Reader Poll: Vote for Trish Stratus’ Best Magazine Cover Ever!

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus celebrated landing her 90th magazine cover this week, and now Diva Dirt wants you to vote for the best one.

We’ve narrowed it down to 10 of our absolute favorites — including the most iconic ones — but we need you to wittle it down to just five. The top five will be revealed exclusively on Diva Dirt TV.

Check out the 10 covers below:

L-R: Muscle Mag (1998), WWE Divas (2002), WWE Divas (2003), WWE Raw Magazine (2004), WWE Magazine (2006), WWE Divas (2006), Today’s Bride (2007), Revive (2011), Oxygen (2011), Inside Fitness (2012).

Which one do you think is Trish’s best cover ever?

Vote below:


Stay tuned for the results!

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  • shannymac

    This woman basically does not age.



  • MickieJamesFan07

    For me its a tie between the Divas 2006 and her Bride magazine covers so I went with the Divas 2006 one.

  • missawesomeness

    for me it was …
    raw magazine (2006)
    i love the wink ;D
    she looked so gorgeous
    and my fav part is that she looked so much more happier then the other ones
    in my opinion the other ones looked the same but this one had something different to it


    I voted for WWE Divas 2006, I can´t say how gorgeous she is on that cover!

  • Jhonmarco

    Love all of them, but I especially love her lastest two covers. Absolutely stunning. I remember buying her 2006 Raw cover, something like that today is so unheard of. (Hopefully AJ gets one soon).

  • Johnyfaction3

    The 2006 Ones :D

  • BillyGP

    ALL but really i voted Inside Fitness 2012. Trish is a true cover girl and is simply flawless.

  • lucky1now

    either her first divas cover or her bride cover but im love them all

  • Taylor

    I voted for Trish’s Today’s Bride cover. I prefer it to the others, because the cover relies only on her natural glow — no need for any added sexiness.

  • art

    2003 divas mag cover…

  • perceval

    It was between the red WWE cover and the green Divas cover, for me. I ultimately went with the Divas 2006 cover because it just so perfectly captures the Golden Era Divas, the combination of muscle, athleticism, and beauty, that made the Divas such a cash cow for the company, back then, selling all those posters, calendars, magazines, and videos. If you wondered what Beth & Nattie were talking about with the “Pin-Up Strong” thing, last year, that cover says it all.


    wwe divas 2003 & the one with LITA!! :)

  • DarknessRuler

    WWE Divas 2006 got my vote. I can’t resist the lingerie!!!!

  • Acid Rain

    I was gonna chose Divas 2006, but I went with Revive because she doesn’t look like a trashy whore in it.

  • unscripted & flawless

    WOW I went with Today’s Bride. Trish looks AMAZING. Even though she always does, which is a given, something about that cover (maybe it’s the matching colour scheme) just makes me want to stare it all day. The dress is pretty, her hair is amazing, Trish as always is flawless, and the gold touch is just really really nice. I love how she’s not being all fake cheesy like most bridal magazine covers, but the Bad-Ass Bride she is, Ms. Trish Stratus.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I love the the bride magazine and the Oxygen magazine but the Inside Fitness one is amazing!!!! She looks incrediably hot!!!! She looks like she doesn’t age like i want all her secerts!!! i think i might start doing Yoga if i’ll look that at her age!!!!

  • TheLadySamantha

    I went with Revive.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I picked the one with Lita. Two beautiful woman and my favorite divas ever.

  • rodneyclint

    WWE magazine in 06 has my heart. She looks damn sexy all wet and winking! Nice mix of fun and sex appeal!

  • bromero329

    wwe and divas magazine 2006.

    the divas magazine shoot where she wore green and pink outfits was sexy as fxck

  • axekickk

    Both covers from 2006. So hard to choose, but I had to go with the wet t-shirt one, if simply for its iconic status.

  • _Bryan_

    Personally, i always thought she was hottest before she became a wrestler. So i voted for the 1998 cover. Her in 2000 with T&A though…DAYUM.

  • No Holds Barred

    Is there a way I can vote for all 90?

  • bluejay

    Diva Dirt you should do this for every diva has landed on multiple magazine covers besides just doing it to Trish Stratus. The favortisim you are showing for her needs to be under control. Balence out your marking for her but also doing other divas. Let’s see there is Torrie Wilson, Sable, Stacy Keibler, Maryse etc.

    • Taylor

      Why not ask this when the Divas you listed land their 90th cover? This post is a way to celebrate a landmark for Trish.

      • bluejay

        This not about her landing on her 90th cover. It is the constant favortisim DD have shown towards her. Maybe because Melanie’s favorite is Trish or because she is just easier to market but have some respect for other women who have contributed to WWE. For example when it was Trish’s 5th Anniversary since retiring from WWE

        DD did a top five moments in Trish’s career. Now Lita also retired the same year as her and I did not see Lita’s top five moments. How about giving divas that have contributed something to WWE their on tributes or remembrance.
        How about doing Victoria’s top five moments. She has been in business for a decade and has had her share of great moments.

        I would not mind the Trish marking so much if you guys just balence it out by focusing on other divas or knockouts. She is not the only pioneer in wrestling that deserves a lot of accolades. Congrats to her landing her 90th cover but what about congrats to Mickie James for being the first ever triple grand slam champion. An accomplishment that no other diva not even Gail Kim has done.

        • bluejay

          You might think of nit picking as a bad thing but nit picking is good sometimes. I nit pick this because I think has a respected blog that a lot of women wrestlers and wrestling fans turn to you for not just opinions but also to be informed. There needs to be a more balenced way of acknowledging everyone’s contribution to WWE instead of always celebrating one or two people just because they were popular or because they have a lot of fans.

          I would appreciate it DD would do an official top five moments for every diva and knockout to preserve and acknowledge what they have done for our entertainment even they did not become as popular as Trish or Lita.

        • Taylor

          The article’s opening sentence: “Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus celebrated landing her 90th magazine cover this week, and now Diva Dirt wants you to vote for the best one.” Clearly Diva Dirt wants to congratulate Trish on her landmark achievement. You, however, are entitled to believe what you choose. Melanie’s favorite Diva, if I remember correctly, is actually Torrie Wilson. Do you see unnecessary articles praising Torrie Wilson? No.

          The top five moments article you’re referring to was part of a defunct feature called “Friday Five.” It was mere coincidence that Trish’s five-year anniversary coincided with an active Friday Five. The feature was defunct before Lita’s five-year anniversary. Therefore this is not favoritism on Diva Dirt’s part.

          Have you looked around Diva Dirt? Trish Stratus doesn’t command the most articles. The only reason she has more articles written about her in comparison to other former Divas — those who are no longer wrestling, that is — is because she continues to remain an integral part of WWE and has been nicely received by the Canadian media.

          I believe there was a congratulatory article, or an article of some kind, honoring Mickie James. However, that accomplishment means very little, because not every former Diva was fired. Two of the biggest Divas, Trish and Lita, left before a second championship was introduced and obviously will never work for TNA.

    • BillyGP

      Not all divas have this many covers. Stop nitpicking on Trish she is the cover girl of the divas name one other who has hell 90 covers no wait 10 covers.

      • bluejay

        Trish Stratus fans always to the rescue.

        • Taylor

          Although I’m unsure whether or not your comment is directed at me too, I still want to respond. I’m not coming to her rescue; I’m simply providing a rational explanation as to why this article was written.

        • Roman

          And also to add to some of the comments “BLUEJAY” you are clearly a fan of another diva that you feel should have some more recognition otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining. Quite frankly i don’t know why you should even say anything like the other users previously said, “CELEBRATING HER 90th COVER”. I’m pretty sure all those other divas that you named have accomplished a lot in their careers but they clearly don’t have 90 magazine covers. Don’t complain about what DD is favoring just congratulate her and keep it moving and if not you know your mouth is a cage for your tongue if you just close your teeth. :)

  • perceval

    “This not about her landing on her 90th cover.”

    Um, yes it is. Did you not read the article before replying?