Report: Diva Involved in Incident at ‘Over the Limit’?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia was involved in an incident at last night’s WWE Over the Limit pay per view.

According to the website, there was an argument between Lilian and fellow ring announcer Justin Roberts, resulting in Garcia “storming off”.

The argument was said to be visible to the live crowd and stemmed from announcing mishaps that Garcia made at the pay per view.

Additionally, PWInsider reports that there is “heat” on Garcia for said mishaps.

Since returning to WWE last year, Lilian has had several mishaps when making introductions, including introducing Zack Ryder as “Jack Swagger” at a SmackDown taping.

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  • mscandy

    Give her a break. I’ve seen way worse people in wrestling.

    • moogle

      But WWE could easily hire a different ring announcer that would not make these mistakes.

      I understand mistakes are part of human nature, but I also understand why people are frustrated with her.

      • Katie

        Agreed with Moogle.

        • mscandy

          I could care less.

  • candieaddiction

    Justin Roberts isn’t perfect either, he’s made mistakes but not as many as Lilian has been making lately.

    Just saying, “Hunico” is a lot different “Camacho”.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I can get why Lilian would have heat on her, im sure it is hard to go out there and annouce, the wrestlers, to know all the different wrestlers that are coming out and when, but it is even harder for those wrestlers to get in the ring and perform every night for the fans, and put there bodies on the line, so in a way it is kind of disrespectful for them to get introduced by the wrong name, or the wrong city, type thing

    but i love, love, love, Lil

  • Lily

    I remember the time she said ‘Alicia Feex’ instead of Alicia Fox or the time she announced a triple threat match when it was a one on one. She does make a lot of mistakes but i still like her as an announcer.

    • NurseBetty

      She said Alicia Keyes.

      • jcarcano12

        She said women champion n it was diva champion

        • DAFereldan91

          If I’m not mistaken, she once announced Beth as “The Women’s Diva…… Champion! Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon!” LMAO!

    • Jhonmarco

      Well WWE purposely gave her wrong lines at that time, because she was leaving WWE soon.

    • No Holds Barred

      She said Womens Diva Champion one time but this was before the Divas title.

      and she called Melina “Kelly Kelly” during a Santa’s tag – not pointing out her flaws btw just saying lol.

      Besides, most indy promotion ring announcers make lots of mistakes, even Dave Penzer


    Lillian has made a few mistakes, but so has Justin Roberts. She is doing just fine give the girl a break!


      Nobody except haters even really notices it. I know i don’t.

      • Katie

        So you don’t notice when she introduce Zack Ryder as Jack Swagger? Please…Hater or not, that’s a huge mistake.

        • EVEROCKS

          No i don’t notice because i care about the match itself, and not Lillians little mistakes.

      • candieaddiction

        I’m not a hater, but it was obvious she called Camacho, Hunico. That’s a big mistake too.

  • WWFoverWWE


    • Lita-Sault-666

      For once, I agree with you

  • numero47

    Battle of the Ring Announcers 2.0?

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Exactly i think it is a work for who will do both shoes or something like they did with Fink

  • melon2617

    I love Lillian but girl has a job to do and if she’s not doing it well, then Justin Roberts has every right to call her on it. They are co-workers and if one effs up, they all look bad.

    Lillian is my all time favourite announcer, but if she can’t do her job at the standards she has set for herself, then she should let the others do it.

  • Raekon

    I don’t have anything against her and I like her a lot but one could think that after so many years in the wwe, she should know how to do her work well.

    She is a great ring announcer voicewise but she makes lots of mistakes and not only recently.

    I would understand it if she might mess up the names in a case in which the order isn’t given to her (or the program in overall) or if the wrestlers would appear prior to their theme, however, every wrestler appears AFTER their theme hits and they are getting announced mostly when they are already on the ramp or further.

    If I as a fan can already tell whos coming out alone through their theme music, it shouldn’t be a prob for someone that is doing it for a living.

  • Katie

    I think people seem to realize that every time Lilian grabs a mic you start to wonder what is she going to screw up next. I know I do. I was there when she called Ryder, Swagger and I was like “…what?” This may be a unpopular opinion, but I really don’t care. She needs to go, she’s a great singer, but that’s it. She can’t announce, since she has came back she has made more mistakes than before she left. Those announcers ECW/NXT had before her return were flawless compared to her.

    • mscandy

      Lilian can’t annouce? I saw her do it perfectly for over 10 years. People make mistakes. Giver her a chance. I bet you can’t even do her job half as good as she could.

      • EVEROCKS

        Exactly. She has been doing it for as far back as i can remember! If wwe had a problem with the way she announced she wouldn’t be there.

  • art

    Doesnt wwe give lilian the wrong lines so she gets it wrong???..i dont mind her making mistakes its not like justin is perfect….
    what mistakes did lil make at the ppv???..

    • No Holds Barred

      she billed Sheamus as 227lbs when he’s actually 267lbs.

      and she announced Hunico when it was Camacho who was set to be squashed by Goldberg 2.0

      • art

        ooh i didnt even notice…wasnt it meant to be hunico vs ryback???..

        • No Holds Barred

          Yeah, but then Hunico said Camacho would wrestle, then when the intro bell rang she announced the match, weighing in at etc. and said Hunico

  • FilmJenkins

    I think it’s a work. A few weeks back they thought about giving her the clumsy gimmick and a month back they had the angle between her and Natalya. I think they’ll combine those storylines into a heel turn for Lilian, which sounds good to me.
    If not, uh oh! I hope they make up.

  • JJ

    Lilian seems like a lovely lady. She sings a great version of Star Spangled Banner.

    But she is an awful ring announcer.

    Justin Roberts has been one of the main announcers for 6 years now and in that time has made as many mistakes as Lilian makes in a month or two. She has adapted her voice pretty well to ring announcing (she was flat out dreadful when she started) but her continued line botching is just inexcusable. Someone with ten years experience shouldn’t make the amount of mistakes she does. Thats the bottom line. She has a few names, locations and weights to say; it’s not rocket science.

    Justin Roberts is totally justified for getting p’d off. He’s a guy who has worked his ass off since he was a teenager to be able to do this, and does a damn fine job each and every week. I’ve heard rumblings that Lilian may not be sticking around much longer and that would not surprise me after another night full of botching.

    • norisclouds

      Same. Honestly I feel that anyone who defends her mistakes isn’t paying attention. People forget that she’s been announcing for over 10 years now. She always messed up and for some reason still had a job. I remember her messing up so badly that JR was compensating her on near every match, correcting her mistakes on commentary. The fact that she still does this years later is ridiculous. As you said, it’s not rocket science. She obviously doesn’t pay attention to what is going on around her. I’d be frustrated if I were another announcer too.

  • jcarcano12

    Nobody is prefect it’s alright. I still love her

  • andrewisgood

    Nobody is perfect, but last night was atrocious. My problem with her is she’s like Mike Adamle. It seems like she doesn’t care about what’s going on, she doesn’t want to look at what the matches are. Hunico is on a friggin gold bicycle with a mic in his hand, talking about how Camacho is going to be wrestling. He builds up Camacho, insults Ryback and what does Lillian do? She announces Hunico as the opponent. You can even see Hunico pointing at Camacho while she botches. Some people make mistakes, but I feel you can file that under “you can’t fix stupid”. I almost feel that they had Hunico say Camacho was wrestling assuming Lillian was gonna screw up.

  • shannymac

    Yet there’s never any heat on Michael Cole when he messes up or says stupid things.

  • norisclouds

    Lillian has a nice voice and seems like a nice lady but she’s a terrible announcer and anyone who pays attention notices it. She’s always made mistakes since she was hired. There were weeks at a time when she would make mistakes at every taping. They are just noticing now? Why would she get heat for it now, they knew she would constantly mess up before. It was nothing new, it was one of her trademarks.

  • Shan

    I don’t even recognise when she makes mistakes. I missed the Sheamus thing completely but I’ll go watch the rest of OTL to see what went on. I like Lil, I think her botching this stuff and people getting so riled up about it is hilarious.

  • No Holds Barred

    ugh Michael Cole ALWAYS botches and says dumb things, I hope a WWE official would shout at him.

    Replace Cole with JR or Striker and I’m happy

  • Acid Rain

    Oh my god, who the hell cares? If I could point out the number of times the commentators fucked up on TV, I’d be a millionaire.

  • bxradimus

    She has always made mistakes as a Ring Announcer. Justin Roberts and Tony Chimel are/were much better.

    @Acid Rain: Yeah, I was thinking that too…the commentators…man, are pretty awful sometimes.