Justin Roberts Responds to Lilian Garcia Rumor

WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts has denied an incident with fellow ring announcer Lilian Garcia at last night’s Over the Limit pay per view.

It was rumored that the pair had an argument in view of the live crowd.

Writing on his Twitter page, Roberts responded:

Hey @liliangarcia supposedly we had an argument last night…u know what they say-if its on the Internet it HAS to be true, right? Good2cu!

Thoughts: I don’t really have much of an opinion on this one way or the other, however, I will say that Lilian has been as classy as ever in the face of all of the criticism thrown her way since her return. I admire her.

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  • Flawless

    Justin Roberts is kinda yummy.

    • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

      Kinda? He is yummy!!! I had a thing for him since his debut!

      • Acid Rain


      • lucky1now

        I agree so have I

  • jcarcano12

    What raci is he?

  • Jhonmarco

    That’s a weird picture of Justin. And is that yellow on Lilian’s dress? Egh.

    • TheLadySamantha

      No its lilac.


      I think that dress is pretty. And Justin looks weird in every picture! lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/KassCruise KassCruise

    tbh, I do think that Justin’s a better ring announcer, if I had to choose between them i’d choose Justin, but Lillian has been in WWE for so long and she’s really popular, I think that’s why they’re keeping her, I really like her, but I hope she doesn’t make too many mistakes in the future..

  • _Bryan_

    W/E. The Fink was a million times better than these anyway. The way he would announce some people would get me so pumped.