In Video: Layla Comments on Divas Title Match at ‘Over the Limit’

Divas Champion Layla talked about her victory over Beth Phoenix at Over the Limit last night in an interview with

Watch below:

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  • koshiro

    She is so cute!
    I hope they could show some thing like this on Raw.. =/

  • Poison_Ivory

    It’s not possible to watch this w/o smiling. She’s so bubbly and sweet that I just wanna hug her!

  • Goodvibes

    Layla makes me laugh, she’s so cute and has no idea what she’s saying half the time, the little ‘yay woohoo’ at the end was like ‘yay woohoo im finished with this awkward promo’ lets go!. I have to say I enjoyed her far more as a heel but then again thats how it is with most female faces, they have no character at all.

  • art

    I love that layla knows beths tricks well what wwe is going to have her say anyway….

  • TorrieWilsonFan03

    i love layla, i think she deserves a good face run, but I think she needs a better heel to get her over as a good girl like Eve, whos over with the fans

  • mykel1990

    I love Layla

    • WweRules32

      I too Love Layla And thought she looked cute and sexy in this video

  • shameronstar

    Layla’s accent seemed thicker than normal!

  • TibarnEl

    Even when she’s booked to have no personality, she’s totally adorable. This chick should be one of the main event divas until she leaves. She’s got the whole package.

  • Matthew

    She is so lovely and bubbly – I just want to give her a big hug, she obviously loves her job and it’s great to see!

  • LaylaElFan

    I love Layla and im soooo glad she won..but i sure me and the rest of u guys knew she would win,and her accent is really nice.

  • eyecon

    Got luv her promo…lol she needs more competition and wwe should make her the new #1 girl in the company


    1:02 AND scene :) lol she is so adorable, spunk just oozes out of her.

  • MajidK

    I wish wwe would show more of her personality on tv. she doesn’t have to be a generic face or else people wont get behind her. That will differentiate each diva

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    I know WWE is trying not to recognize it to support Beth’s ” You never faced me, Layla” statement but I’ glad Layla DOES acknowledge their past matches with her mentioning the glamslam.

  • BobAnthony

    Methinks the title of Divas sweetheart has just shifted from AJ to Layla.