NXT Watch (May 23rd, 2012): Can the Rookie Out-Fox Her Pro?

Hello friends, and welcome to your weekly dose of NXT…well, Superstars Lite. This week, we have another show involving just matches, so I can’t even pretend to bottle my depressed emotions like last week. This time, Maxine and Alicia Fox do battle in their third match against each other, I believe. Alicia has won both prior showings, so can Maxine prove that the third time’s the charm and top her former pro? There’s only one way to find out… scroll on down!

We head to the ring where the queen of PA-PA-PA-PA-PARTAY-ing skips out to the ring. Doused in bubbly blue gear, Alicia removes her fancy fox hood and swings it around as she dances for the crowd and shakes her tail-feather. Ultimately, she is cut off by the green stage lighting and club theme of Maxine! Mad Max walks out in her shiny new gear and climbs into the ring with a scowl on her face. Once again, no shades of her smiling personality or mention of JTG’s pairing with Fox.

Nonetheless, the bell sounds and the ladies lock up as Maxine backs Fox into the ropes. Another lock up follows, with Alicia backing Maxine into the corner and Max screaming to get off her! Maxine then shoves Alicia back, before Fox pushes Maxine right on her butt! This sparks Maxine to jump on Fox and these two have a good old fashioned catfight! Maxine proceeds to kick Foxy in the stomach, but is then sent off the ropes. She rolls through a leapfrog attempt and proceeds to roll through a split leg attempt as well! The two tangle a bit, but Fox manages to split leg snapmare her former rookie to the canvas. Maxine seems dazed, but she shoves Alicia into the ropes and then slams her face along the turnbuckle. From there, Maxine chokes her a bit and chops her in the stomach.

Following a snapmare, Maxine knees Alicia in the back and applies a choke hold. The crowd gets behind Alicia, but Fox’s comeback is shortlived as Mad Max slams her back down. Fox is choked on the ropes a bit and amazingly cries out that Maxine is pulling her hair, but this just seems to fire her up as she elbows Maxine into the corner. Maxine scores with a suplex, but only gets a nearfall in the long run. This sparks the bad girl to lock in another submission, as Alicia fights out and kicks Maxine in the face. Fox scores with a few punches, but Maxine ultimately comes back and continues to dominate.

She reverts to the submissions once again, as Alicia cries out that she can’t breathe! Alicia gets to two feet and finally fights out of the hold, with Maxine running right into a pair of dropkicks. Maxine Irish whips Alicia into the corner, but Fox flies back with a really nice elbow and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Alicia gets chopped in the chest, but ducks a clothesline and rolls through into a pin attempt. Maxine amazingly counters into her Dragon Sleeper submission and Foxy taps out. Big win for Maxine!

Thoughts: Okay, I’m allowing myself one negative review a year so let’s cash it in and get it out of the way…

The match was fine, and good for Diva standards in terms of time. I’m just not into NXT anymore at all. The reason I love the show has abruptly been cut with no explanation, and it just blends into the crowd of wrestling shows now. There is no excuse why they can’t just wrap the storylines up that we were in the midst of if this version is continuing anyways… but it’s whatever. This was the only wrestling program I actually liked watching because it was different and not just match after match, so I guess now I’m just in a wrestling slump. Nothing is really entertaining me anymore, and if this NXT is what will be continuing, I’d rather just see the FCW version because some of the people I like from this version (Derrick, Johnny, Tyson, McGillicutty) are on it anyways, plus Maxine, Kaitlyn, and Alicia should be competing on the main roster with the lack of Divas we see now… unless WWE just wants to give us Beth vs. Kelly or Layla every week. Not to mention all of the matches, both male and female, that we see on this current version have either happened multiple times before that it’s starting to feel like Superstars, or involve people I don’t really care to see wrestle so I’m just… bleh.

So how about instead of watching this episode of NXT sans the Divas, let’s all watch this segment instead and relive the good old days? It even features Kaitlyn! I’m in a better mood already…

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  • MickieJamesFan07

    hated the match, it was so sloppy and uncoordinated. Alicia’s in ring skills seem to have gone down quite a bit. That Northern lights suplex looked really hesitant on both divas part. I expected a lot better from these two.

    I do agree that NXT hasn’t been as fun to watch since they stopped their storylines. I miss seeing Kaitlyn, Bateman, Maxine and Curtis’ backstage segments. Those were always hilarious.

  • shameronstar

    I don’t know what happened but the match was unusually sloppy! And it’s weird because Alicia and Maxine both are better then that! Actually, the divas as a whole, wrestling wise, seemed sloppy this week! Even Beth seemed off! It’s like they were told to suck on purpose or something! I’ll just try to act like this week didn’t exist(minus Eve and AJ) and hope for much better next week because I know the divas are much better than what they’ve showed this week!

  • http://youtube.com/kristalmelinafan kristalmelinafan

    I like this match because it seem like they have real hatred between them. In love with Maxine and always was in love with Alicia. This match had some slow moments but otherwise i liked it.

  • GailKim95

    That match was bad. It started awkward and just stayed the same throughout the match. They seemed to have no idea what to do next and looke like Alicia really got pissed at Maxine during the match, not to say it was any one of their faults, it was equally both at fault

  • redsandman99

    Definitely not either lady’s best outing. It didn’t quite feel like it ever got out of first gear and I almost thought Alicia would throw her back out when she went for that northan lights suplex and Maxine didn’t go *cringes*. However, with that being said, I’m sure there will be some wild exaggerations about how horrible the match was, like there has been for the matches this week.


    I hated the match, actually I don´t like most of Maxine´s matches, she is so boring and her screams are becoming really annoying!

    On the other side, I love her on backstage segments, I think she would be better as a valet or general manager, that would really show her skills!

  • FilmJenkins

    I miss Maxine’s black garter outfit (the blue one too). It made her look like a falcon or a vulture. Coupled with her demeanor, actions and in ring screaming, that could have been her nickname: “The Falcon, Maxine!” or “The Vulture, Maxine!”
    Hey if Orton can be the Viper…

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    Yeah didnt to like this match…..I mean the match was BAD , BAD! but it wasnt good either. I’ve seen better by both to be honest. Everyone has a bad match once or more than some.

  • corndogagenda

    I’d like to be the first to congratulate Alicia and Maxine for their contributions to the next edition of Botchamania. You two definitely earned your spots.

    Zoinks! That was horrendous. Pardon me, but, isn’t Alicia a face? That was not a babyface attitude I witnessed. Did something happen in the locker room? Alicia was throwing insults around, mean-mugging Maxine, and even ran up on Maxine like she was going to jab her in the throat. As a fan, I didn’t like Alicia’s unprofessional antics. I know she was upset, but she should’ve kept calm and soldiered on. Notice how Alicia wasn’t shown walking up the ramp after the match. Maxine didn’t fare well, either. She seemed dazed, almost lost. These two were mismatched from the start.

    After I watched (suffered?) through this match two more times, an idea hit. Want to justify a 3-hour Raw? WWE can use this match to start a feud between these two. Take the obvious tension and spin it into a story. Alicia has fans, Maxine has fans. Maxine would have a chance to master some in-ring skills and Alicia could work on her promos. This could get some attention. Fox vs Lioness. Teacher vs Student. The Battle for Diva Supremacy. Rumble in the Lipstick Jungle. woMano-a-woMano. Only in Amercia cuz this here is REAL!

  • T@KESH1

    both were off,  
    a better match was had with the much less experienced Kaitlyn last time

    -a bad delay on the ‘Jerry Springer press’ sell by Fox
    -Irish whip sequence’s stutter-step esp at Fox’s splits – when they get the timing down it’ll be great
    -Botched hair pull slam from the corner – just shows how much Kaitlyn sells well as she sold a seated, side hair slam by Maxine fluidly
    -Failed jump to the back mount by Maxine
    -Off timing on follow-up dropkick –  if done on purpose it’d look good in the future for Fox as a jump-kick to the body (back)
    -OMG an unintended, no assist northern lights suplex – Maxine’s botch saved by Fox’s bridging, a Hl reel spot for Fox. 
    -finally a counter/setup for Maxine’s finisher – it hasn’t been set up in a while! Altho it had zero exclamation by Maxine and her free hand was fidgety (not as much as Velvet Sky’s but that’s not her finisher)

  • HeyChrissy

    This match was too messy for me,but the D-Bate Zumba video made up for it.NXT isn’t interesting anymore (besides the stuff Regal says…)

  • LadyGoDiva

    I agree with you Bobby I just only hope that the new NXT is rejuvenate what the old NXT didn’t have.

    The match itself was really botched and I hate to blame A-Fox for that because it seemed like Maxine totally dominated in the match but I know both ladies tried their best.I haven’t been liking this matches we’ve gotten by wwe, I kinda hope that we get a match on superstars that will make me feel better.

    I like that Maxine is using submission holds in her matches but I would like to see her use a finisher like the barbie crusher she used.

  • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    Arguably Alicia Fox’s worst showing this year. Her career has collapsed like a ton of bricks and I’m not confident that she’ll survive the next roster refresh.

  • DjayDay

    Definitely dissappointing match. It’s clear that neither girl was co-operating. Between Alicias extremely odd selling, and botchy transitions, and Maxine’s fluidity problems, this match was pretty lack luster on both ladies part. I definitely think it’s a communication and chemistry thing. Really, to be honest I haven’t really been loving Foxy this year, at all. Totally bland, very botchy and extremely weird selling. I do worry for her safety when it comes to the roster cuts. I understand Maxine struggles a little, however, between carrying NXT on Mic Skills alone, she definitely seems like the better girl, in the long run. Ms. Fox needs to pull her socks up, I get it’s booking and management for the lack of character, but the odd selling, and very weird fluidity of movement, she’s really not making it easy for us fans.

  • Acid Rain

    What does that have to do with anything? The sisters aren’t powerful or anything. Hell, they could fire Alicia and replace on TV with Christina anyways.

  • Acid Rain

    Nobody knows how much I want this season to end. I can’t wait until the FCW talents appear on television.

  • DJ8946

    The Match Wasnt Horrible But It Was Sloppy. They Just Need To Get This Season Over With, Turn Alicia Fox Heel & Have Her Bring Back Her Afro & She Can Team Up With Kharma. Maxine Is Good In The Ring She Just Needs To Work On Her Timing She Messed Up When Alicia Did Her Splits & The Northern Light Suplex & She Might Have Botched The Second Dropkick. Idk If That Was On Purpose Or Not.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    omfg that was off…i think this match was thrown together last minute & the girls didn’t get much time to prepare….the fact that both were super sloppy made me cringe…it seemed like alicia got mad but she was just as much to blame as maxine…..

  • VarsityBaseDude

    This match was not that good. It was eventful in that I don’t think Alicia wanted to lose to Maxine cause I believe this is her first lost to Maxine. And not any lost, she lost to her via tapping out. I think Alicia may request a Foxy holiday again soon.

  • http://twitter.com/tjei012 TJÉ TC

    Worst NXT Divas match of 2012! First time that I wished for an NXT match to end, like seriously, what happened here!?!

  • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Thaila

    Omg Regal you incredible man, I’ve always thought Alicia had near-perfect bridges.

    On a side note, I love how Tony Chimel says Alicia Fox’s name.

  • Dark Fox

    Honestly this match was a mess. For some reason I find Maxine’s ring work to be weird. She is so messy. Alicia on the other hand was disappointing, but I know she can work better matches like she did with Natalya a couple weeks ago.

    Alicia’s career is going like Kelly Kelly circa 2008. Where she was jobbing to everyone and everything. Any diva career can easily rebound, so I’m not worried about that. Plus she is finally getting a reaction.

    Another thing, Alicia always acts angry. Look at her role in the Royal Rumble match where she basically screams at the ref and acts aggressive.

  • hado

    OMFG that match was beyond terrible, I usually enjoy an Alicia match but this one I couldn’t enjoy, shows how far Maxine actually has to come to become “decent.” Just because you can do a few submissions here and there, doesn’t make you a wrestler, but again Fox did botch that dropkick, lmfao.

    Either way, worst Alicia Fox match I have seen, sadly, thanks to Maxine. And damn, Alicia looked massively pissed.

  • Raekon

    Horrible showcasing and a total mess.
    Very dissappointed.

    When I saw Alicia going for the northern lights suplex I thought that this would be the last move she ever did in her career and Maxine almost managed that by not assisting her.

    By that I don’t mean Alicia not being able to pull that move, by that I mean who she had to pull the move with.

    Maxine is the least athletic diva on the roster (all the others are more athletic) and that makes her unsuitable for such moves so sticking to other moves that doesn’t need her to take such bumps would had been the better option here.

    It definately showed since she barely made the jump and Alicia had to entirely rely on her strength.

    I seriously thought she is about to break her back, neck or anything else and was happy that no injury occured through this.

  • French.One

    I think the match was actually quite interesting.
    Sure it wasn’t really well executed, but at least we actually get to see some wrestling moves.
    And we have also seen Maxine and Alicia’s skills limits.

  • Bhentoooot

    Maxine’s matches are getting stale. she needs to go up. dont compete in NXT only. -_-

  • Chryst Voegele

    Maxine improve her ring skill (better than we saw in FCW&NXT) but she’s sandbag everytime her opponent attack her.

  • Marlon Eric

    That match was one of the worst divas matches I’ve seen since Ashley Massaro days. And I’m sure people are going to fault Alicia Fox although several spots, Maxine seems so fucking confused with the Northern Lights being one. Both ladies did bad. Disappointed.

  • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood Sitau

    Id say join vickie with maxine and have the pair fued with layla till kharma returns it will get the fans more behind layla as shr takes on the biggest heel persona with a fresh face to build up in the process

  • jim462

    Maxine is one of my favs amd she is good whatever Maxine does on NXT whether its a backstage skit/promo or match you always get her very best

  • Marlon Eric

    You know what I find odd…?

    When women wrestling fans love a match, the IWC and match reviewers dislike the divas match.

    Whereby, when a match is sloppy and women wrestling fans hate a match, the IWC and internet reporters call the match “passable”.


  • AJ Glee

    Does the WWE’s hair department not know how to do a black woman’s hair? They be having Alicia’s tracks looking horrible!

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Maxine is so sexy haha…sloppy match big time sloppy but really good aggressive match!! Alicia got pissed off after the northern lights…seems these two dont work well together haha Alicia always puts on great matches but she cant seem to keep up with Maxine’s more physical ground n pound style and likewise Maxine cant keep up with Alicia’s wrestling style either..haha sloppy but GREAT MATCH!! And glad maxine owned fox..Maxine looks mad hot! WHY DID SHE SWITCH GEAR THOUGH?!! Her old ring gear looked hot as hell!! =D

  • Jhonmarco


  • Phina

    I totally agree with you!!!!!

  • Acid Rain

    I agree. Maxine is best as a valet/manager type woman instead of being in the ring.

  • ricky_says_hi

    agreed there was an obvious mismatch here. i think it comes from the less experienced woman playing the heel and having to lead the match. for the northern lights suplex i think maybe it was called on the fly and Maxine didn’t properly post off Alicia’s legs, therefore she couldn’t lift her up properly. i think Alicia’s main problem is she’s been forced to change her entire moveset completely with her face turn. i’m guessing she didn’t get to spend time in FCW to perfect her face style of wrestling so she’s become very hit and miss

  • DJ8946

    She Has A Sister In WWE/FCW Their Not Gonna Release Her Any Time Soon.

  • Acid Rain

    Maxine’s old attire made her look like a stripper.

  • Acid Rain

    Botchamania! haha.

  • T@KESH1

    good points about their demeanors.

    lol @ the King hype – “It’s Foxy vs. Moxy! … “The sound and the fury – a botch free worry!”…”no kay-faberation!”

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    If you did this whole thing continuously on Write-ups I would most definitely love you forever.

  • https://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame


  • DJ8946

    They Are Not Twins & Thats Obvious So You Cant Just Replace & They Wouldnt Have Hired Christina If They Didnt Like Alicia Or She Had Some Backstage Heat.

  • redsandman99

    It’s WWE. They would totally fire Alicia and use Caylee in her spot. Not try to pass her off as Alicia so say but what Alicia’s doing now, they could have Caylee doing just as easy.

  • T@KESH1

    and the jumping to Alicia’s back,

    and the hair slam

  • T@KESH1

    - seems like a generalization excuse (isolate the incidents)
    – unless you saw the call…& I doubt they’re on the fly in there
    – did you see these main problem issues with her title challenge run?
    – hit & miss exactly describes her axe kick

    bottomline, she’s at about 6 years in the biz

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    alicia botched her second dropkick…maxine was just getting up & alicia did her sloppy one legged dropkick….

  • T@KESH1

    “i think this match was thrown together last minute & the girls didn’t get much time to prepare”

    yeah, too bad there’s ZERO proof of that.

  • Raekon

    The problem here is that even if that might have been the case (which I honestly doubt by the moves involved), people wouldn’t care.

    The best proof is the maxine vs kaitlyn on nxt season 3 in which they involved the hoodie and improvised around only because they didn’t got ANY time to train for a match due to the ring preparations for undertaker that were supposed to arise through the ring and take kane down with him that night.

  • T@KESH1

    just adding to the list, I saw it the same way concerning fault (see above post)

  • corndogagenda

    Thank you for being unbiased in your critique/observations.

    IMO, the no-assist Northern Lights Suplex was the absolute worst offense of the night (Is that even possible?) with the off-timed dropkick being close behind.

  • corndogagenda

    LOVED Derrick Bateman’s Zumba adventures. He’s adorable. Percy, Heath, Kaitlyn and McGillicutty were great, too.

  • T@KESH1

    got to detail it,

    getting sick around here of ppl not explaining their one line, bad review for divas they dont care for and making excuses for their favs

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Theirs not other way they could have had this bad of a match…alicia falling when maxines going to throw her by the hair,maxine just standing there when alicia is trying to northern light suplex among other sloppy bits are what make me think they didnt get to practice the match before going out…

  • T@KESH1

    I didn’t like it either, opinion aside, I thought it highlighted her shortness…but props for attaining the all important style individualizing & establishing. ex:
    Beth = wing emblems
    Nattie = pink & black
    Kaitlyn = gold & black, like her hair (gave it up tho for some crazy reason)
    Maxine = garter (same as above)

  • corndogagenda

    “It’s Foxy vs. Moxy!”

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Marlon Eric

    I know! What’s up with that?!

  • T@KESH1

    Nobody wanted this but that doesn’t justify a forced conclusion like that.

    OK, other than the extreme unlikelihood of a rushed 6 minute match, two big issues stand in the face of that theory – tendency and the spots themselves.
    This occurrence is not something akin to an unknown injury procluding: Beth from showing her power, Aj not being quick, Kaitlyn not selling well etc. but a known tendency fits here. The known book on Fox is she has issues w/ timing/distance (ex. her axe kick finisher was commonly off, & the Trish/JackieGayda moment she had vs Nattie not too long ago)

    Like Raekon said, the booking does not fit a rushed, ill-prep’d match. The majority of fails were simple & set up spots. Fox had cues as to what was subsequent. While maxine, err’d on the bigger botches.
    -Fox knew Maxine was going to rush her after the push down, and yet still there was a big timing delay to sell Max’s simple & consequent attack!?!
    -Again, still at the match outset was the stutter on the 2ND roll thru in the Irish whip sequence. Is it Maxine stuttering on a 2ND sault -or- Fox following behind too fast/coming to close?
    -On the dropkick fail, was it a forgotten followup dropkick (again the 2ND part of a sequence) by Fox -or- yet another timing/distance issue?
    -The failed back mount was simple error of the tall Fox leaning back to get to her feet just as Maxine jumped to hook her short legs around. Again, that’s on cadence/timing.

  • T@KESH1

    “interesting” (?)
    in addition to both Divas, something else here is off :/

    whaddya mean(?) cuz not counting simple melee(s) & pin attempts, etc. this match had about the same amount of moves as Maxine vs. Kaitlyn last week, and was also 6min long.

  • redsandman99

    Maybe they weren’t watching the same match we were *shrugs* Usually I don’t listen to the internet reporters at least since they all tend to be male and biased just because it’s a women’s match.

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    Maxine really needs to be something else and work on her skills in the ring. She was terrible in that match on Smackdown, she needs something that would make her a fan favorite.

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    A stripper.

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    A stripper. You stand corrected.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Corrected how? Stripper is not a bad thing bro…strippers are hot and Maxine would make a sexy aggressive stripper…ur train of though frightens me..