterfly belt. Can the flawless one prove her worth as champion against the Glamazon? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Bobby: I’m torn on how I think this will go. On one hand, Layla just won the Divas Championship so seeing her lose this quickly would be kind of weird, especially right back to Beth. On the other hand, with Eve, Aksana, and Rosa Mendes all in non-wrestling capacities, that leaves us with a resounding Beth, Natalya, and Maxine (note: I’m not exactly sure what side AJ is on right now) as the only actively competing heels in the division compared to what seems like a billion faces. Would WWE be willing to push Nattie or Maxine to the forefront? Considering Layla has already beaten both of them since her reign started, I would guess not. I really don’t know where things are going, but I’m going to guess Layla retains the title, even if to just drop it back to Beth next month because I feel like this feud will continue since WWE doesn’t seem to want to go in a Natalya or Maxine route.

Cryssi: I think it’s pretty obvious that Layla will retain tonight. It wouldn’t make much sense to have her return a couple of weeks ago, win the championship, and then just drop it. That said, I truly hope something happens tonight that gets Layla over as a solo champion. She’s not been well received by the live crowd so far, but I think it’s a combination of her theme music, which is still synonymous with Michelle McCool, and the lack of effort by creative. They took the right step by letting Layla attack Beth on Raw. It was brief, but it showed a spark of something, and I liked that. Tonight’s match should be a good one.

Erin: Layla’s just getting going in this title reign, but it wouldn’t be the first time there was a quick title switch. Still, I think there’s more for the WWE to do with Layla as a champ (Kharma returning as a heel?) rather than having Beth hold the title again so soon after her long reign. I’m hoping there’s more in store with Layla at the forefront, and for that to happen she’ll have to be champ, unless she starts some back-and-forth feud with Beth. I’ll just go with my gut and say Layla wins and retains the title.

Katelyn: Layla. It’s too soon for her to drop the title and I’m not overly interested in another Beth Phoenix title reign just yet.

Melanie: This should be a good match, but the build-up hasn’t exactly set my world alight. The two week build has been ‘eh’ at best. Beth and Layla are capable of doing so much more, especially Layla on the microphone. My worst fear has been realized with WWE making Layla a generic babyface upon her return. Before her injury, Layla was on the microphone almost every week getting her character over, but now she can’t seem to get a promo. Disappointing. That said, I’m looking forward to what Layla and Beth do in the ring. History shows us they have good chemistry. I’m going with Layla for the victory.

Steven: Considering how Beth unceremoniously dropped the title a while back and how much hype has come along with Layla’s return, I think this is a pretty easy match to call. I predict that Layla will leave Over the Limit as champion and move on to a new challenger the following night on Raw.

Who do you think will win at Extreme Rules?

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  • TheFallenAngela

    layla will win to soon to lose title poor beth

  • Nostalgia

    They can’t afford to make either competitor look very weak. Sooo I’m guessing Kharma returns and ends the match

    • wl75

      I agree- there’s no winner, keeps both strong and puts Kharma in as a tweener…

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    That pic of Layla isn’t that flattering. Not a great Beth pic either. Layla looks older & Beth squinty.

    Wishful thinking: Layla retains, jubilantly skips to the back, Beth rips off headband while having a tantrum, cue Kharma, who implants Beth straight to the “injured” list. Kharma stalks Lay while laying out “Divars” left & right until she takes on Layla for her “Divars” championship (love it when she says that. Beth returns from her “injury” which put her out for a couple of months, setting up a wicked triple threat for SS.

    What’ll really happen: Layla wins. Then nothing.

    • Jhonmarco

      Agreed. That photo does neither any justice, ew.

  • shaky209

    I don’t agree Beth injured list for A couple of months.Can’t afford to make Beth look weak either.SO I say surprise return of Kharma ;Layla sees here get’s distracked and Beth regains her title and Kharma and Beth start theire fued which ends at Summer Slam.If Layla wins they’ve still got to keep Beth in the fued like interference Causing Beth to get DQ through no fault of her own and still gives her another shot at the Diva’s title.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Layla all the way with Beth “re-injuring” herself for Layla to get the win not expecting Kharma til the 3 hour show in July. I have not been impressed with Layla she was good in the ring before but its like she just took Eve gimmick smiley face who can work im sure WWE will keep this Beth/Layla feud going since Beth seems like the only heel they want to push

  • FrankNFurter

    Please not with the Kharma predictions, I feel like the more we anticipate her return, the longer the ‘E will wait to book her return.

    On that note, Layla has this.

  • shannymac

    I’m guessing Layla will retain, since it would be pointless for her to drop it so soon, or for Beth to have dropped it just to get it back this quick.

    They’ll either have Beth chase it for awhile (and maybe get it back) or just move on to a new challenger. If they do move on, I hope it’s either to Eve or to Kharma (who needs to re-debut ASAP)

  • Timalee

    Okay, I like to do 1 year story lines so I’m gonna do a Layla prediction storyline, and a Beth win prediction…And even a Kharma return story line.

    Layla’s: At Over the Limit, Layla and Beth have a good 11 minute match which Layla wins by reversing the Glamslam. On Raw you get a backstage promo of Beth talking about her loss, which she uses the term luck. Beth calls out Layla for a rematch. Then Tamina walks up and tells her that she already had her chance, and they end up fighting. Eve tells them to stop and gives them a match that would determine the number one contender at the next P.P.V. with Layla as guest ref.

    The Match goes for 4 1/2 minutes with Beth knocking Tamina off the top rope, and hitting the GlamSlam. Layla raises Beth’s arm and then Beth hits the Glamslam on Layla. On Friday night Smackdown. AJ bumps into Layla and Layla trys to talk to her but AJ just attacks her.

    On Monday Layla vs AJ. 3 minute match with Layla winning the match, Beth comes out and talks a little smack about how her little match was just weak. Layla then throws back on how Beth looked weak at Over the Limit. Beth starts rushing down there, but before she gets to the ring Eve’s music hits and She tells them that they’re not allowed to fihgt until the P.P.V and just to make thing even better. We’ll make this match a No DQ match.

    On Friday and Monday you don’t really see much of the Beth and Layla (gotta put WWE style in this to make it seem real) But the Monday before No Way Out Beth goes out into the ring. And demands a all diva Guatlet match to show she can beat all the divas. She beats the first few divas (Carmon, Akzana, and AJ) in under 3 minutes. She then face Kelly and Alicia fox which took 4 minutes. Then Kaytlin came out and gave her 4 minutes plus hurting Beth’s ankle again. Niaomi comes out and loses to Beth in mer seconds. Beth screams for the next (last one) and then you hear the laugh…Kharma comes from behind and destroys Beth. and Wins the match.

    At over the Limit Layla and Beth use Trashcan, chairs, and even a kindo stick. The match ends with Beth winning the title by putting Layla through a table. And then in the middle of her celebration Kharma comes out and faceplants Beth and hold the title up.

    Okay I know this is long but just bare with me it’s my opinion on how if Beth wins and if Layla wins how we go into the next P.P.V

    Beth: Beth vs Layla at the P.P.V which Beth eins the 9 minute match. Kharma would come out and Beth woud get away. and Kharma would attack Layla. On Raw Kharma would have her first match with Kelly Kelly. Which she wins in 2 minutes. Beth comes out and talks about how she beat the Barbie, Kharma laughs and say “Then come to this ring and lets play”. Beth walks down . but before she gets to the ring Eve comes out and talks about how Layla requests her rematch claus next week. Kharma tells Eve then make it a triple threat match. Eve does not and tells Kharma she will face the winner in a special special match at No Way Out,

    On Friday Aj wins her match against Maxine, and Daniel comes out and does it Blah Blah Blah, and Kharma comes out and her say oh look AJ Kharma is coming to get you for making me lose my title. He starts cheering Kharma to attack her, but Kharma attack Daniel and Faceplants him. Kharma then waves to Aj with a crepy face. and leaves.

    Beth vs Layla for the divas title. Beth wins with a 5 minute match. Eve comes out and tells Beth at No way out she and Kharma will fight for the Divas title in a steel cage match. Beth flips out a little bit.

    At No Way out Beth Vs Kharma for the title and Beth wins barely, by gettin out the door while Kharma was on top of the cage. good 15-18 minutes match

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      Ok seriously i want WWE Creative to hire you!!! Thats exactly how the division should go!!

      • Timalee

        I did this stuff all over the diva thread on the WWE universe divas… I would make my own post one how I think the division story lines should go.

        I created matches in detail and i did months worth of storylines…
        Diva title and women title wins and loses…

        I’m only 16 and been doing this since I was 12
        And it’s very fun.. I created divas gaulet battle royal…which is like the Royal rumber but to bring another person out you have throw your current opponent over the top rope…

  • THETommyTommy

    I would like to see what I think EVERYONE would like to see. Kharma become the tweener in this feud. It would be like David and two Goliath’s. We haven’t had a decent triple threat feud in the diva’s division for a long time – if ever. These women could pull it off. Kharma returns and lays out Layla. Giving her the victory then chases down Beth.

  • WhalenX12

    Hoping Kharma will return. But it’s more unlikely than anything. Maybe WWE thinks that we wont think Kharma’s returning tonight, and throw her out there.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      Well, WWE has recently “leaked” that there are no storylines for Kharma right now and with Beth desperately needing a repackaging, those reports could have been an awesome red herring.I’m not holding my breath for her to come back anytime soon, but it would definitely be nice. Like I said in my prediction, wishful thinking brings out Kharma, but the reality is that nothing will happen.

      Kharma needs to come back soon as the division is at a standstill. Kaitlyn and AJ are tied up with D-Bryan, Tamina & K2 are faces, Maxine isn’t really ready for a title feud, Eve is wearing pretty glasses and not in the ring, and DoD have been neutralized. What is there for Layla to do after tonight? Sit around and look pretty w/ the belt? Kharma shaking things up is the best option at this point to take Beth off camera to repackage her as a strong force and Layla can sell the emotions required (fear, panic, determination) to tangle with Kharma. Not to mention the squash matches would give us build until July, when Raw goes three hours and should give the Divas more time.

      • Timalee

        Knowing WWE the will pul a random divas name out of a hat and put them in a title fued…Just like the Maryse and Kelly fued, I thought Kelly was going to be champion but then Mickie came out and started fueding in the middle of it..I’m WTF

  • Timalee

    What WWE should do is Make Kharma the new Chyna.

    Have her go after Daniel Brian for making AJ all depressed. And then start challenging him to a world title match…and Kharma loses but constantly hunts him down cause in the match brian cheated..and she seeks revenge…then she goes in another match again with him for the title. Aj distracts Brian and Kharma wins it


    • Jhonmarco

      Honestly Kharma should be kept away from the men. It makes her look less monster-like and she appears just average compared to the guys who are mostly over 6 feet tall.